The State of Mel Gibson

July 12th, 2010 // 133 Comments

With another recording hitting the Internet today, it’s time to take a look at just how unbelievably fucked Mel Gibson‘s career is since we last found out he pulls guns in domestic disputes and really hates fake tits:

What’s Happening Now:

- The William Morris talent agency dropped him on the heels of the first recording leaking online.

- Every bigoted statement he’s ever made is making the Internet rounds as we speak: “They take it up the ass; this is only for taking a shit,” he told the newspaper. “With this look, who’s going to think I’m gay?”

- A second recording has just been released with this classy excerpt: “Threaten ya? I’ll put you in a fuckin rose garden you cunt! You understand that? Because I’m capable of it. You understand that?”

My Advice:

Say “fuck it” and just started running around town with a broadsword yelling racial slurs at minorities. At this point, there’s really no coming back so why keep pretending to be something you’re not? “To thine own self be true.”

Also, you’re old, so people will just think it’s cute when you decapitate a hooker.


  1. Que

    Que freedom.

  2. Scarecrow

    He´s a complete asshole

    • its me fuckers

      some people are claiming he has a ‘personality disorder’. As far as I know there isn’t a cure for being a complete asshole. He needs to disappear for a while (few years) until things calm down. There is no recovering from this.

      Some others are also saying that she set him up. I have no doubt that she set him up but she also KNEW what he was capable of. Without the tapes, no one would have believed her.

      • Beverly Beaver

        If I was representing Mel, I’d have come out after the first call to either say he has Turrette’s (sp?) syndrome, or that he was reciting lines from a script about an angry man mad at himself and the world.

        I’m quite sure the anger from him is because he deeply regrets losing his wife for this russian whore.

  3. pedro

    this nigga is funny as shit ROFL

  4. Cock Dr

    Take the child involved away from father & mother.
    Has a better chance of being “normal” even if raised by wolves….especially if there’s a big fat trust fund from baby daddy at the end of the hunting trail.

    Bring forth more recordings so that we may fairly judge the level of batshit insanity for ourselves.

  5. KWDragon

    My former step-father used to talk like that all the time, usually even more profane, if you can believe it. Classy people stay classy.

  6. Sugar

    People this rotten always get theirs eventually.

  7. skankcity

    ahhhh c’mon now it ain’t so bad ..
    that spencer splatt pulled a gun on a food delivery & nobody said nothing ..
    yaq’ll kept writing whatever he told ya’ll …
    mel’s alright !

  8. T-Bag

    Give the guy a break. The ones not in the limelight say worse things.

    • its me fuckers

      T-Bag, maybe it should be D-Bag. Even through my divorce when things got really bitter did myself or my ex-husband ever talk like this to each other. As much as we provoked each other, venom like this didn’t happen. The thoughts were there but they never left my lips. Most people would never think of treating another human being like this. It’s sick. It is the basics of human decency. Which Mel Gibson doesn’t seem to have.

      • JM J. Bullock

        maybe your ex-husband should have done us all a favor and knocked your god damn teeth down your throat…especially with your admittance of provocation…bitch. Im happy he was able to escape the clutches of such a vile man servant as you.

      • Agree with the part that says he might not have an excuse, disagree on the rest, because it shows you as self-centered, being that you used a problem completely unrelated to you and made it about yourself. People are not innately caring and delicate in my opinion. If your husband had the last rib-eye on a post apocalyptic earth, you’d bash his head to take it in a second. Mel has acted on his violent impulses, but had he not hit the woman, he would have walked. Did things go sour with your Mel because he cheated on you or because you denied him coitus?. (Not being sarcastic)

      • T-Bag

        Well, that just shows how deceptive and dishonest you are as a person. You had such (inhumane — as per you) thoughts about your husband, but instead of voicing them (I don’t condone physical abuse), you kept them inside, and let them grow bigger. Yeah, that’s really humane(?).
        Secondly, why is it that women (in most cases) feel, mental abuse is any less inhumane than physical abuse? In most cases, mental abuse is a far worse type of abuse, as it has longer lasting effects.

    • wow

      wow bullock, you remind me that parental abuse is a horrible thing… i feel sorry for you, you didnt deserve to be treated that way as a child.

      • Yet you use abused children as shields to defent people from mean words in a blog post. How compassionate. (Sarcasm)

      • justifiable

        Nice extrapolation, ultrasly, but your argument’s full of shit. We all draw on personal experience – that’s not the same as being “self-centered.” Taking a Hobbesian viewpoint and comparing a basic instinct like survival to making a choice not to be verbally and emotionally abusive to your ex is pure sophistry – the apocalypse hasn’t happened, and Grigorieva doesn’t have the last rib-eye on earth, so what’s Mel’s excuse, now?

        T-bag, as an apologist, you suck. The “ones not in the limelight [who] say worse things” are also shitty human beings, and I’m not ever inclined to give THEM – or you – a break either. NIce to see where you get your standards – but don’t judge everyone according to your own behavior.

      • wow

        Ultrasly, defending? (yes, it is spelled with a D not a T) um, more like blatantly making a point… make sure you check your spelling before posting something trying to sound slick, otherwise you end up making a fool of yourself ;-)

      • It would be, if I had focused on that part and not in the “Most people would never think of treating another human being like this. It’s sick. It is the basics of human decency” part. I also stated that Mel has no excuse, and implied that he might as well leave society. Personal experience has its limits, to actually put yourself as a moral authority by comparison says something interesting, doesn’t it?. Now, tell me if this person isn’t looking for validation? (hehe). From there I could speculate that couples counseling didn’t go her way. Notice how she aknowledges her actions, but as reactions to his; like a way to remove guilt.
        Wow: You didn’t capitalize the “I”, so I’ll go ahead and deflect.


    I have more respect for Mel Gibson now that this has come out. It’s not like he made a wild statement that wasn’t true.

    Packs of niggers routinely rape women all over the world – Detroit, anywhere in Africa, Atlanta, Miami, LA, Oakland. Are we truly that out of control we can’t use the word nigger in a private conversation while Malik Zulu Shabazz can stand on a street corner with a bullhorn and scream “kill the crackers and their babies” and it’s totally acceptable?

