The Situation Booed Off Stage at Donald Trump Roast

March 10th, 2011 // 94 Comments

Not realizing he was only invited so the real comedians had more material than just a bad toupee, The Situation actually attempted to tell jokes at last night’s Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump only to be booed off stage, according to the LA Times:

The Situation went up to the microphone, wearing Aviator sunglasses, and proceeded to bomb all over the place. His jokes were so bad that one Comedy Central exec suggested that most of his act might be cut from the final broadcast of the roast, which airs March 15.
“The Sitch,” as he’s called, deadpanned to Cummings, “I actually wouldn’t call you a grenade because you won’t be blowing up anytime soon.” (Buh-dum-bum!) He told Snoop Dogg that he and Trump had a lot in common because Trump owned a lot of property and Snoop’s ancestors were property. (Snoop did not appear amused.) Before long, the audience began to boo so loudly that comedian Jeffrey Ross, who’s been at this so long he’s known as the Roastmaster General, had to interject into the act to try to save the Situation, who’d already claimed he shared one quality with Ross: “This is my first night doing comedy.”
“It’s also your last,” Ross responded, to overwhelming applause.

While the rest of the roasters took shots at Doucheface McAbstein of Dateraper Valley, probably the best one came from Snoop Dogg who apparently doesn’t enjoy jokes about being a slave, so who knows what that’s all about:

Snoop pretended to mistake the Situation for Snooki, “I’m sorry,” he said, “all white people who act black look the same to me.”

At that point, I like to believe the microphone burst into flames as the announcer from NBA Jam yelled “BOOMSHAKALAKA!” over the PA system. Otherwise, let’s all agree God is dead. I don’t know how else you interpret that.

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  1. Fucking awesome. I hope they leave him in there just enough to let Snoop’s comment it in too.

    • I can’t help but feel that kind of loss and disappointment that comes when events unfold that COULD have been epic, but just missed the mark. If only Snoop had walked over an punched “Sitch” in the face over and over, screaming in coherent rage about “belittling his slave ancestors”.

      That…that would have been just amazing.

      • RoboZombie

        Nah, Snoop took the high ground and schooled this moron.

      • Perhaps a more Michael Richards-esque approach to comedy, eh?

      • suckhole

        Only one problem, Snoop would have gotten the everloving shit beaten out of him. Oh well.

      • cattlemutilation

        While I hate anything to do with Jersey Shore, Snoop can get over it, these roasts are always racist as hell and he has been to enough to know that. What he said about Snoop pales in comparison to 70 percent of the material used during the Flavor Flav roast “he looks like Idi Amin after a three year crack binge on the surface of the sun”.

    • yeah, it’s kind of a win-win, isn’t it?

  2. so sick of him pointing his finger like he’s fuckin elvis. where’s charlie with a machete when you need him!

    • Virgodoll

      hahahahaha, well said

    • Vinny

      the index finger of his right girly hand is all jacked up too: it’s from a little-known injury sustained when he tried to jam it in a dude’s peehole cuz he was drowning in a colossal creampie

      • L.D.

        That joke was a s lame & unfunny as the situation’s performance @ the roast.
        By the way although the situation’s jokes sucked they were not offensive like some people r saying, when it comes to comedy anything goes, racism, murder, rape, etc, etc, if we would’ve been funny nobody would care that he made a racist joke, they do racist jokes on the roasts all the time & they’re funny.

    • ZigZagZoey

      OMG! Bwahaha ~ That was awesome dude!

  3. GoatmealCrisp

    In fairness, the non-comics generally use material written for them. Oh fuck fairness this guy’s the cultural equivalent of a spark in the Hindenburg, I hope they tarred and feathered his syringe marked ass.

  4. Happy Spillmore

    Guidos get booed anywhere they are, except in the slums of Jersey or NY.

    Its no coincidence that the type of women that like them are basically slugs with legs, but dumber.

  5. Rough of carnage

    ♫Muaa, muaa, mauaaaaaaaaa♫

    Even Adolf Hitler can roast trump.

  6. Virgodoll

    I didnt know Snoop was so smooth, totally pwned his ass

  7. Who could have imagined asking “the situation” to be witty and spontaneous for a live recording would turn out poorly? Who produced this thing? Snookie?

  8. Yeh

    I’m not normally a fan of Snoop, but kudos to him.

  9. Deacon Jones

    This fucker’s career is more done than that fucking steak I left on the grill last weekend after passing out.

  10. miz

    HAHAHA this guy must have been sweating harder then a black man trying to read, when snoop was bagging on him!

  11. Ray Sist


  12. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    Commented on this photo:

    Seriously, that dude is not good looking. But at least he has intelligence and wit to fall back on.

    • 138

      No shit! He’s actually a midget and ugly, that plus all of the shitty “style” he have and the brains (or lack of them) make him disgusting. And he claims to have the best abs in America, srs, and they actually look like shit.

      But, what the fuck am I saying, this dude is making millions and I’m almost living on the street.

  13. TheJoaker

    eh. Wasn’t that great of a cutdown. The easiest way to offend anyone is to call them Snookie. No thinking required. Plus I wouldn’t say he acts black. Several other obnoxious stereotypes, yes, but not really black.

    • Anon

      Snoop’s too cool ti watch the show, so he doesn’t know how they behave. He probably just based his statement off of having observed the Situation’s wannabe swagger.

  14. LT

    Seriously, that dude is not good looking. But at least he has intelligence and wit to fall back on.

  15. LEB

    I actually feel kind of bad for The Sitch. He’s not a bad guy, just kind of a doofus who is somewhat lacking in appropriate social skills. And after all, he’s famous for his abs, not his charisma.

