The New Punisher Trailer is Like STOMP With Guns

Because today is pretty much the most boring day in gossip since Farrah Abraham got her vagina rejuvenated, we’re going to keep rolling on this trailer thing. This one is for Netflix’s new Punisher series and it looks pretty cool… especially if you’re into MMA and maybe served in the army at some point. I don’t know what it is about Jon Bernthal, but he just really has that demographic’s iconography nailed down. So crack yourself a monster energy drink and check out this trailer.

If you’re into video editing, this is actually one of the most impressively edited trailers I have ever seen. It’s kind of like STOMP, except you won’t see any tap dancing, floor sweeps, or oil drum solos; instead they matched a bunch of action sequences to Metallica and the machine gun fire is literally Lars Ulrich’s double bass kicks. That’s kind of neat!