The Situation Wasn’t In Rehab, Just An Undisclosed Location Free Of Coke So He Could Rehabilitate

Nope, cocaine had nothing to do with any of these poses.

Posted by Photo Boy

Despite being outed recently as both broke and gay by Snooki – Two things that would drive any closeted vain-glorious moron to dive headfirst into a g-string full of blow. – The Situation, through his rep and Twitter, has denied claims that he’s been in rehab for the past few weeks. TMZ reports:

A rep for the Situation just contacted TMZ to say they are not confirming that Mike is in rehab … just that he “has spent the past several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule.

There’s nothing more exhausting than living at the beach, getting hammered and nailing skanks for millions of dollars a year. I can’t believe he doesn’t have to roll an IV drip around with him. Grueling career requirements notwithstanding, The Situation has agreed to the next season already.

MTV EXEC: So we’d love to have you back this season.
SITUATION: I’m really exhausted, you guys, you’re gonna to have to sweeten the deal.
MTV EXEC: Vinny will bang you.
SITUATION: Where do I sign?

Photo: Splash News