    On a side note, I just blew a load out my living room window and managed to hit the car parked in front of my apartment.



    • adam

      Amen brother – Who gives a shit what Mel Gibson says in his personal life. Besides, can’t he be angry he got used by a cheap tramp, with shitty titties to boot. I mean fuck, the guy took on the king of England! He got had by a whore.

      • RaraAvis

        What makes her a “cheap tramp”? Just who is it that got used here? She seems pretty smart to me. At least smart enough to protect herself. This is only the conversation she managed to record. I can imagine what the other unrecorded ones sounded like. He thought she was someone he could use and discard. Think again, asshole. Karma’s a bitch.

    • dirk

      @Mitch …Shabazz is a non-story because Obama’s justice dept. let him off the hook when they put the keibash on the investigation of voter intimidation in Philly, with his crazy ass caught on camera! All swept under the rug by the media, just like Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, etc etc etc…

    • Colin

      “packs of niggers” are the least of your problems dude

    • Aussie Mama

      oh mitch, what a crack up, funnnnny!
      for starters she is pure evil for getting pregnant, without any consent. this is a man trap, pure cash grab and should be illegal. if a guy doesn’t give consent the woman should have no rights to $$$. too many women out there shamelessly make a career out of this. it doesn’t make a happy family, nor a happy child. none the less mel was supporting the child and did the right thing.
      then; she stops letting his see the child. he stops payments. whats wrong with that?
      she’s been provoking, in matters of the heart, a child, he’s been getting angry.
      again,, who wouldn’t?
      but the best thning yet.
      she signed an agreement a while ago, entitling her to NOTHING!
      all starting to fall into place now?
      he dumps her, now she’s on her own, she’s angry, but she has a plan up her sleeve. i’ll drive him buts, use lucia as a pawn, he’ll go nuts, i’ll tape it all and i can try the abuse avenue.
      wakey, wakey people. this type of woman is like shit on toast, not good!

  10. Gonna play devils advocate here- absolutely everyone, even Mel Gibson can be provoked to say shit they wouldn’t normally say. Now when you specifically setup a person and record them with the intention of catching their vitriol, of course you will act in a manner to escalate it. Any real man who has argued with his lover, wife, gf, and she simply says or does shit that throws you off your rocker can appreciate the extreme disgust most guys feel when your woman says completely illogical and unreasonable statements. Oksana is obviously holding back, her refusal to “engage” the argument and act completely innocent is a common female debating tactic that can enrage the most docile of men. Mel can justifiably want to kick some major Russian singer ass but we all know he should never do it. Chris Rock’s comedy applies here: “first, ain’t nobody above an ass-whooping, even an old man deserves to be kicked down some stairs. just dont do it.” And oksana probably deserved a slap or 2. Second, when Mel dropped the “bomb”- “get raped by a pack of nigga’s”- we know he’s referring to one of two classes of Afro Americans defined by Chris Rock- “there’s black people and there’s nigga’s, and nigga’s have got to go. I love black people but I hate nigga’s” I believe Mel loves black people like Danny Glover but hates nigga’s like the kind that may wish to rape oksana. So in conclusion, is Mel the worst scumbag of the earth now that we’ve heard his private tirades? No. He is human, probably a little racist, and angry when his woman doesn’t do as she’s told, that would describe maybe 90% of all men.

    • justifiable

      “A little racist”? That’s like describing someone as being “a little pregnant” at nine and half months. Nice that you also think misogyny is a normal male condiiton and that 90% of men possess that and bigotry – next time just speak for yourself, unless the Asshole Brigade says they need a new poster boy. Refusing to engage is a hallmark of passive aggression – and FYI, men indulge in it, too. It’s a prime manipulating technique and it doesn’t have a gender – and it works beautifully with domineering bullies of both sexes because they have nowhere to go with it.

      No matter how enraged I’ve gotten at someone – and yeah, I’ve wanted to haul off and hit people with a shovel on more than one occasion – the phrase, “you deserve to be raped by a pack of n****rs” has never once flashed across my cerebral cortex. Some people, oddly enough, don’t go for racist epithets even when they’re drunk – and that’s because they’re not racists. You can’t “set up”or “provoke” someone to deliver a racist and possessively abusive rant about tits and clothing unless they’re already a bigoted misogynist to begin with.

      Oh, and I really look forward to Danny Glover and Christ Rock exonerating Mel any day now. Well, you sadi they’d be all right with the “bomb”, right? Any day now. Yup. Waiting. 3, 2, 1… now! Ok, reset. Waiting…waiting….

      • butterboo

        Right on. The guy fits the mold of an abuser – major jealous about how she dresses, threatening her not to hang up.

        “You need a bat to the side of the brain.”

        There’s no justification for that sort of behavior.

        Never heard a good man say that kind of thing.

    • Aussie Mama

      awesome post. i was starting to think that everyone in the world had gone mental and had no life experience or rationality left.
      i love my man and vica versa, but when we’ve had a blue, i’d ate to be taped. i’ve had some prett colourful shit come outta my mouth many a time and being a woman, i can go back 20 years!!!
      thing is when people argue, it’s never pretty.
      the ones that say, i have never spoken like that, i would never, i have never….puhleeeeeez! either your single, still living with mom and dad, can’t manage to make a relationship last at all, or your man is in a coma maybe, everyone has been there.
      mel is actually being very cool. he’s not leaking shit at all. he’s waiting, waiting, he’ll do it where it should be done, in court, and he will win. this money grubbing whore will get what she deserves, jack shit!

      • Sophie

        Aussie mama, what the hell are you talking about? Never in my life would I say something like that to my partner. My friends would never treat their husbands and wives like that.

        You think that if someone doesn’t hurl vicious racist and sexist abuse at someone that they must be single, living with parents, or comatose? Nice try, but there’s also some who are in what we call a stable and healthy relationship. You probably wouldn’t know much about that.

        If someone speaks to you like Mel spoke to Oksana, you leave. He’s vicious. Ev everyone fights, but wishing someone to get raped and threatening to beat the crap out of them is not acceptable.

        Sorry aussie mama – just because you don’t expect respect from your partner doesn’t mean everyone has such low standards.

