The Stupidest Quote I’ve Ever Seen in My Life

Jeremy London’s wife Melissa Cunningham has basically come forward to reveal that the actor was trying to “score drugs” the night he was allegedly kidnapped and forced to take all the drugs he’s addicted to. Except even after being aware of this fact – and presumably possessing a modicum of common sense – check out the Palm Springs Police Department’s official statement to RadarOnline regarding the investigation then try not to let your brain punch through your skull to get to the monitor:

“Right now, Jeremy London is a victim and there is no reason at this point to believe that he is lying to us.”

No reason, huh? I have three words for you: Six. Feet. Under.

Christ, after this incident, I don’t see how anyone in Palm Springs can ever feel comfortable calling the police again. “Ma’am, I understand you want to charge this man with mugging you, but based on the statement he gave us, he was simply taking his handgun for a peaceful walk when you threw your purse at him forcing him to buy expensive electronics on the Internet with your credit card. So clearly he’s the victim here and we’ll believe anything he says. Lock her up.”

Photo: Getty