The Situation’s Brother Is a Lady’s Man

November 2nd, 2010 // 62 Comments

And it begins…

Once these Jersey Shore kids became inevitably famous in a genre populated almost exclusively by giant-ass porn stars pretending to be normal human beings with souls, it was only a matter of time until family members riding the gravy train started making a mess of things. Which is exactly what The Situation‘s brother Marc Sorrentino (above) did by refusing to let a woman out of a limo – with baby bro also in it – then threatening to cut her because he works in porn and understands broads. The New York Post reports:

Redino voluntarily accompanied the group of men into a limo, which chauffeured them to an apartment on East 26th Street, sources said.
After hanging out for several hours, they piled back into the limo, but Redino was almost kicked out near the Holland Tunnel, sources said.
Redino allegedly begged to be taken to her Upper East Side apartment as one of the men barked, “You are coming to Jersey.”
As the limo headed to southern New Jersey, Redino allegedly pleaded with the men to let her go, sources said.
Fed up, Marc Sorrentino, who owns a porn company, allegedly insulted Redino while he broke a bottle and put it to her neck, causing minor scratches.
Redino managed to get out of the limo in Howell, NJ, and called 911, sources said.

BITCH HAD IT COMING! — Oh, wait, I actually have sex with women.

But, seriously, how pissed must The Situation be? Here’s a guy trying to make it in LA and escape his Jersey image, only to have his brother turn around and pretend they’re the goddamn Sopranos. Then again, I’m assuming the presence of intelligence and self-awareness when he probably just went home, stared in the mirror and reminded himself to pick up bronzer in the morning. “You weren’t glistening the most glist tonight, Sitch. That’s why big bro had to cut someone again. Live and learn, aight? *blows kiss*

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  1. gogo


  2. Savalas

    Hey, when your job in the business is to fluff gay male pornstars, you don’t have the patience for women when they play hard-to-get.

  3. The ONLY HETERO in this joint

    I’d hit it.

  4. MikieW

    What’s with the right hand with forefinger extended? Some kind of sign?

  5. cheesey

    wow… thats one ugly brother lol

  6. lady jesus

    Both of them look really haggard. The brother has dead eyes.

  7. fuck jersey gay, fuck this society, and fuck you fish for feeding the sheep!!

  8. sasha

    I am so tired of these losers. I’m going somewhere else.

  9. “Just when I thought I was out….they pull me back in.”

  10. bitingontinfoil

    Fug & fuglier!

  11. al


  12. The Situation and Brother Marc Sorrentino
    Commented on this photo:

    They are such gross losers.

  13. Kerri

    those are two of the ugliest guys i have seen in a long time. they look like 60 year olds already! STOP TANNING you freaks!

  14. oops…kidnapping across state lines, with bodily harm, even a scratch…that’s without tacking on the technicalities of assault with a weapon, battery.

    This is gonna get worse before it gets better for the jersey douches.

  15. LOL Kerri. Situation looked bad enough but his brother is even uglier than him. I feel bad for the ladies that log in here having to look at guys like that….

    • Kerri

      i only come on for the witty banter ; )

    • the only opinion that matters

      Okay, in my last post I was trying to be a nicer human being, but I am done with all that shit. Those are two fugly dudes. Why are we woman subjected to such hideousness while you men get big boobs and nipple slips? I demand equal rights, good looking guys with testicle slips, nah, forget that, testicles are ugly, how about just good looking guys!? PS Me too Kerri, I only come for the witty banter too, and too see how many people I can get all riled up.

      • Uhh wait a minute ladies: Are you NOT reading the posts here? Every post involving anything female is immediately met with a hail of:
        * She’s fat!
        * Horseface
        * She’s fat!
        * add your insult here….

        According to every pretend hetero male here (See above.) every single post involving the female form at the Superficial is ugly ugly ugly. Christ: It’s gotten so ridiculous that I feel like the ONLY HETERO in this Joint….oh…wait…a minute…..why yes, yes I AM!

      • The ONLY HETERO in this joint


    • Cock Dr

      Thank you for your sympathy Mr. Squid.
      This is one of the ugliest men I have ever seen posted. If the story is true that ugly goes right down to the bone.

      • Sheena

        It wouldn’t be so bad if — wait-a-minnit, yes it would! These guys are fugs of the first degree! That brother looks older than my grandfather.