      • justifiable

        NIce of you to assume your hero was drunk – but then that was his excuse last time, wasn’t it? Mel wasn’t so “cool” then- he fell all over himself apologizing and groveling, trying to erase the incident and convince everyone it was just a horrible slip because he had a snootful. You and the rest of the anti-semitic bigoted crew who feel that everyone becomes a racist or uses people as punching bags when you’ve got a gutfull will excuse anything because you’re cretins and degenerates who honestly don’t know any better, but your Christian Hero will be dead meat in H’wood for quite a while because no one will buy the same excuse twice and he knows it.

        See, for all that Mel has money and his own production company, it’s not usual to personally bankroll your own films, which is why “Passion” was such a awesome crapshoot. If it hadn’t been successful, Me would be broke today. Thing is, he won’t have that nice public religious family man image to fall back on for the next project, so when he does have to fund the next one all on his own – and if he wants to stay viable in the industry, there does have to be a next one – he’ll be risking a great deal more. WME already cut ties with him, because he was on probation with them for the last anti-semitic rant – Ari Emanuel thought he was despicable and said so in print (also unusual for the industry). Without industry and public support Gibson could easily be sidelined for the next couple of years, at least – and at his age, he risks becoming irrelevant much faster.

        He can’t count on you, you abysmally stupid and bigoted bitch, to make up the difference – because as much as you’d love to have it be so, not everyone believes as you do. And only a blinkered pig-ignorant fool thinks that those who are “mental” enough to contradict with your “enlightened” assessment are single and living in mom’s basement. Nice predictable usage of the standard ‘net cliches – obviously your room-temperature IQ was too taxed to come up with any new ones, eh? Drink up, stupid, and try not to pass out in a pool of your own piss. Your man may love you, but Mel will be the first to tell you that love is fleeting, and guys like him have very narrow ideas of what’s acceptable behavior for women.

      • Aussie Mama

        ah well i don’t happen to know one aussie that thinks along those lines, but i also don’t know any divorced statistics, single parents, or confused women that can’t make their minds up on weather they want to be the woman, or the one with tha balls too. no wonder men are confused these days.
        simple fact is people are not themselves when dealing with custodial issues, it is out of control for everyone involved. if you haven’t ever seen or heard of this, then that is indeed strange. we don’t have dr phil or oprah here, we haven’t found a need for it!

      • E

        I actually think most people don’t talk like this. My husband and I have been together for five years. In that time he has told me ONCE to go f*** myself.

        Not everyone has been there. Most of us haven’t been there. And If you think that kind of vitrol is normal, it might be time to see a counselor.

      • justifiable

        Aussie mama, apparently you don’t know too many people. No real surprise there, either. I know quite a few Aussies who are divorced (as well as some who are happily married) and none of them think like you – but then again, they also know the difference between “whether” and “weather.”

        Again, rage over a terrible custodial issue doesn’t turn you into a racist or a bigot unless you were one to begin with. Misogynistic/misandristic rants are something else – I’d spot anyone a good screaming bout of “men/women suck ass!” in situation like that, but unless you were abusive beforehand, it’s unlikely your go-to plan when you’re crossed is to punch your ex in the mouth or knock his/her teeth out, especially when s/he’s holding your child.

  11. Bahn Schnott

    fish says

    ” it’s time to take a look at just how unbelievably fucked Mel Gibson’s career is”

    like this will will have ANY effect on his career at all.

    #1 he doenst have to do anything anymore

    #2 he can finance ALL of any project on his own

    #3 he can hire all the top actors in hollywood to act in any movie he produces and act they will. Like most of you out there, hollywood weenies have no scruples/morals/self confidence and lack the ability to stand by and back up their beliefs, if they even have any that are concrete. They are mostly spineless jellyfish/chameleons that conform to whatever the latest feel good charity case is and roll with it…

    #4 youre assuming I give a shit what he thinks about anyone and that I look to hollywood for answers or role models in my life.

    #5 youre assuming that most of your readers will even remember any of this in 3 months, and if they do remember it, will boycott Mel Gibson movies.

    tsk tsk silly little boy…99% of your readers are the same ones that voted for obama, even after seeing that the church he attended for 22 yrs was full of hate towards whites/asians/jews and was lead by a total racist bafoon, with conspiracy theories that would make alex jones look sane.

    ..oh, and Im no hannity right winger blahblahblah, so save your comments calling me so.

    • its me fuckers

      christ, even Mel Gibson’s fucked up personality is Obama’s fault? You fucking simpleton, the Superficial isn’t read by just Americans. The world wide web is bigger then the USA.. I love how some people use these sites for their political spewing. (this should get them going)

      • Bahn Schnott

        wow, talk about simpleton? you cant even comprehend common english, laid out in the simplest of terms. No where in what I typed do I say Mel Gibsons personality is obamas fault. I was stating that…well, you know what? fuck it. You didnt get it the first time so you obviously wont get it at all…and I REFUSE to hand hold fucking retarded, brainless bimbo mudsharks that jump the gun and get all emotional when their masturbation fodder is insulted. Go watch martha stewart or rachel ray and learn how to better serve your King, stupid cunt.

      • JM J. Bullock

        Youre right, he forgot about all 9 of the other viewers/posters that arent in the US. Way to call him out…you got him good slapping him with your knowledge of the “world wide web” being bigger than the USA.

        Dont you have a short bus to catch corky?

      • Hey, Schnott, you’re a fucking imbecile. Just throwing that out there. Toodles!

    • adam

      That comment was about as dead on balls accurate as you can get.

    • I got your last point, you ment that the readers chastising him are forgiving understanding people when it comes to voting for people associated with racism. BUT I don’t recall Obama making the remarks, but people in his vicinity, I.e Denzel Washington saying he hates da krakers. Seems like “its me” has a knack for provocation, no wonder.

  12. I would the eat pieces of corn straight from his asshole

  13. Some Girl

    Killing hooker jokes are the lowest and worst. Please stop. Those kind of statements actually are dangerous to women.

  14. Lisa Beth

    He sounds like most of the people on this site. “I hate fake tits rarrr arr arrr!” Yeah, that’s why you’re always here staring at them.

  15. Frobz

    And let’s remember what a good SUPER CHRISTIAN Mel is. Or have we all forgotten his “Passion of the Jeebus” movie and his daddy’s insane Catholic splinter church?

