UPDATE: The Situation Just Quit ‘Jersey Shore’

July 7th, 2011 // 87 Comments

And the Baby Gap just got itself a new T-shirt model.

According to several photo agencies, these are apparently shots of The Situation storming off the set of Jersey Shore Wednesday afternoon and telling photographers, “It’s over,” and “Say goodbye to the bad guy.” Unlike when Vinny quit, producers haven’t immediately sold a statement to TMZ, so this could end up being bullshit, or MTV is stuffing a Lambo full of Creatine and hookers as we speak. In the meantime, if you ever wanted to know what Jersey looks like, you’re going to want to check out the crowd of “women” following The Situation as he throws his hissy fit and mugs for the cameras. Even more disturbing, half of them are 13, making their parents look exactly one step above Casey Anthony.

DAD: Whatchoo do doday?
DAUGHTER: Fallowed dat muscle guy from da TV.
DAD: Da one on dat show wit da warthog lookin’ bitch? Whazzer name? Snooki?
DAUGHTER: Yeah, dat’s da one.
DAD: Inchresting. Why don’tchoo go on in da kitchen and bring daddy his duct tape?

UPDATE: And he’s back in the house because apparently steroids make you an unpredictable, whiny bitch. Who knew?

Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, WENN


  1. D-chi

    I kind of hope it’s not true. As much of a tool as he is, he’s iconic now. Against all odds.

  2. Colin

    I dunno, I think the Situation might be the warthog looking bitch.

  3. DogBoy

    If you leave the show… how many seconds will it take until you are irrelevant?

  4. Just a California Guy

    The next Bachelor anyone?

  5. Gene

    Naw, he has big plans. He and Casey Anthony are now free (almost), unemployable, and getting together. Someone told them that two negatives make a positive…and these losers bought it. I can see it now – “Hey YO! My bitch pregnant, and she be buyin duct tape! What up, YO?”"

  6. hH

    that face… yikes!!

  7. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Commented on this photo:

    Good Lord! What the hell is wrong with his fingers?

    • antoine bugleboy

      It’s the price he pays for reaching up in there and finding Pauly D’s G-spot – YEAH BUDDY!!

  8. Elf

    “What do you mean scissors don’t cut rock? This is now a sad Situation!”

  9. Kat

    He has to be the ugliest guy ive ever seen..

    • Facebook Me

      A friend of mine ran into him at the shore and said he is short with a lot of pimples on his face. GROSS!

  10. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Doc Schweinstrudel
    Commented on this photo:

    wow, where are their parents?

  11. The world must need the talents of a backwards hat wearing douchbag more than Jersey. Godspeed, you talented monkey.

  12. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Commented on this photo:

    Come on now, give Jersey some credit… we have better looking underage tail than that

  13. hobo killer

    His nose looks like a huge dong. What’s worse, his sister looks just like him! True story.

  14. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Hey Hick Fuck You
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like that “muscle head” let himself go a bit.

  15. Helena Handbasket

    I’m ashamed to admit he makes me wet.

  16. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Commented on this photo:

    The one in the black and the one in the red already have beer bellies :S

  17. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Commented on this photo:

    My favorite is the fat one in red making duck lips.

  18. Not Long

    Funny, he’s wearing a wife beater under his t-shirt. Only in Jersey would someone wear an undershirt under an undershirt….

  19. Facebook Me

    Good! Do us ALL the favor and sink into oblivion!

  20. Deacon Jones

    Does anyone else think this guy is butt ugly?

    I mean, seriously, look at him.

  21. cc

    In a stunning refutation of Charles Darwin I give you…Jersey.

  22. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Commented on this photo:

    that fat bitch in the background inexplicably pisses me off

  23. Ok.. otoh.. those jokes he bombed at whatever roast that was (Trump?), they were pretty goddamn funny. (The jokes, obviously not the delivery.) Before we total his ass.. did he write them, or was it someone at CC?

  24. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Commented on this photo:

    Why are half of those girls making the Snooki-face?

  25. Seriously he can’t leave the Jersey Shore is his life now. He can’t act, rap, dance, or tell fucking jokes right. What the hell does he think he’s gonna do.

  26. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Commented on this photo:

    The father of the girl in red has to be questioning the life decisions he made that reduced his daughter to simulating a beej at the front of The Situation’s walkout entourage.

  27. Gary

    Fish, if I may, it’s pronounced “Innerestin” in Jerseyese, slurred together in one idiot syllable. “Inchresting” is how Colonel Klink would pronounce it, I think.

  28. Judy W

    I don’t get what these guys are doing; doing they realize their careers won’t survive without being seen on the Jersey Shore? The situation is creating clothing lines, lines of polarized sunglasses for men that are similar to the aviator style, and rakes in millions in appearance fees and endorsements. Walk off the set and kiss it all goodbye!

  29. Deacon Jones

    I mean, why would he quit the show?

    Look at the tail he’s getting from it, like Ms Melted Plastic Face here (1st pic, on right of shoulder). He’s crazy.

  30. DOucHe BaGELs

    Gandalf vs. a Terminator

    Who you got?

  31. the captain

    agree: CUT THE MORONS!!!

  32. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    General Patton
    Commented on this photo:

    The fat bitch is in the foreground. What an ugly mofo.

  33. Queequeg

    One less douchebag.

  34. Jesus Beard

    What the fuck is wrong with his fingers? If he wants to pursue an acting career, he could star in an E.T. remake as a stunt double.

  35. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Commented on this photo:

    fuck me. how old is this guy? he looks 40.

  36. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Commented on this photo:

    Motel Park n Lock. That is all.

  37. He’s just going to visit his old man. Sometimes youtube can’t replace a hug from dad.

  38. Donald Trump

    As ugly as this dude is….I’d still let him blow a load of baby-batter all up in my azz.

  39. Balou

    I thought MTV recently announced that they were going to change the cast after the 5th season anyway? Maybe this is just their way of going out with drama?

    • Richard McBeef

      I heard that the next step in MTV’s evolution was to switch to a 24/7 format consisting entirely of close up scenes of fecal matter actually passing through the anuses of various people and animals. Oh, and reruns of the Hills.

  40. Venom

    Good, these fucking idiots are almost done.
    Now all that is left is the Kardashians and the world might be alright again.

  41. slappy magoo

    So he’s gone from being on Jersey Shore to looking like Pauly Shore? Know what that’s called? “Lateral transition.”

  42. Napoupi


  43. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    No loss … and cancel the shit show!

  44. Kamrynne

    GRENADE ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!! I could NOT fuck him on a dare w /a 5th of Jack ..

  45. He’s going to move full time into the lucrative career of energy drink commercials.

  46. I think he’d make a shit ton of money in infomercials, considering his demographic.

  47. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Commented on this photo:

    he looks like crap anyway maybe they can put another hot guy in his place lol

  48. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    Commented on this photo:

    excuse me sir, do you have a permit for your statutory rape parade?

  49. The Situation Quit Walked Off Set
    552-J. Wennerstrom
    Commented on this photo:

    Since MTV sucks, and letting go of the cast members, this show isn’t no gamer, wasn’t the favor.

  50. Donald Trump

    Do you think his jizz tastes like butterscotch?

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