The Superficial Will Return Monday

If you’ve been listening to me whine/caterwaul out of my sandy vagina on Facebook, you’ll know my beach vacation has been a goddamn rainy mess the entire week on top of the joy-buzzer MacBook. (Turns out it was not faulty wiring. I just got Steve Jobs’d by an AC adapter that shit the bed after barely five months of use. Whee!)

At any rate, Friday is finally going to be 78 and sunny, so I’m making the most of my last day here by letting random beach-goers find out what happens when I drink canned beer for eight hours straight. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but a seagull gets pregnant. Twice.

See you Monday,

- The Superficial

(Thanks to Brian for pointing me toward the bitchin’ Batman art. Screw Paris and Kim.)

Photo: Steve Seeley