The Superficial Just Got Upgraded, Son

After months of teasing you like the little tease I am, welcome to our new and improved The Superficial, meticulously engineered for your clicking pleasure.

Right off the bat we have faster, prettier galleries that hopefully don’t deprive you of precious celebrity scheissefruit. (I’m pretty sure I used that right.) On top of that, Photo Boy and I have more versality to highlight saucy pics all throughout the posts like the little box in the corner linking to Rihanna’s Drunken Butt Fest.

Or this little feature linking to Rihanna’s Drunken Butt Fest Part 2:

You’ll also notice a sweet little carousel up top of each posts (only on the permalinks) highlighting the day’s hotness.

So in a way, we built you a high-speed drunken butt delivery device which is how I’ve always envisioned the site.

In the meantime, we’ll be adding all kinds of new features – Looking at you, commenting. – and tinkering under the hood, so bear with us if things go a little funky now and then.

Hopefully you guys like the new changes. I personally want to impregnate each and every one of these new widescreen banner pics that I’ll be ridiculously anal about choosing just like every banner pic since I mounted this Interweb steed so many moons ago.

Go easy on her,

- The Superficial

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