The Search for Banner Girl… is Hard

Here’s the State of the Banner Girl Address:

Right now I’ve managed to narrow down 600+ photos to around 150 possible Banner Girls. Thanks to the overwhelming, and awesome response, it’s turned out to be more wristback-breaking work than I thought, so the voting process has been moved to tomorrow, Weds. July 7th. In the meantime, I tossed another five on Facebook for your viewing pleasure:

Facebook: The Superficial Banner Girl Contest

As an added bonus to make up for the delay, I also posted a completely different batch of ladies here for everyone on the site to check out. Will some of the girls you’ve seen make it to the Top 20 or will I pick an entirely new harem thanks to my inability to commit to anything for more than 8.5 seconds? Only time will tell…

- The Superficial

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