The Situation Sued His Dad

Last week, The Situation’s dad, Frank Sorrentino, released a series of YouTube videos that were supposed to be scathing tell-alls into the real life of his son, but were mostly hilariously-told anecdotes from a stereotypical car salesman who desperately wants you to think he’s in the mob. Regardless, steroid use shrinks your testicles, so naturally The Situation went crying to court and begged for his old man to stop talking about the time he failed a history report on Poland which was literally one of the videos. TMZ reports:

According to the suit filed Monday in federal court in Miami … Mike Sorrentino claims his pop, Frank Sorrentino, is illegally using his name and likeness all over his website,
Mike also insists his dad is actively trying to damage his business reputation — by posting anti-Situation videos and statements all over the site.
… Mike is asking a judge to stop his father from using his name and likeness on the website ASAP. He also wants unspecified damages.

Of course, Frank Sorrentino is from the “old neighborhood” and solves problems with his hands and a shotgun to the face, so clearly he’s not just going to back down from this like all those times with The Bop, Charlie Moose, Henry Moose, Little Tony, Ant’ney Prosciutto, Bobby DellaSasquatchio, Cleft Lip Vinny Cleft from around the corner, Ricotta, Parmesan, Asiago, Mozzarella, other Italian cheese names. Except, just kidding, he folded the site under already. TONY SOPRANO STYLE, BITCH! *fires Tommy gun into the air, kisses Photo Boy on the lips* I know it was you, Fredo.

Photo: Splash News