  16. ishi-san

    The Situation makes me laugh. I am so happy he is on public display. It’s like watching a car crash – you want to but you can’t look away.

  17. Turd Ferguson

    So apparently its a FAMILY of guido douchebags.

  18. The Situation and Brother Marc Sorrentino
    jim x
    Commented on this photo:

    Howell, NJ is, of course, near the Jersey Shore and a good 60 miles out of New York.

    This douche is a douche.

  19. gross

    i hate it when guys pose for pictures looking at the camera like they think they’re hot shit… don’t they realize how fucking stupid they look? And I hope the one on the left is supposed to be the older one, because he looks like it, and he also looks like he’s having a mid life crisis

    • Lady Blah Blah

      They don’t realize how stupid they look because 1) they are too stupid to realize how stupid they look and 2) the appearance of positive reinforcement they get via the media leads them to believe that they’re hot shit.

      • Yes and it has absolutely nothing to do with The Situation being rewarded to the tune of $5 million PLU a year in projected earnings. No I mean why would a guy think he was hot shit with that bankroll thanks to what passes as popular culture nowadays!

        On a related note: Lady Blah they can’t all dress like the Waffen SS and take your breath away….

  20. Cher X

    Butt. Ugly. Boys.

  21. chopchop

    Awwww, they’re wearing matching bulbous noses.

  22. chuck d


  23. Rough skills & power tools

    Of course Calibos cuts women…Either you love him or leave him alone…

  24. BENWAW


    • Lady Blah Blah

      The same reason some (thankfully it’s only some) men are so stupid to be attracted to assholes like Kim Kardashian, JWoww, and Heidi Montag.

      • Oh come on excuse me for liking my women to look like women Lady Blah – they can’t all look like Sam Ronson. Or female concentration camp guards.

      • Lady, CRAP!!! I’m attracted to KK and JWoww and I’m not stupid … perverted and slightly twisted maybe, but not stupid …. ya can’t compare Kim K, Montag, or JWoww to these two douches. A more appropriate comparison would be Coco and Snookie …

      • Lady BB c’mon now that’s a little harsh. Kim K, Montag and JWoww have physical attributes that are attractive. These two are fugly idiots. I think a more apt comparison would be the two douches compared to Coco and Snookie.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        Sam Ronsen, a walking Q-Tip that smells like it’s been dipped in juice drained form a can of tuna.

        Female concentration camp guards, how nice of Hollywood to humanize the Bitch of Buchenwald via Kate Winslet’s character in The Reader. Some things really are unforgivable, such as the Nazis and Kim Kardashian’s ass.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        HETERO, I passed by the local synagogue while out walking the other night, and on the step was an older man rocking himself and saying over and over, “How could G-d let this happen? How could G-d let this happen?” I stopped and said, “I did a semester in Holocaust studies, it’s shattering.” He stopped muttering and rocking and he looked up at me. “Holocaust shmolocaust. I’m asking how G-d could let a woman have an ass as horrible as the ass on that Kardashian shiksha.”

    • Lady – with material like that it’s just a damn shame you came along AFTER Vaudeville…
      I can just see you now taking a shot at Fanny Brice (Literally.).

      • Lady Blah Blah

        Dante, you’re right: Coco and Snookie are a better (and fairer) comparison. Montag isn’t terrible, and as for Kardashian, some men share Sir Mix-a-Lot’s desire for big butts. (Best calamari I ever had at Little Joe’s in SF.)

  25. damn, that floppy-pussy face runs in the fam

  26. The Situation and Brother Marc Sorrentino
    Commented on this photo:


  27. The Situation and Brother Marc Sorrentino
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, so fucking handsome…..

    (puking sound)

  28. anonym

    if you didn’t know they were brothers, you’d think they were a gay couple.

    the photos look very homosexual

  29. I am looking for a man they call……Bucho!

  30. Cardinal Fang

    These guys personify “Dooshes”

    A man with a little tiny head should not work out so much.

  31. wim

    cut the crap: AN AN*S IS JUST A HOLE…………

  32. Burt

    I’ve seen the women he hooks up with on his show…I’m not impressed.

  33. Janice Marie

    The fact that The Situation calls ANY woman a grenade, is the very definition of irony,

  34. The Situation and Brother Marc Sorrentino
    Commented on this photo:

    His bro is even older than he is! how pathetic.

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