The Wrap Accidentally Tweeted A D*ck Pic

In a recent article about tax incentives for female directors in the film industry, The Wire accidentally included a still from Lena Dunham’s HBO show Girls. Seems all well and good, Lena Dunham is one of the few prominent female power players in the game so it makes sense to use her as an example, except for one thing… they chose a picture of her holding onto a sleeping man’s penis. Look closely…

No, that’s not a rogue, uncooked hotdog that somehow made it into the shot – that’s a (prop) dong Lena Dunham is gripping onto like a rollercoaster restraint…

Instead of letting it slide, Twitter blew it for everyone by calling out the image and The Wrap quickly retracted the tweet. Not before they scored a couple retweets though, like this one from screenwriting software Final Draft:

final draft tweet
CREDIT: Twitter @Finaldraftinc

So next time this happens and say, Chuck E Cheese accidentally posts a picture of Chuck about to take it in the ass at a furries convention, let’s just not say anything and enjoy it eh? It’s called an inside joke, guys – we need to keep these things sacred.