The Situation Kicked Out Of Apple Store For Cutting In Line

“Yo, girl, whatchoo mean I gotta pay extra for tetherin’?”

A surprising amount of you wrote in about this one, so here’s a story about The Situation getting kicked out of the Apple Store in Vegas presumably during a break from haute couture lollipop design. Via Gizmodo:

The Situation, from the MTV hit freak show Jersey Shore, was apparently trying to get an iPhone 4S from the Apple Store but got kicked out instead. Was the fake tan and hair gel combo smell unbearable? Nope! Sitch foolishly tried to cut the line.
When an Apple Store employee saw Mike up to no good (he’s either killing or making this season of the Shore btw), he told him to GTFO and threw him out.

While it’s no Shia LaBeouf getting mauled by a rotund, shirtless Canadian, picturing The Situation getting bounced by an uppity Apple Store “Genius” is probably the second greatest feel-good story of the day. I swear I don’t start each morning with the intent to make people feel good to be alive, but they should probably start reading today’s posts to talk people off of ledges. Just to be safe. “Kicked out of an Apple Store, huh? Maybe I can deal with my wife sleeping with my brother. Thanks, The Superficial!” (You’re welcome, Fictional Man.)

Photos: Splash News