The Search for Banner Girl: Day 2

As we enter Day 2 of The Superficial Banner Girl Contest, I’m starting to realize a whole lot of models read the site and I should probably start talking about how huge my penis is more often. (Read: MASSIVE.) On that note, I’ve added to the Facebook gallery five new ladies vying to be the siren that seduces wayward Internet travelers to my words:

Facebook: The Superficial Banner Girl Contest

In the meantime, if you’re not seeing your pic pop up here or on Facebook, don’t get discouraged. I have a little something planned for later in the week, so don’t be afraid to make like Jillian up top. Sure, maybe she didn’t exactly follow that crazy rule about taking a side-profile shot, but see how that didn’t stop me from posting her pic? I’m chivalrous that way.

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P.S. Shannon Richards, seriously. THROW DOWN.

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