  16. RoboZombie

    This guy set s the Douche bar at a nearly unreachable level.

  17. jake_ryan

    Look at the way this guy stands, particularly when he’s posing/flexing in these photos. He’s closeted gay or definitely bi.

  18. Dalt

    I just love that you put “BOOMSHAKALAKA” in there.

  19. Rough of carnage

    Ghost of Hitler: you know, I got more hair on my sexy stash then Trump got on his head? Hiyoooo

    Ghost of Hitler: No applause, Please. You don’t want to encourage me…

    Ghost of Hitler: Hey Trump? I need a loan. You happen to be Jewish?

    Trump: Why do you want to know, A.H. I am not even allow to speak to you?

    Ghost of Hitler: I question anyone with a gold sink in his house, my friend. Dont get offended…

    Ghost of Hitler: Hey Trump?

    Trump: What?

    Ghost of Hitler: I got some nice property in Austria man…

    • You’re nowhere in the Fish’s league, so don’t even think of quitting your day job. On the other hand, if it happens to be writing equally pathetic material for The Situation, then you’re fucked no matter what.

  20. What? No notches shaved in the eyebrow?

  21. Drew

    To be fair, a black joke on a Roast is hardly anything worth reporting about. Have any of you ever actually watched them? Half the shit that fat fuck Lampanelli says is far worse than that.

  22. They invited “The Sitch” to speak at a Roast? Was Corky not available?

  23. His career is deader than Abe Vigoda’s cock.

  24. El Ron Cupboard

    Take away his HGH and Ed Hardy clothes and he would look like a million other men who used to stand in line waiting for soup back in 1932, or one of the dunces from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. He has the dumbest face I have ever seen.

    • Rhymes with Winning

      You must have missed every single Kendra Wilkinson post ever on this site.
      She looks so stupid, I swear my i.q. drops a few points just looking at her.
      and sadly, as dumb as ‘the situation’ is, he has somehow parlayed his sub human intelligence, below average looks, and his only discernible skill of pointing at his stomach into a 10 million dollar fortune.

      • Jackwad

        No idiot. The “Bitch” didn’t do anything. The Media set him up because he is just what they are looking for: a moron that the other t.v. watching morons can somewhat relate to.
        And nothing more.

        So you think Snooky planned her wealth out as well?

        Why are idiots now millionaires?

  25. Savalas

    That’s odd. I told that same Snoop Dog joke the Grand Kleagles of Southern Idaho Rally last summer and it went over great.

  26. Douche chills, man. Douche chills.

  27. UnShoreFan

    Every time I see this guy’s face it reminds me of the old cartoon Mr Magoo. Those pudgy cheeks and bulbous nose are classic Mr Magoo.

  28. tame

    Guy might be a dick but that property joke was pretty much on a par with most of the shit you get at those roasts, and it’s actually more insulting to trump than snoop if you think about it for more than half a second seeing as it’s basically calling him a slave owner.

    It’s not like the moron actually wrote any of the lines himself anyway, he just got booed because of who he was.

  29. i don't get comedy

    but, wait… snoop dogg probably owns property too

  30. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    G. Finklepuss
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  31. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    G. Finklepuss
    Commented on this photo:

    People that are actually successful don’t have pockets full of crap like this guy. That’s what personal assistants are for.

  32. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    G. Finklepuss
    Commented on this photo:

    What he’s too stupid to realize is that he’s throwing the saggy nutsack version of the “You should be castrasted” sign. Monkey see, monkey do.

  33. Ok, so “The Sitch” isn’t funny, isn’t bright, and is probably a racist…but did he lift up his shirt to show off his belly like a 4 year old girl again?

  34. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    G. Finklepuss
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s with all the air-scissors these douches throw?

  35. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    Commented on this photo:

    does he have a boner?

  36. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    Epitome of “dilemma.” You are in a room with Charlie Sheen and this guy. You have a gun with one bullet.

  37. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    DQ = (I+G) * F

    I = Inches of sidewall scalp
    G = ounces of hair Gel used
    F = average Finger points in an hour
    DQ = Douchy Quotient

    Can’t argue with science.

  38. Yes, “Sitch”, some of Snoop’s ancestors were property, but some of his ancestors raped and pillaged the crap out of your blue-eyed, blond haired ancestors, and because of all that rapin’, you can enjoy a tan.

  39. Aggie

    This made me so happy. I actually watch Jersey Shore (yeah, I know, but it’s enjoyable if you’re in the right frame of mind….and by the right frame of mind I mean really, really high) and you can tell he thinks he’s suuuuuuuper funny. Glad he got put in his place.

  40. That's Retarded

    That’s Retarded

  41. Jackie

    As if that face wasn’t enough, God had to throw a set of backwards-bending, hyper extended knuckles into the already skin-crawlingly gross mess that is The Situation.

  42. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    Commented on this photo:

    weird finger
    is he related to megan fuxks?

  43. the captain

    in case he didn’t know it yet.
    Doneld loves the C*CKS & AN*S of young boy’s!!

  44. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    Commented on this photo:

    Dude looks like pauly shore!!!!! ha ha

  45. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    Commented on this photo:

    Look it s the “retardation”

  46. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
    Commented on this photo:

    DUDE! Whatever you do…. DON’T say anything racist, ok mike? MIKE????

  47. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
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    Too late… Theres a SITUATION

  48. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
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  49. Mike The Situation Sorrentino Donald Trump Roast
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    lol no, I think its just the situation in his pants!

  50. Ray Sist

    What’s with that finger he’s pointing? Looks like a little stiff dick.

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