The Rock Was Talking About Vin Diesel, Vin Diesel Is The Candy Ass

In an uncharacteristic move, The Rock called out his male Fast 8 co-stars for being unprofessional candy asses on Instagram late Monday, which sent the internet into a tizzy because there’s no fucking way he wasn’t talking about Vin Diesel. It was Vin Diesel. TMZ reports:

Production sources tell TMZ … when the Rock went nuts on social media Monday night, claiming certain male co-stars were not stand up guys and too “chicken s***” to confront him … he was referring to Vin.
We’re told The Rock has butted heads with Vin during the production, in part because V.D. is a producer and has made decisions that didn’t sit well with the former wrestling champ.
Our sources say The Rock and Vin had a meeting on the Atlanta set mid-day Tuesday … partly because tensions were running so high it was almost impossible to shoot scenes. We do not know if they resolved their issues.

The Superficial has obtained an exclusive transcript of that meeting:

ROCK: Look, Vin, I know you’ve been here from the start, and I don’t want to disrespect the house you built. But they don’t just bring me into these things for the fun of it. I’m franchise Viagra, brotha. I’m getting done what you can’t.

VIN: Blablo… Blybate Blablo…

ROCK: Bloblo? What the hell’s Bloblo? How do you get paid to talk?

VIN: Blablo. BLABLO! Blybate bim…

ROCK: Vin, what is Blablo?

VIN: My bruva… Blybate my bruva…

ROCK: Dammit. Are you talking about Paul again? He’s gone, Vin. That wasn’t your fault.

VIN: BLABLO! Blybate him…

ROCK: You bait him?

VIN: *points at mouth* Bate. Bate!

ROCK: You ate him? He died in a car accident, Vin. Car. Ac-ci-dent.

VIN: Den whose bwood biddis?

ROCK: *sniffs* JonBenet? *sniffs again* JonBenet Ramsey? My God, it’s been you all along…

VIN: Not Blablo?

ROCK: No, Vin. Not Bloblo.

VIN: Yayyyy!

(True story.)

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