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October 27th, 2010 // 19 Comments
Batman with Deer by Steve Seeley

(The guy who paints these should be in the Louvre.)

As some of have you started to notice, we’ve finally launched a mobile version of The Superficial, so kindly point your mobile apparatus to:

There you’ll find a mobile version of the site that’s optimized to thousands of handsets because I don’t want to read a flame war about iPhones vs. Droids. (Personally, I use burners, but only because I like to tell myself I could fit in on The Wire. Hey, yo, String!) Each post will have the same full photo gallery from the regular site along with all the comments available in a read-only format. Not only that, you can easily share posts via Facebook, Twitter and email because my horrific grammar truly deserves to be seen by all.

However, should you want the normal Superficial experience while driving and holding a latte, just click the Full Site link at the bottom which will place a cookie on your device so you won’t get hit with the mobile site without physically directing your browser to the URL.

Now that your prayers have been answered, let me take this time to say The Superficial in no way encourages you to sit under your desk reading about Charlie Sheen’s love of hookers because your employer blocked the site on account of his hatred for laughter.

You’re going to want hide in the restroom.

- The Superficial

NOTE: Feel free to use the Contact button to send me any questions, feedback or comments on the mobile site. I can’t guarantee you I’ll respond, but I can guarantee I’ll read it then forward it to someone who doesn’t have a drinking problem. Godspeed.

Photo: Steve Seeley


  1. oooaaahhh


  2. That Guy

    Incidentally, Droid >> Testicular Cancer >> iPhone

    Oh and FIRST bitches!!!

  3. Hemingway

    Been using it for about a week or two now. Love it. Thanks fish!



  5. Guest1-7

    Works great, Fish. Thanks.
    (using palm pixi).

  6. Master Spook

    Psssst! Boo!

  7. WallSt

    i almost bought one of this guy’s paintings.

    the background of my phone is Superman throwing up the “blood” with his fingers.

  8. FattyFatty2X4

    Great, while I’m posting in the men’s bathroom, George Michael can sneak up on me. Or better yet that senator.
    Here’s to Technology.
    Thanks Fishy!

  9. Josh

    It would be great to update your site logic so that I can be redirected to the mobile version of an article from an outside link. For example, when I open the site from an RSS feed, it used to take me to the desired, desktop version of the article. With the updated logic, with mobile redirection, when I click on an outside link to the superficial, I’m taken to the mobile front page instead of the mobile version of the article I selected.

    Maybe you can follow what I’m saying. None-the-less, for mobile users using RSS, the site essentially becomes unusable.

  10. Mobile site needs a banner girl not an oversized starbucks ad. And of course the ability to login and post..

  11. Lisa

    The mobile site is working great EXCEPT your “and other news” articles. The linkies within those articles don’t worky on my iPod Touchy :-( So then I just wait to be at work to read ‘em ;-)

  12. Rough skills and power tools

    Mobile? That’s where all my errors and missing words stem from…Ill proceed with caution…

  13. That’s awesome! Sometimes when I was bored in class, I had to go on my phone and check Perez. Ewwwwwwww. I’m glad I can check the superficial now.

  14. Rimbalino


  15. josh

    I’m really surprised the SW is showing some culture here by mentionning le Musée du Louvre.

  16. SamiJo

    OMG, now I can finally have it all! Thanks Fish!

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