The Superficial’s Top 25 Moments of 2011

“Suck it, tall people.”

The Best of 2011 posts are great and everything, but let’s be honest, they’re purely dominated by tits, ass and somehow Lindsay Lohan because you people make me sick. Anyway, what falls through the cracks are the tender moments that truly reflect the human condition, but mostly involve Derek Jeter banging chicks and thanking them with sports memorabilia. So here are our favorite moments of 2011 that readers didn’t repeatedly click on because you’re too homophobic to appreciate the rich, sexual thunder of Alexander Skarsgard that thrusts its way into you and awakens a lust you yourself never knew existed.. is how Photo Boy described it. I’ve never seen those words before in my life. My diary’s a liar!

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Flynet, GSI Media, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN

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