The Situation: ‘I’m Like Clark Kent. Whenever I’m Not Superman.’

Sorry to hit you guys with two Jersey Shore posts in one day, but watching massive egos being handed a soapbox is my crack. This time around, ABC Nightline sat down with The Situation who proceeded to go on a tangent about how his natural talents are far greater than that of mortal men – not counting the cucumber stuffed in his pants. They’re rich in Vitamin A, you guys:

On being more than just the abs:
“I work very hard on my body, and I’m not just known for my six-pack or my body. I also believe that I have pretty good camera presence. … Those one-liners, those are not practiced. They just come out naturally.”

On playing a character:
“It is a part of my personality, but not the full circle. That character that you see is ‘The Situation.’ It’s not Michael Sorrentino. You’re seeing ‘The Situation,’ almost like Clark Kent and Superman.”

On his future with Jersey Shore:
“I was very upset and, and contemplated — not necessarily retiring from reality TV, but possibly retiring from ‘Jersey Shore,’. I give ‘Jersey Shore’ exactly what it needs, okay?”

Yes, please, let this guy quit Jersey Shore to finally become the superstar years preening in front of the mirror has told him he is. Because there’s no way MTV could find five random nobodies, shove them in a beach house and suddenly have a hit show on their hands. Just the mere thought of it is dumb on its face. They might as well cancel the whole network.

Photos: Splash News