  16. Mike Nike

    I’m glad I heard the tapes. He is a disgusting human being. I challenge him to a fight in the ring. Come beat on me Big Mel. I’ll knock your teeth out. I used to like his movies but I can assure you I wont be watching another one. He quite clearly thinks he is god. He also thinks he owns all of Malibu as he was once quoted saying.

    • JM J. Bullock

      HAHA…another internet tough guy challenging a celebrity to a fight. HAHA …what a god damn joke.

      STFU and stay behind your monitor pee wee…like with your current “partner”, you couldnt last 2 minutes in the real world.

  17. Rhialto

    Lol he’s wearing the Uruguayan soccer team colors! one of my favorite soccer teams this World Cup! Being a team,respect,honor,skills,discipline and will power! Congrats to all the 2010 champions!

  18. adam

    Mel Gibson kicks ass on the set and at his home. Go Mel! Tell that gold digging tramp whore the business!

  19. Johnny Cage

    In truth a person can dig up worse dirt on ANY celebrity. Just as long as you have the right people in high places hating them and the media wags the dog on whatever dirt they found. In this case Mel Gibson appears to be on the sharp end of both of those factors.

    Hell the media only need to catch Mel Gibson saying a swear word in traffic, and from there they can make stories of how he was about to fight someone behind the wheel or maybe ram another car in anger.

  20. Realist

    You guys are such idiots. Lots of people have some of these feelings. He was an idiot for loosing control and for threatening violence towards women. But is he wrong about black people and jews? Hell no. You guys need to f’ing wake up. Political correctness is killing this country. Do your thing Mel. Everyone I know feels the same way. Why can black artists talk openly about white people, but we cannot dare UTTER one word? Bullshit.

    • awesome

      and the stupid just keeps coming.

    • ff murnau

      newsflash. stop being twinkie-eating-white-trash-mother-fucking-cousin-sucking -bag-of-shit-bigot and all your self expression issues will go away.

      • yea yea...I know

        As opposed to…

        too big pant wearing, 40 drinking, blunt smoking, car stealing, food stamp getting, welfare cheating, deadbeat fathering, english language raping, non job having, $100 car with $4000 in rims and $300 stereo with $5 speaker having, non education having, non knowing how to shoot, loud mouth in public having, (c)rap music blaring, 3rd grade rhyming, same race killing, robbing and looting after your team wins a championship, police fearing, newport smoking, non-daddy knowing, 23 brothers and sisters from different daddy having, drug dealing, gang joining, gangster idolizing, corner hanging out on, fast food eating, whiney ass bitch crying about something from 400 yrs ago that you know NOTHING about, obnoxious ass mother fucker? yea…thats way better

        and those are called “traits”…not stereotypes.

    • cc

      He more or less admitting to belting her in the face while she was holding her child. Did the media lure him into that? He’s a lowlife.


      “Everyone I know feels the same way”

      White bedsheets and pillow cases must be hard to get at your local Walmart.

    • authority

      so let me get this right. violence against women is bad. gotcha. but black people and jews are fair game? what about black women? or jewish women? or is it just other men in general that you are insecure about?

      • Realist

        He didn’t talk about doing violence to blacks or women and of course it isn’t okay to do violence. Just live in your world where where the devil whitey can’t express ANY frustration without every tunnel vision idiot blasting him. He lost his cool and acted like an ass but ask MANY educated people in this country if there isn’t ONE shred of truth to what he says????

        So…. it’s untrue that “groups of African American men” don’t rape women like fucking crazy? Get your head out of the fucking sand and spend some time in the Bronx.

      • justifiable

        I’m one of the educated people in this country that will not, unfortunately, be backing up your statement, assface. The last gang rape case in LA involved a bunch of white boys in Orange Counrty – one of whom was the sheriff’s kid. It’s called “pack behavior” and sociologists are still debating as to whether it’s a MALE trait or not – it is NOT, however, exclusive to BLACK MALES. Nice job outing yourself, tho.

    • why bother


      It’s no use arguing with these types of morons. It just fuels their delusional sense of outrage. I just wish they wouldn’t hide behind anonymous blogs to spout their prejudice. So Realist, by all means feel free to “fight the power” and let us all know what “everyone” believes. Just put your real name to it like your buddy Mel. Oh and try not to do it on a site that’s mostly about tits.

      • justifiable

        I bother because one of the reasons that idiots like “Realist” believe everyone thinks like they do is that no one calls them on their shit in public. They never manage to see the curled lip, the turned shoulder – they just assume if no one speaks up or punches them out they have a consensus. They truly believe they’re a rebel hero for saying what everyone else thinks, but is too cowardly to voice. They’re grossly mistaken, and I’m not going to err on the side of politeness, social grace, dummying up out of apathy, or because they made a blockbuster movie about Jesus. Fuck that. And fuck them.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        you are my hero, just!

      • Realist

        LOL— yeah sure okay.

      • justifiable

        Thanks, Doc. I forgot to mention when you do call them on their shit they pretty much have nothing to say in return except “yeah sure OK” and other non-rejoinders. Inability to process Big Ideas is a real handicap so they just go on believing what they know in their heart is right.

  21. fernando poo

    If Mel is guilty of something it’s of being a complete idiot. He’s a fucking celebrity and the possibility that his batshit rants could hit the internet never crossed his mind? (Alec Baldwin anyone?) It’s not like he was talking to a buddy while knocking back some beer in his backyard. He’s one the phone with someone that has plenty of motive to make everything he says public. What’s next? “I’m gonna kill you cunt. Love Mel” emails? And before you say, “Mel don’t care what people think about the shit he says”, I’d like to see him go on prime time TV say that crap in public.

  22. Mike Iksard

    Damn Riggs, Im gonna have to ask you to hand in your badge and gun.

  23. Wow. Mel Gibson has just made Alec Baldwin eligible for “Father of the Year.”

    I have a feeling Mel Gibson is going to be wearing an orange jumpsuit by the time this is all done.

