The Situation Wouldn’t Pay His Dad’s Medical Bills

He will, however, lift up his shirt with the charisma of a day-shift stripper. Close enough.

Yesterday, videos featuring The Situation’s dad Frank Sorrentino finally came to people’s attention after a week of sitting on YouTube, and long story short, his main thesis is “Fuck the little fuck.” Literally. While Frank made it clear that his main issue was Mike, a.k.a. The Situation, not loaning his old man a check, TMZ now reports that The Situation wouldn’t help his dad with his medical bills even though Frank promised to pay him back. Keep in mind the source is a “business associate” of Frank’s, so just assume it was him trying not saying the word “youse” along with 500 ham-fisted allusions to being in the Mafia:

One of Frank Sorrentino’s business associates tells TMZ, Frank had asked Sitch for some help making his monthly medical insurance payments recently — and the “Jersey Shore” star flat out refused.
According to sources, The Situation not only said no — but told his dad to “move to Florida and go on welfare.”
We’re told Frank was pretty adamant about repaying his son anyway — using money from a business deal they allegedly made to develop real estate in NYC … but the Sitch never gave him a chance.

I love how Frank’s brilliant revenge is to go on YouTube and basically talk about how his son is so built women had to blow him in their office. Because that’ll learn ‘em. Maybe next he can start tweeting how The Situation’s penis shoots nothing but Louis Vuitton handbags and diamond earrings. Then again, I don’t know if a guy who’s probably going to be outed as nothing more than a district manager for TJ Maxx is ready to go that “old school.” Might not have the stugots, know what I mean?

Photo: Getty