‘The Wolverine’ Has An Actual Trailer Now

March 27th, 2013 // 15 Comments
The Wolverine Trailer Hugh Jackman
WATCH: 'The Wolverine' International Trailer
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After a “tweaser,” a teaser and a hologram of Hugh Jackman‘s sideburns on the moon, Fox has finally released the full-length trailer for The Wolverine even though absolutely nobody gives a shit thanks to the last one raping everyone I hold dear if I recall correctly. At any rate, this one was supposed to be based on Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s Wolverine, but at some point the filmmakers apparently went, “Fuck that. Just give us the ninjas, the Silver Samurai and the plot of Superman II because what’s Christopher Reeve gonna do about it? Nothin’. That’s what.” They were real dicks about it.

Apparently America isn’t good enough to see The Silver Samurai. Well, to that I say, okay, probably.


  1. Inner Retard

    This movie doesn’t look better than the last one. Thankfully, I don’t care about the whole X-Men universe that much.

  2. It looks pretty good. I loved the last one tbh. Liev Schrieber’s portrayal of Sabertooth was spot on except for the look of course.

    • Kronaz

      And the whole “brothers” bullshit… just sayin’ — but I agree, I kinda liked it. If you ignore that it was inconsistent not only with the comics, but with the other movies.

  3. Beer Baron

    Judging on the trailer alone, this looks solid. Wolverine’s Frank Miller stories in Japan were great. Let’s just hope there’s no Ryan Reynolds Deadpool face in this…

  4. Looks okay. Wolverine was always my favorite character.

  5. Herman Bumfudle

    i actually have days like that.

  6. DeucePickle

    I’m kinda tired of all the super hero movies being about them not having super powers or not wanting super powers. I want to watch them use their super powers to kick other people’s asses through the whole movie.

  7. Grand Dragon

    I fucking HATE the formulaic “hero loses powers, overcomes adversity, gets powers back” plot.

  8. Lou Braccant

    George Reeves/Christopher Reeve ya knucklehead!

  9. Brooke

    I liked the last Wolverine movie! Real great eye candy for the ladies, Gambit finally showed up, Ryan Reynolds got his head chopped off… good stuff. As far as stupid action movies go, it delivered the sexy goods. I’m not a big enough fan of the X-Men universe to care if the continuity doesn’t match up, and the brother thing was… well… it worked as a stand-alone movie, but I get where fans would bitch and moan about all the changes.

    This actually looks kinda lame though. I live in Japan and nothing makes me roll my eyes harder than a US ninja movie with honor and bullshit. I don’t really recognize any other characters, either…

    • I’m guessing we’re looking at Silver Samurai, which would make the girl his half sister Mariko if she’s a love interest. He’s a pretty good villain for Wolverine, with a similar “slice through anything” power, and… oh my God, how have I ever gotten laid, ever.

    • Don’t rorr your eyes ova rame burrshit… it’s Worvereen!

  10. Say what you will, dude keeps the hell in shape.

  11. XJunky

    Trailer looks like X-Men meets Inception.

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