    • Aussie Mama

      both men were sneakily taped, distraught and upset over child access.
      anybody out there that does not understand how heart wrenching, agonising and emotional a person gets when they cannot see their child, is a cold hearted lunatic.
      i am so against the epedemic of man bashing as it has become a trend. these idiotic mothers that think kids don’t need a father are selfish, evil pigs. kids with both parents in their lives grow up happier and better adjusted people. what sort of experimantal society are we living in. stop the attack on men and the advocation of single parent everything. sometimes there is no choice and that’s sad. but where there are two willing parents, that are good people, this should be avoided at all costs. the powers to be want us all seperate and weak. hell they’d feed us if they have to, all in the name of control.

      • justifiable

        Get off your fucking soapbox. Parents battle for custody all the time, and unless you’re one of the parents – WHICH YOU ARE NOT – you can’t tell who’s the one who’s playing games – because sometimes it’s both who hit below the belt. No one here is claiming a child doesn’t need a father – but calling one’s child on the the phone and leaving an abusive voicemail calling her a “rude little pig” isn’t exactly the best argument to elicit sympathy for daddy’s emotional heart-wrenching distress. “Sneakily taped” my ass – leaving a message like that – which you already know is being recorded – in the midst of a custody battle and thinking you won’t have to account for it is more than naive. Stop styling everything to fit your personal paranoid agenda – no matter how pissed he is at Grigorieva, Mel still won’t be calling you no matter how vehemently you defend him.

      • Aussie Mama

        god all mighty, this is why prozac and crazy anti-depressants should be banned, its making a whole generation of people nuts!

      • justifiable

        No, a preponderance of idiots like you is what makes a whole generation nuts. I’m waiting for natural selection to take you out any day now, unfortunately we still have to listen to your illogical and atrophied brain droppings until that happy time arrives. Please self-medicate yourself into an overdose soon, so that human evolution may proceed as planned. Thank you. That is all.

  24. cc

    The Passion of the Jesus Motherfucking Christ

  25. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I have shown the transcript to my ex and he said :” that means she’s single?”

  26. kanyeisgay

    I have new found respect for the guy ! Like he really gives a flying fvck what anybody thinks. I would not if I were a billionaire and I am just poor black trash.

    • justifiable

      Actually, if Mel were as bad-ass and uncaring about his image as you seem to think he is, he wouldn’t have apologized for that sugar-titis anti-semitic rant to the female cop who pulled him over for DUI a few years ago. It was probably lip service to save his ass, but he was nervous enough to state: “I am deeply ashamed of everything I said.I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested, and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable.” He called it “drunken ravings,” blaming it all on booze.

      Like all actors, he ultimately wants to be loved, admired and respected – not by you alone, but by his peers. So yeah, he may have close to a billion dollars, but he still wants to be part of the industry that allowed him to get it – and he’ll probably be a has-been pariah because of this.

  27. butterboo

    “I left my wife because we had no spiritual ground.”

    I know Mel, I know. It must be hard to find a nubile woman who hates Jews, non-Catholics, non-whites, and condoms.

    And one who will blow him with a smile. (shivers)

    • justifiable

      It’s even harder to find a woman who shares a belief that it’s OK for a husband and father to commit adultery and have a child with another woman, but still consider himself a devout Catholic because he didn’t use birth control, which is murder. That sort of common “spiritual ground” is pretty much non-existant.

      And funny how that “no spiritual ground” thing didn’t kick in until after they’d had 7 kids and he hit midage crisis and found an overwhelming need for younger pussy. She was an Episcopalian when he married her, so I don’t think he has a right to play the religion card at this late date – he’s already stated that she’s a “saint” but she still won’t be going to heaven because she doesn’t belong to his narrow little splinter sect. And he also seem to have a problem with that concept when he needed to appear to be the consummately devout religious and family man to promote “Passion” to all markets.

      If Mel is so truly concerned about his spiritual well-being that he’s convinced himself that had to split from his wife and cleave to Grigorieva to improve the state of his soul, good luck to him. Self delusional to the end.

  28. Jrz

    pfft.. I say worse shit here on the comment boards.

  29. James

    You fools really do eat up whatever the media tells you. This is character destruction 101 by the Hollywood elite. He knows the truth about them, and they know he knows. Mel Gibson career = over.

  30. Oh Dear

    Man, he was so cute in Road Warrior, and also that Bounty movie. Had such a crush on him. He was gorgeous and those blue eyes.

    Guess this is a lesson not to be attracted to people just cause they’re cute. How awful a brain inside of that pretty exterior. Alas.

    My world is crumbling…..wait! Is that Zac Efron? No, it’s Pattinson….

    ZOOM! New crush! Mourning didn’t take as long as I thought!

  31. Aussie Mama

    if mel had anything to worry about, he would have paid the greedy bitch what she was trying to bribe him for, and made it all go away.
    he hasn’t because there is a hell of a lot more to this, than what she has released.
    he will have his day, the WHOLE truth will get it’s day in court and he WILL win!
    any mother that thinks it’s ok to withhold the child from the father and use it as a bartering pawn, deserves what she gets. hell, i’d happily hold the cruel bitch down!

    • nz girl

      lol, looks like Aussie Mama had fun fingering herself to “What Women Want”!!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Aussie mama is fat and ugly chick. She is just jealous.

      • Aussie Mama

        hey kiddies isn’t it your bedtime?
        mum and dad out are they?

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        well yes. For you maybe I am a kid. Since you are a fan of Mel’s you are probably in your late 40-50s.
        a. and you are on this site
        b. I’ll take a wild guess and assume you are fat and ugly as it is obvious you are jealous with the woman who looks like you dont in her 40s

      • justifiable

        Doc, Aussie Mama has no clue about many things – ignorance of different time zones being one of them. To quote the immortal Dean Wormer: “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life” … but I suppose somebody’s gotta do it, right?

