The Situation Sued His Dad

May 17th, 2011 // 61 Comments

Last week, The Situation‘s dad, Frank Sorrentino, released a series of YouTube videos that were supposed to be scathing tell-alls into the real life of his son, but were mostly hilariously-told anecdotes from a stereotypical car salesman who desperately wants you to think he’s in the mob. Regardless, steroid use shrinks your testicles, so naturally The Situation went crying to court and begged for his old man to stop talking about the time he failed a history report on Poland which was literally one of the videos. TMZ reports:

According to the suit filed Monday in federal court in Miami … Mike Sorrentino claims his pop, Frank Sorrentino, is illegally using his name and likeness all over his website,
Mike also insists his dad is actively trying to damage his business reputation — by posting anti-Situation videos and statements all over the site.
… Mike is asking a judge to stop his father from using his name and likeness on the website ASAP. He also wants unspecified damages.

Of course, Frank Sorrentino is from the “old neighborhood” and solves problems with his hands and a shotgun to the face, so clearly he’s not just going to back down from this like all those times with The Bop, Charlie Moose, Henry Moose, Little Tony, Ant’ney Prosciutto, Bobby DellaSasquatchio, Cleft Lip Vinny Cleft from around the corner, Ricotta, Parmesan, Asiago, Mozzarella, other Italian cheese names. Except, just kidding, he folded the site under already. TONY SOPRANO STYLE, BITCH! *fires Tommy gun into the air, kisses Photo Boy on the lips* I know it was you, Fredo.

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  1. Doesn’t footage of you finger-blasting Snooki in the hot tub sort of disqualify you from suing anyone for defamation of character?

  2. slappy magoo

    From the people who thought “Sh!t My Dad Says” was funny, comes “Dad the Sitch Sued.”

  3. umm

    that arm looks fucking ridiculous

  4. Jersey Shore Florence
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that smoke coming from his cologne, or did he think to hard?


    He must really have anger issues. His heads about to explode!

  6. fartbucket

    so how long until The Situation spin-off featuring Daddy dearest as the main protagonist hits the air? really though. summer filler or new for the fall?

  7. The Critical Crassness

    I see a future on Jerry Springer for the Sorrentino Familia…should make for a great show, especially when Uncle Vinnie brings the “Problem Solver” out of the violin case and opens fire!

  8. “…damage his business reputation?” Is he afraid this will hurt the valuation of his corporate IPO? …afraid that his stand up comedy career will be hurt? The guy is LITERALLY a professional douchebag…and he wants to sue his dad for making him look like a douchebag? That’s called “promoting” not “damage”

  9. The Lord Almighty

    What a hideous, roidy, pimple faced douchelette.

  10. Rivernegypt

    How is it the gubment hasn’t investigated this pumped up idiot since they are supposedly so worried kids will emulate their “heroes” (Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong????) and juice?

  11. I’d like to sue his dad’s penis for getting this whole thing started in the first place.

  12. Venom

    Uggh, hate these losers so much, especially this tool.
    He has to be at least 10 years older than he claims, he looks like he is almost 50.

  13. Bill

    It’s good that this added stress hasn’t caused him to lose any definition in those women’s child’s dainty forearms of his.

  14. Jersey Shore Florence
    Al Timeter
    Commented on this photo:

    Big belt? Check! Big purse? Check! Big hat? Check! Big sunglasses? Check! Big hair? Check! Big cleavage? Check (and kudos)! My cock rings in her ears? CHECK!

  15. Jovy

    See what happens when you give money to degenerates…

  16. Amy

    That video about the Poland project just makes him look like a terrible father. He admits that he did all of his son’s school projects and that he taught a child that Poland is a shit country with bad food. Great job, pop.

  17. Bob

    What’s with those freaky-skinny forearms?!

  18. Jersey Shore Florence
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d go with the latter.

  19. Jersey Shore Florence
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    How OLD is he really?!

  20. Jersey Shore Florence
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    WTF is wrong with her stomach???? tummy tuck?

