The Tiger Woods Sex Tape is Fake

But here’s what it might’ve looked like.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, the supposed sex tape being hocked by the Tiger Woods mistress who already tried to claim she birthed his love child – using another man’s DNA – is a scam. Although there was a little more effort put into this plan because an actual sex tape was made, but it just starred some random black guy with the ass of a golfer. RadarOnline reports:

According to Gina Rodriguez, a former porn star turned manager-to-the-mistresses, Devon’s declaration that the tape was “gonna be the bomb” is a boldface lie.
“It can’t be – because the tape does not exist,” Rodriguez told
“This is definitely a scam and I would advise anyone thinking of buying it to not send sending in your money for pre order, because the tape does not exist and if they have a tape, it’s NOT Tiger.”
Rodriguez managed Devon until the pair split amid a barrage of personal insults; Devon called Rodriguez a “whore bag”, “slut” and a “thief”, prompting a restraining order to be filed in a Los Angeles court.
“Everything Devon has said and done thus far has been a lie, and I for one don’t even believe she was with Tiger — or that she has ever even met him,” Rodriguez told

I’m actually going to give Devon James the benefit of the doubt that she slept with Tiger because, if history has taught anything, there’s a statistical chance he’s had sex with the entire planet. To prove my point, Barack Obama started reading this only to quickly slam his laptop shut and whisper, “They know,” to an empty Oval Office. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Mr. President. The man’s very convincing, and almost disarmingly tender, one might say.

Or so I’ve been told. Girls are pretty! *slams laptop shut*

Photo: Getty