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        just HA HA so right!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        By the way why is he called Australian. I don’t believe this sort of behavior is typical for an Australian man.
        “Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson was born in Peekskill, New York, the sixth of eleven children, and the second son of Hutton Gibson and Irish-born Anne Patricia (née Reilly, died 1990).[5][6] His paternal grandmother was the Australian opera soprano, Eva Mylott (1875–1920).[7] One of Gibson’s younger brothers, Donal, is also an actor. Gibson’s first name comes from Saint Mel, fifth-century Irish saint, and founder of Gibson’s mother’s native diocese, Ardagh, while his second name, Colm-Cille,[8] is shared by an Irish saint[9] and is the name of the parish in County Longford where Gibson’s mother was born and raised. Because of his mother, Gibson holds dual Irish and American citizenship.[10]

        Soon after being awarded $145,000 in a work-related-injury lawsuit against New York Central Railroad on February 14, 1968, Hutton Gibson relocated his family to Sydney, Australia.[11] Gibson was 12 years old at the time. The move to Hutton’s mother’s native Australia was for economic reasons, and because Hutton thought the Australian military would reject his oldest son for the Vietnam War draft.[12]“

      • Aussie Mama

        ah how wrong you are, but fantisise if you must, the in and out burger, maccas, kfc, yankie takeout lard ass obviously turns you on, seeing as you keep going on about it. we are different here, we cook our own food, like they did years ago, that’s why we don’t have such an obesity epidemic, just saying. most gals here don’t go cutting their faces up or injecting poison into it either, so we all look different and not like the clone, you have obviously grown to love and find appealing. again men here are of the real kind and find that as attractive as shit on a stick, but each to their own. tiny penis synrome have anything to do with you personal attacks luv? i hear penis pumps work magic and apparently you have an extra 2 inches, they can pull out of your body with surgery, seeing as your such a fan of it. just trying to help.
        what women want? well 20,000,000 is aparently not enuf for oksana, so who the fuck knows what women want? russian money grubbing ones at least.
        apocolypto, edge of darkness, braveheart etc, were more up my alley. the light hearted comedy has been done to death, but hey if there’s nothing else to watch, nah still wouldn’t go there. i’d rather stick up for mel on the nett and have a laugh at pin-dick and once were warriors gal.
        have a great night kiddies, don’t drown in drool, keep your mouths closed when you sleep, or your pillow will be soaked in shit by morning, ok shit-lips!!!

      • nz girl

        LOL Aussie Mama, the Aussie obesity epidemic is as bad as America’s. So stop pretending you know anything about anything and get back to your fat kids.

        I know you’re jealous of Oksana, but you’re welcome to have Mel now. He’s no one i’d go near – what an old ugly bastard. Much rather be with a young sexy man.

        I guess 23 is young to you. But it’s not past my bedtime – you just aren’t very good at figuring out timezones.

        Go back to masturbating over Braveheart, dumbass. Good luck finding a man who won’t hurl sexist insults at you and punch you in the mouth. You don’t seem to believe they exist – more fool you. But hey, you’re welcome to the sexist bigots. no one with any standards wants a man like Mel now.

      • justifiable

        nz girl, no one with any standards wanted Aussie mama in the first place. When you come in a distant third to a hand or an unwilling sheep, that’s gotta sting.

  32. Twinkle

    He seems bi-polar. He definitely needs meds and some deep therapy and anger management. How much you want to bet that in a career saving move he’ll check himself into rehab and then give an exclusive interview to Oprah or one of the news outlets.

    • Aussie Mama

      nz girl. classy stuff, hope you don’t kiss anyone with that mouth.
      good thing you have found a site that you feel comfortable at, you would be bored at the clean ones. lost even.
      what makes you assume i want mel? cos i don’t, i just think it’s all way overboard.
      you can’t stick up for someone?
      if we were talking russell crowa, a native of yours, would you feel the same. cos don’t worry i have stuck up for him too. like mel, anyone that knows him, says opposite to what the media portrays.
      i know that ,sheep mentality is big in nz, but don’t believe eveything you hear.
      fat, ugly, jealous, very grown up of you.
      now tell me; were you the school bully?
      or were you bullied at school and feel safe in doing the same over a pc?
      somethings not right there, you are damaged from something in life for sure.
      nothing anywhere, is as bad, as anything in america.
      your a crack up to read that’s for sure.
      don’t knock anything here, too many new zealanders like coming here, for the generrous goverments dole.
      fat kids?
      if that makes you happy mate, picture us how ever you like. lonely, fat, jealous, whatever.
      thanks for the snapshot of a 23 year old nz chic. like a mongrel mob initiate, or a once were warriors type victim. a normal life doesn’t make anyone that abusive, hostile or angry.
      the confused guys will love you i am sure, some of them will be attracted to a foul mouthed woman with bigger and hairier balls than what they have. i bet you’d love to bend em over and could fuck em with your over sized clit too. i’m sure it’s donkey like in proportion.
      anyway i’ll let you go, so you can go shave your face, back, crack n sack, clip those thick yellow toenails princess fiona and grease up your body art, for when you change that wife beater shirt you probably wear.
      have fun chic and get a dog up ya!

  33. what?

    Dude, ‘Fish… some stuff on this board is UGLY bullshit, man. I’m all for making fun of celebs, but this shit’s pretty damn close to hate speech. She deserves it? This is normal shit between men and women? Daaaamn, folks.

    • nz girl

      Amen. Aussie Mama doesn’t even seem to realise that Mel is an asswipe, and that most men are much classier than him. That’s really sad. And all the misogynistic racists posting! Depressing, man.

      I’m glad I have a guy who treats me right and I don’t have to deal with dating anyone with ideals that fucked up.

      • Aussie Mama

        we all talk about this at work etc. i don’t know of 1 guy that isn’t on mels side, but maybe we are biast because we count him as one of ours and are naturally protective, even if he is adopted. i’m set for life thank you very much. if your still dating, you have a long way to go. i’d hate to be thinking about saving for a deposit, or paying off a house now, it’s soooo much harder than it was a few years ago. i’m glad i got into that market at 18, had a life plan, kids young and we can now sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour and doing things right. your personal effort makes your life what it is. i hate hearing people winge about having nothing, yet won’t get off their asses and actually do some work. we are lucky here, you can have it all, if you are willing to work.
        anything but. again if that justifies your rant for you, go ahead.

  34. Que?

    This is like reading a soap opera…

  35. kanyeisgay

    MEL 2012 !! No birth certificate required !

  36. captain america


  37. Aussie Mama

    we’ve adopted mel proudly. we don’t chew people up and spit em out.

  38. Doc Schweinstrudel

    you should post a pic of yourself and let people see what you look like. As proof you aren’t jealous with Oksana.

