Is The Weeknd Banging Katy Perry?

Shortly after Selena Gomez made the mistake of letting everyone know she is still banging Justin Bieber, her ex-boyfriend The Weeknd because subject to heightened dick scrutiny. Much like Bieber, The Weeknd puts his dick inside any warm space that’s willing to sign an NDA because he’s young, famous, and rich. One place he didn’t put it however, was anywhere near/on/around Katy Perry’s boobs (click here for more info on those). Thanks to the intrepid vigilantes of truth at Gossip Cop, we can hopefully put all this revenge sex talk to rest.

While it may be true that The Weeknd slurped up some of Justin Bieber’s sloppy seconds during his post-Selena rebound phase, everyone needs to realize that these people really don’t actually give a shit about who is dating who.

“In actuality, Perry and The Weeknd met for dinner to discuss a collaboration. As such, they were joined music associates. Of course, should they indeed end up putting out a joint track, Gossip Cop can see it easily being spun that that’s somehow ‘revenge’ against Gomez, too. But the truth is, there needn’t be a secret reason for two big singers to work together. It happens all the time, and it’s only because there’s often a tangled web connecting celebrities that outlets look to add a sensational spin. In this case, it just doesn’t match reality.” (from Gossip Cop)

If Katy Perry and The Weeknd wanted to smash fuckbits in an attempt to make Selena Gomez pissed off, I’d hope they wouldn’t invite some old “producer types” to come to dinner and witness their foreplay. Speaking of Witness, Katy Perry’s last album was utter dog shit so she’s probably trying to score as many collaborations as possible for her next album.

As much of a space cadet Katy Perry may be in real life, I personally don’t think she’s really the type of sociopath that would pull some revenge dick stuff like bang her ex-boyfriend to get back at someone she barely knows.

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