1. ?

    Get outta here with your chola ass eyebrows holmes!

  2. waffle

    Gah all the makeup!!!

  3. Saint

    I’d let her blow me.

  4. Instead

    upper lip lookin like a Prunus persica.

  5. WhyBlue

    What I don’t understand is if she wanted to put on all that makeup, shouldn’t it at least be pink? The whole fricken site is pink! Where the hell did blue come from? LAME.

  6. Jim

    She is the best. Perfect, superficial, glam make-up.

  7. Scott

    @whyblue – what are you, a friggin moron? Pink on pink -yeah, that’d be awesome for a lesbian porno video, but for the banner the blue eyeshadow would look great against the pink background.

    Looking at the finalists I’m amazed at the current results. Melanie is the clear winner. None of the others fit the requirements as well – profile pic, perfect look, professional quality photo. Brandon should just say “fuck democracy!” and hand pic this one for the banner. None of the others are close.

  8. nene

    hell no she is ugly! ew….vote for Jillian!

  9. looker

    The peacock should win at Superficial. (peahen, actually)

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