    • Aussie Mama

      i have nothing to prove. my pic’s are in my home and amongst family, not on the net, or social networking sites, where sad /angry/abusive clowns like yourself can spend the day cutting and pasting my head on your knob, for self gratification purposes, in the down time you have, sewing those skin suits in mummys cellar.
      you say mel has issues, man is there anyone you don’t abuse and name call here?
      i am simpy sticking up for men, because i am sick of women who exploit the system, their ex’s and kids, just because they have a vagina. i know of many men, that are way behind the 8 ball after divorce, because of their greedy ex wife. paying huge amounts in maintenance, working like a dog, whilst the ex wife, can afford to either not work, or work minimal hours, because the $$$ she gets from the ex, enables her to do so. often shacking up with another bloke very quickly, so extra income there again, as the other guy still pays and is on his own?
      i think once you are in another relationship, living together, your on your own. you look after the kids while you have them, and vica versa.
      if tiger had bashed ellen, with a golf club, he’d be in jail, not celebrated through our one sided media.
      the bra burning women of the 60′s that got sucked into the womens lib shit, were the start of destruction of the traditional family. it was never about our rights, it was about getting mothers out to work and taxing the other 50% of the population and inevitably the destruction of the strong, tight knit, traditional family. split em up, support them only enuf to give them independance, not a great life, keeps them loyal and weak. the rockerfellers bankrolled the womens lib movement and fucked future generations over bigtime. families were better off before, this is an experimantal society, technology may be better, but life isn’t for most.
      i am lucky, but i can see the agendas plain as day and don’t play the game.
      doc, if you are male, i feel sorry for you, because the system is against you.
      have fun guys, but i’ll love you and leave you, to sites where people have intelligent debates and not just name call and abuse one another.
      it was interesting to say the least.
      and another thing doc; when 20 year olds still perve at you, call out milf and try chatting you up, you know your doing just nicely in the looks dept. and are anything but fat and ugly.

  39. Aussie Mama

    to all the ones harping on about the alleged abuse and her fearing for her life and having no where to go!
    answer me this, if this were fact, why stay in HIS home when you have your OWN home?
    David Foster songwriter/producer(another guy used for her career) the guy oksana was banging before mel, bought her a house in 2008. She was living in this home, up until moving into Mel’s home. So you see she has somewhere to go. this is what is not making sense to me. Anyone who was genuinely scared would get the hell out, especially if they were scared for their child too!
    But, his home is far more valauble….if she stays, she just might get it right. you can hear mel clear as a bell saying to her; i am not giving you the house, you can stay in the house, but i will not give it to you!
    Listen to her words, in her interview;“Beautiful Heartache”, due for release on November 2. Mel is attributed as helping with the lyrics to some tracks, co-producing the CD and shooting the promo videos.
    Generous huh!
    Gushing in an interview, Oksana said: “I think it is incredible that he helped me so much,
    “He is very prominent in my career – he has believed in me. Mel has been very supportive and he’s an amazing man.”
    “I will be playing a concert in a few days then I will have to slow down,” says the Ukrainian-born brunette.
    “This is my last burst of work before we get ready for the birth. I consider it a gift, so I am really blessed. I have got the album as well, so it is wonderful.
    “It’s been an extraordinary year. I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant. Mel is really happy about the baby. He is fantastic with children, he understands parenthood and you couldn’t get a better father.”
    Oksana and Mel Gibson first met when he heard her perform music in concert. He was so overwhelmed that he offered her a record deal through his firm, Icon Distribution to help her produce her first solo album.
    “Things are very good,” say’s Oksana.
    She also has a 12-year-old son Alexander by Timothy Dalton, the James Bond star, who lives with his father.
    This gal has used men like stepping stones in her career, social status and money.
    Someone was bound to get angry one day. If she were in Russia nad did this to a Russian man, she would be dead, without a doubt

    • ooghe1

      Aussie Mama thank you , Yes he did something STUPID, who doesn’t. But isn’t this the same Mel Gibson who literally pulled Robert Downey Jr. out of the “gutter” saving his life and career, or did all you critics forget about that. Try staying single for awhile and concentrate on raising the baby, if it was so bad with Mel you would have left already.

      • justifiable

        As people have been pointing out for years, Hitler was a vegetarian and had a dog. Mel and RDJr have been close friends since Air America when they used to booze and dope together – Gibson was planning on directing him in a stage production of Hamlet when he was arrested for drug possession. He paid Downey’s insurance bond in The Singing Detective, which he produced, which got Downey working again. It was a nice thing to do for a friend. But acts of kindness towards his friends still don’t mean he’s not a bigot and a racist.

        Grigorieva may be (and quite probably is) the biggest golddigging bitch on the face of the earth – she was his choice. Too bad if he can’t deal with her without revealing to everyone an extremely ugly and vicious side of his character. What was his excuse for the cop who pulled him over? What golddigging had she ever done to him? It’s not defensible, and it’s not excusable. I’m extremely sorry to find he’s the sort of person who’s think – and say – things like that. I’m also sorry that for someone who considers himself a devout Christian, he can’t see that his father’s teachings, and his now all-too-obvious beliefs, made him a raging hypocrite. And lastly, I’m sorry to see that for all his experience, his travels and vast opportunities to meet and connect with so many different people, he’s never gone beyond that early indoctrination. What a waste.

      • Aussie Mama

        robert downey jnr would most certainly be dead now if it weren’t for mel. mel put a lot of time and effort into him, when hollywood had washed their hands of him, which they do. he paid for rob’s rehab, treatment etc. it sucks when someone does a lot of good, but people choose to focus on the negative only. people are very cruel when they want to be. thing is people fuck up and good people are capable of doing bad things sometimes too. i find it incredible that people have already hung the guy, when he hasn’t yet had the opportunity, to give his side of the story. mel has launched many careers too. anyone that has ever worked with him, or dealt with him, says only the best. helen hunt, julia roberts etc. i remember susan sarandon saying somethng quite negative in her biography, which was really strange, as she has never worked with him at all. mels comment to that was something along the lines, of susan who?
        because he himself said he’d never bloody met the woman? quite bizzare.
        the media will never say anything nice, that’s a given. i am just very sceptical. there are always two sides to every story and then there’s the truth.

