The Situation Is Broke

In a new interview with, Snooki talks about her future as a veterinarian (Why not?) and in the process reveals that The Situation is already broke which probably explains why he was last seen shilling haute couture lollipops. I’m kidding, of course, the man loves designing confectioneries. You should see his truffles. Ta die for:

GQ: Do you remember the ideal heart rate for a dog?
Snooki: 150. I would love to go back to school and get my vet tech license. I loved the teachers at my school, I’d go there. It’s small, they have a great vet tech program and it’s cheap.
GQ: But you have money now!
Snooki: I don’t care. My entire outfit is probably like 50 bucks total.
GQ: So what do you spend your money on?
Snooki: I save it. Jersey Shore is going to end soon. I’m not going to spend money like Mike [The Situation]. He’s already broke!

So I posted this for two reasons:

1. I needed little pick-me-up this morning. Haha! Ab-face has no money.

2. What better way to highlight the new Zoom feature in the galleries than this jamoke’s face? You literally have to squeegee the grease off your monitor when you’re done. In fact, I already slipped walking over to get some coffee, so skid-resistant shoes today, everybody. Skid-resistant shoes.

Photos: Splash News