The State of Lindsay Lohan

July 12th, 2010 // 62 Comments

And now to check in on everyone’s favorite, bespeckled drug addict as she proceeds to fight tooth and nail to not take responsibility for her actions or rehabilitate herself because coke is delicious.

What’s Happening Now:

- She had a new lawyer, then didn’t, almost had Robert Fucking Shapiro, and now she’s stuck with her old one.

- Which is hilarious for both parties because Lindsay is “millions in debt.”

- The court knows she habitually shops for scripts and will ultimately [Insert OD'd celebrity here.] herself.

- But first, a suckle on the ol’ SamRod.

My Advice:

It’s a scientific fact that when two people die the same way, they’ll be together forever on the other side. Heath misses you.

*crosses fingers*

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  1. Mike Iksard


    • me

      seriously, dude? seriously? have u lived under a rock all this time and now just come out? or are u retarded

  2. Captain_Insano

    What a useless cunt.

  3. Lindsay Lohan in a Sports Bra
    Commented on this photo:


    haha, i’ve always wanted to say that.

  4. Lindsay Lohan in a Sports Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    errr… what’s up with that torso? crank bugs?

  5. Drew

    Haha I love the Heath comment.

  6. loser

    I love all the foolish onlookers in the background. Proving (without necessity) Lindsey is a circus freak.

  7. Lindsay Lohan in a Sports Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    Aww, look! Matching sets of cokeheads!

  8. jumpin_j

    At least Heath had a career.

  9. Richard McBeef

    Kurt Cobain misses her.

  10. ZigZagZoey

    Her mother is such a FUCKTARD.
    You can see her pretending in her mind that Lindsay isn’t there and they are just taking pics of her.
    Pretending to be matchy matchy twins…..Yeah, that is so much more important than actually being a mother….

  11. stinky mcpoop

    Coldest Lohan post. Like a swamp cooler in July.

  12. BiJenni

    She just jumped to the top of my celibrity dead pool. This worthless cunt (yes, a gurl said that) will OD before she gets locked up. Bet yer sweet asses on that one!

    • me

      well, even with all the celebs dropping like flies nowadays, i wouldn’t actually give a shit if she did die. might make the world a little bit better off.

  13. Turd Ferguson

    Two haggardly women with way too big a dose of Self-Worth.
    Man they both look SPENT.

  14. If this bitch was any Sally Nobody she’d be in jail already. It’s sad how these “celebrities” can pay their way out of shit or get special privilages.

  15. Lindsay Lohan in a Sports Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    duck lips.

  16. Sugar

    She’s gaining weight. Must be temporarily off the Adderall.

  17. huh?

    Enough already with this cunt!

  18. Lady

    Her bellybutton is so high up… it’s practically touching her boobies.

  19. herbiefrog


    oops… wrong site @ )

  20. Jack Burton

    I swear to baby jesus, if there is another Lohan article on here I’m never coming back. GOOD GOD WHO FUCKING CARES! I didn’t think this was this is 10 times worse than Heidi and Spencer and Britney put together enough WHO CARES

  21. Peter T

    She loves the dyke clit ,that’s for sure. Fitting that the 2 little rug munchers were having sushi. Probably tuna. Maybe with a little cottage cheese on the side

  22. uncle tom

    say what you want her body looks AWESOME. I would love to bang her

  23. Some Girl

    This reminds me of those Ricci Lake, Muary shows where the mom is young and dresses like the teen daughter and parties with her, that is what is going on. Attention whore trying to live through Lindsay. Terrified of her daughter rejecting her so acts like her best friend instead, not a mother.

  24. RasputinsLiver



    The saddlebags on her ass/thighs are hilarious! And the fish lips thing, stull goin’ strong I see.

    Bitch needs Mel Gibson and his fist to come over and spend some “quality” time on her ugly face, beat those freckles the hell off her skanky carcass.


    • Cock Dr

      LiLo would put a stiletto heel in Mel’s skull if he fucked with her.
      Don’t mess with junkies when they’re still relatively young & strong.

      • RasputinsLiver


        She’s a hagged out waste case with no muscle, no conception of reality and a real desire to have a fist in her face.

        If she ain’t tough enough to go to jail for a few weeks, be off the ciggies and meds, and away from munchin’ carpet then she ain’t tough enough to go up against a raging religious zealot alcoholic man with full-tilt crazy in his eyes.

        She’d take one look at Mel comin’ her way and she’d beg Judge Revel to let her go to jail STAT.

      • FattyFatty2x4

        what’s the registered name in your household?
        I gotta see if he/she is as witty, thought provoking, salacious, and just plain yummy as you.

      • Cock Dr

        Fatty, you have put me in the blush.
        I wonder why the site ate my reply to R. Liver?

      • FattyFatty2x4

        I’d like to put you in my basement

      • Cock Dr

        It wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as you probably imagine.
        I eat a lot, & would want to redecorate.

