There’s The Snappening Now

After The Fappening realized it was leaking pictures of Nick Hogan and shot itself in the face (It’s a working theory.), the time was right for The Snappening, a new hack of SnapChat resulting in over 90,000 photos leaked online yesterday. Except one small problem, besides being illegal as fuck, SnapChat is widely used by kids between the ages of 13 and 17. Whoops. Via The Daily Beast:

This whole episode is of particular worry to Snapchat users since the photo and video messaging service’s claim to fame is that the sent file self-destructs after viewing—not in the Mission: Impossible sense, but that it disappears from one’s mobile device and is scrubbed from Snapchat’s company servers. Because of its “self-destruct” reputation, the app is a popular tool among youngsters for transmitting sexually explicit material. Snapchat claims that 50 percent of its users are between 13-17 years of age, this potentially brings “The Snappening” into child pornography territory.

In SnapChat’s defense, the whole issue allegedly springs from a third-party app called which allowed users to store photos and videos that should’ve been “self-destructed,” according to Business Insider. As for which celebrities were hacked, I honestly have no clue, so I just used Vanessa Hudgens pics because there are always Vanessa Hudgens pics. You could hack a toaster, and her vagina pics would be inside. Spread eagle shots are but the canvas upon which she shares her art.

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Photos: Pacific Coast News