  21. Dave Mustaine

    What are you talking about? Mikes dad Frank is the real deal. I heardhim say that he takes care of business with his own hands on one of these videos. He even owns John Gotti’s biography and knows all about the Gambino family. He even ate at a veal place in the Bronx that Gotti use to eat at. He also has a piece of Gotti’s hair in a ziplock back stored in his safe. He also owns all the Soprano DVDs.

  22. Ponkur

    I can’t get over how fucking hilarious his arms are!

  23. right

    He threatened his father with a “law suit” via email. Hope he’s not representing himself. Cause when you can’t spell it, doubt you can carry it out. Fuckin douche

  24. Problem?

    Wow I knew he was disproportionate, but never realized just how bad! How does one’s arms get to look like that? I have a hard time believing from the gym. After all, steroids are not his prerogative!

    He reminds me a little of Christian the cake boy from Clueless in that picture.

  25. s'up bitches

    What is up with this asshole. All he must work are his tri’s. Didn’t somebody tell him that chest work can also help your tri’s and bi’s? He actually did a workout video once. People will watch anything.

  26. the captain

    ………………it’s all in the family.

  27. Jersey Shore Florence
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    Busted ass troll

  28. Jersey Shore Florence
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    The Situation must shop at Douche Lord and Taylor.

  29. Jersey Shore Florence
    Snooki Lover
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    Many thanks for the Snooki pics!

  30. Caroline


  31. Jersey Shore Florence
    Commented on this photo:

    Does no one notice the sickening massive bulge that is his upper arm?!? It looks disgusting, the tiny little forearm and then a bulbous tumor looking upper arm D=

    • buongustaio

      was exactly thinking the same! looks disgusting!! whats the point in working out that hard if youre eventually totally wasting your body harmony??!! =S

      • Ur_Moms_Pink_Taco

        You two are clearly missing the point, this douche knew the camera was there and was trying to flex his tricep, I mean look at the indented elbow. Fu**ing waste of life…

        and I agree with above though, look at the pudge in the middle, taking all that creatine and supplements… when you stop, bitch tits and a gut

  32. the man

    Looks like he only works out from his elbow to his shoulder.

  33. AA

    Damnit! Read the title too quickly and thought it said “The Situation Found Dead”.

  34. Herman the Kid

    Is that cigarette smoke or the noxious fog of too much Drakkar Noir?

  35. Jersey Shore Florence
    It had to be said
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    I’d really hate myself when I got finished nailing her and blew on her rack. I’d feel terrible.

  36. Kamrynne

    How about suing his dad for producing a colossal douche bag,

  37. Why does he constantly look like he’s having an allergic reaction to some kind of bee sting, or shellfish?

  38. the situation is mean it’s not like he hasn’t shown more embrassing things on the jersey shore. he’s a horrible son.

  39. Jersey Shore Florence
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    ugly slut!

  40. Jersey Shore Florence
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    nice tattoo, but man is she skinny

  41. Jersey Shore Florence
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    Definitely tummy tuck!! wasn’t sure till this picture

  42. Louie

    why did he sued his dad? for having a dick face? This is a real New Yorker speaking!

  43. kd


    I’ve seen JS like..5 times, and this guy is an idiot :/

  44. thespiral

    Don’t demons start billowing smoke and burst into flames when you put a crucifix on them? Just sayin’.

  45. Jersey Shore Florence
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    Damn, Jwoww is still hot.

  46. Jersey Shore Florence
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    She lost more weight? body looks great, but her skin is aging fast.

  47. Jersey Shore Florence
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    i used to think she had a tummy tuck… but now i think she got her newer implants inserted into her by putting them through the bellybutton and up her stomach. it’s a really strange process if you watch a video of it being done.

  48. wow Mike! like 4real.nobody cares about you!
    you have killer abs,but you a spotlight hogger.
    u make me sick
    u alwayz make nothing into something
    ps.go get a TAN! you looking kinda vampire-ish

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