The Situation’s Brother Is a Lady’s Man

And it begins…

Once these Jersey Shore kids became inevitably famous in a genre populated almost exclusively by giant-ass porn stars pretending to be normal human beings with souls, it was only a matter of time until family members riding the gravy train started making a mess of things. Which is exactly what The Situation’s brother Marc Sorrentino (above) did by refusing to let a woman out of a limo – with baby bro also in it – then threatening to cut her because he works in porn and understands broads. The New York Post reports:

Redino voluntarily accompanied the group of men into a limo, which chauffeured them to an apartment on East 26th Street, sources said.
After hanging out for several hours, they piled back into the limo, but Redino was almost kicked out near the Holland Tunnel, sources said.
Redino allegedly begged to be taken to her Upper East Side apartment as one of the men barked, “You are coming to Jersey.”
As the limo headed to southern New Jersey, Redino allegedly pleaded with the men to let her go, sources said.
Fed up, Marc Sorrentino, who owns a porn company, allegedly insulted Redino while he broke a bottle and put it to her neck, causing minor scratches.
Redino managed to get out of the limo in Howell, NJ, and called 911, sources said.

BITCH HAD IT COMING! — Oh, wait, I actually have sex with women.

But, seriously, how pissed must The Situation be? Here’s a guy trying to make it in LA and escape his Jersey image, only to have his brother turn around and pretend they’re the goddamn Sopranos. Then again, I’m assuming the presence of intelligence and self-awareness when he probably just went home, stared in the mirror and reminded himself to pick up bronzer in the morning. “You weren’t glistening the most glist tonight, Sitch. That’s why big bro had to cut someone again. Live and learn, aight? *blows kiss*

Photos: WENN