      • FattyFatty2x4

        I’m fine with redecorating as long as you don’t touch my dolls.
        It takes so damn long to blow them up.

  25. Cock Dr

    Fair points. But I’ll still back the ginger.
    Fingernail claws, oversized designer handbag loaded with studs & buckles & crap, pointy toed stilettos. It would be like fighting a wasp’s nest.
    I’d pay good money to see that shit.

    • FattyFatty2x4

      I have sensed a wee bit more anger from you recently.
      What’s up, Doc?

      • Cock Dr

        Maybe it’s this Mel Gibson thang.
        I must put “The Year of Living Dangerously” at the top of our Netflix queue, & try to just get over it.

      • FattyFatty2x4

        when u say “our”, do you mean you and me?
        a boy can dream, no?

    • RasputinsLiver

      Ok, dude. I’ll concede the insane, no matter how out of shape (as Whorehan is) can really go batshit crazy, mentally AND physically, if for no other reason than their insane-in-the-membrane brain can suddenly pump out the adrenaline.

      Crazy-assed spotted freak bitch’d definitely get in a few licks. Especially if it’s pussy.

      • RasputinsLiver

        …At least for a few minutes until the adrenaline wears off.

        Then she’d be toast as she’d suddenly hit the floor bawling and spasming from withdrawals.

  26. Applesauce

    But Fish, if she dies, what will you write about?

  27. FattyFatty2x4

    Mel Gibson is a single, rich sugardaddy you can meet him at: or

  28. She's FUCKED

    If you want to summarize BLOWhan, several words come to mind. Arrogant, enttiled, alcoholic, stupid, damaged, ignoramus. But the one that stands out the most is DELUSIONAL. She has ZERO chance of having her probation violation sentence overturned or adjusted, as the judge didn’t make any mistakes and was within sentencing limits. Yet, she’ll burn the only attorney relationship she can get, to feed her massive ego in thinking that “the judge did her wrong” & she can get off. She’s stupid, she’s entitled, she’s arrogant and she’s supremely DELUSIONAL. And, based on the fact that she won’t return her attorney’s phone calls, she’s going to get more fucked than she is now. If she wastes the court’s time, the judge can REALLY lower the boom on her; her current sentence could be small compared to what she could get if she pisses off the judge more…

  29. Lindsay Lohan in a Sports Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    Her mother is trying her best to be mistaken for Lindsay…sadly they look pretty close in age.

  30. Wow

    Quit making harsh judgements and statements about someone none of you know, what goes around, comes around.. This woman is out of control she crossed the line and now the law will take care of her punishement. But, none of you should be talking so much crap about this poor woman with fucked up parents that raise her to be a coke addict, childish, unstable, capricious alcoholic !… Now is up to her to prove us she can turn the page and do something good out of her life and become “acceptable” but, does she really have to prove us something ?? we are not her family or anything.. we re just people following her daily misfortune !!!! Her family doesn t even give a shit about her ! i bet her father would love to see her dead so he can release books and mugs with lindsay s face !!! . I can t stand people that laugh at other s misfortune ! … It s really nasty, it shows how miserable your life is guys. Lindsay doesn t seems like an evil woman, done any harm to nobody but herself… Why do you hate her so much ???? !!!! I know… COz you don t have a life !!!!!! and you need a scapegoat or else your miserable life would be unbearable!!!!!

    • RasputinsLiver

      …*sigh*…….oh shut the fuck up….


    • Ketielynn

      You do realize you just did the same thing in re: to her parents and other bloggers that your accusing others of doing to her. I’m assuming you don’t know them personally either.

    • Zlen

      *Yawn. Go to the FREELINDSAY site in twitter or FB or whatever, maybe there what you say will make sense.

      Btw, Just cos we have some time to comment here doesnt mean we dont have a life. we just have the free time to type something in our computer like what you’re doing, smart ass.

  31. captain america

    …….TRASH AT “ELEVEN O’ clock”, folks.

  32. WTF Report

    Oh for fuck’s sake, I thought this sort of shit was gonna be deleted. Hey , Mel – emmywa is a black jew wetback with big fake tits and provocative clothing!

  33. MD

    Lindsay Lohan is worthless…. bad actress, freckle faced (and titted for that matter, pasty skin, dumb as a rock and thinks she matters… I hope she does the full 90 days and gets lesbo raped in jail……

  34. Moonchild_65

    Stupid girl…nice tits.

  35. John Stamos

    I fucked Lilo @ 8 years ago…suck on that extortion court!

  36. hateyoufornoreason

    Her mother is starting to look younger than her.

  37. Paul

    So sad the way Lindsay mom tries to compete with her. Poor thing think she is as young as her daughters. That whole family is sick and trashy. Lindsay’s mom is looking to bag a rich man.

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