      • Aussie Mama

        melhas and will booze, but he had never doped, that is wrong. rdj for sure, but not mel.

      • Aussie Mama

        hitler my dear was in fact a jew, of the de rothchild bloodline.

      • justifiable

        Wrong yet again. Gibson maneuvered Courtney Love into rehab – Downey was ordered by the court. The CA taxpayers paid for his year-long court mandated rehab when he was initally assigned to the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in Corcoran when he violated parole – it’s a state prison. He’d been in and out of rehab numerous unsuccessful times prior to that. Downey credits his prison stay for waking him up somewhat, but his decision to finally get sober after one last stay at court-ordered rehab after he got fired from Ally McBeal for back-to-back drug arrests was his – he saved his own life. And far from Hollywood “washing its hands” of him, people in the industry respected his talent and were hoping like hell he’d pull his life together, but at that point he was so drugged out that no one could work with him and no one would insure him. When he got out of rehab no insurance company was going to put up a completion bond on him – most of his film contracts still have a clause that withholds a large chunk of his salary until the picture is completed. Close friend Gibson supported him and gambled on him and paid for his insurance in his indie film The Singing Detective. Nice – but that doesn’t exactly qualify as “saving his life.”

      • justifiable

        Hitler was a Jew? Best one yet. God, you’re an idiot. Spare us the Super Secret Illuminati Breeding Program Conspiracy and learn to spell instead.

        It’s “convenient” that no one mentions it because Nicholson wasn’t at home when the rape occured. Duh – so much for another of your conspiracy theories. His girlfriend at the time, Anjelica Huston, was, and she was interviewed about the victim’s demeanor and condition.

        Keep ‘em coming – you’re 0 for 2,375 so far.

  40. melspeek

    It seems the gay loving hollywood media crowd have had it in for mel for a long time for his rants it’s funny they want you to accept them for being sick fucks yet they can’t accept other sick fucks! where’s the headline outrage about pedifile polanski going free if only he were anti-gay

    • Aussie Mama

      melspeek, on the polanskithing seeing as you brought it up. when he drugged andraped the little girl. he did it in jack nicholsons house, while jack was there.
      conveniently no one mentions that though.

      • justifiable

        It’s “convenient” that no one mentions it because Nicholson wasn’t at home when the rape occured. Duh – so much for another of your conspiracy theories. His girlfriend at the time, Anjelica Huston, was, and she was interviewed about the victim’s demeanor and condition.

        Keep ‘em coming – you’re 0 for 2,375 so far.

      • Aussie Mama

        that’s what i am saying justifiable, this story has evolved a hell of a lot. originally jack was home, but partying in another room, then he was asleep in another room, then he wasn’t home for the night, then he was outta town.
        which one do you believe?
        seeing as roman was done, did he take it on the chin for his mate and leave him out of it, we weren’t there, but there has always been talk that they were holding back.
        and it’s not a theory, it is an actual conspiracy and before you make that from a mouse to an elephant. it only takes two people to lie, against someone or something, for it to be a conspiracy. politicians do it on a daily basis.
        the publicity machine has now conveniently changed global warming to climate change, because there is so much evidence this is just about slugging us a breathing tax, over anything. when you have 60,000 prominent scientists form all over the world signing a petition saying this is utter bullshit, then somethings got to give. all in all, it’s another conspiracy. there’s a reason why every doco they make, they try to make sure that the theorists look nuts, they want you to accossiate conspracy with crazy. it’s all part of the brainwashing process. tv programming, isn’t called programming for no reason, it’s what it does to you. repeat a lie often enough and future generations, won’t even research nor read about it for themselves, rtthey just beieve, because that’s whats always been said!
        melspeek so true, hoogle the young model who’s just done a doco on the exploitation, underage sex, drugging, porn pics, group sex etc the photographers, agencies, booking customers expext and get from their young chosen ones. it makes you sick. you can go onto a site of one of the biggest fashion photographers, terry ??? have a look at the porn pix, or natalie vodianova, i think that’s how you spell it etc and the pix. the most amazing thing is he takes obamas publicity shots too. we all know the pollies like the lil boys n girls, thank god for the net, it’s opened a lot of eyes.

    • Aussie Mama

      that was not downeys first stint/try at therapy. he’s tried and failed many a time.
      mel was involved in his battles and life bigtime.

      • justifiable

        “that was not downeys first stint/try at therapy. he’s tried and failed many a time. mel was involved in his battles and life bigtime.”

        Uh, which is exactly what “He’d been in and out of rehab numerous unsuccessful times prior to that.” and “Close friend Gibson supported him and gambled on him and paid for his insurance” means. A+ for comprehension, but are you going to recap and rework every post I make to try to distract from your previous misinformation, now?

    • Aussie Mama

      um yep, hitler was a jew!
      captain cook was definately not the 1ft in australia, let alone discover it, same goes for the lie on who discovered the u.s. we should all be under portugese, or dutch rule, but that’s another debate.
      no one has been to the moon ever.
      fluoride and chlorine should not be in our drinking water, they are poison.
      unimmunised people do not get cancer.
      aids was made in a lab in fort worth texas.
      there is a population control programme.
      9/11 was planned by the u.s goverment, so was the assassination of kennedy and martin luther king.
      global warming is a fraud.
      free energy is available, but violently surpressed.
      priness diana was murdered by the royal family.
      chemtrails are real.
      illuminati are real.
      jon benets parents killed her.
      fema camps are ready to go.
      d.u.m.b.s are real.
      bohemian grove, bilderberg, trilateral commission is real.
      the heads of everything that matters are into satanism, pedophelia etc.
      govenments are cool with human trafficking and it will never stop, as they make too much money from it.
      c.i.a are the biggest cocaine peddlers in the world.
      your vaccinations are poisoned.
      stephen king killed john lennon.
      paul is dead.
      and if you see a spelling error numnuts, it’s because i type a hundred mile an hour and don’t bother reading before i hit submit ok!

  41. Shanna

    see celebs think they are above the law and sadly they are they can easily get away with murder thanks to our law system, we have created monsters with huge ego’s well done humanity gold stars all around!!

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