The New ‘Justice League’ Poster Looks AWESOME

Another day, another reminder that The Justice League will be out soon and that Ben Affleck is sorry that he grabbed that lady’s boob. As if the unfinished CGI in the dumpster fire that was the trailer wasn’t enough to convince me that the studio is already packing it in to just wash their hands of this movie, a new poster was just released that looks like they gave an intern the keys to the editing suite.

I guess someone insisted on using a Nintendo Power Glove to do the light shading around Cyborg’s face because it literally looks like they just dragged and dropped that sucker right in there and called it a day. Also, did you know that Aquaman comes from the ocean?? Just in case you forgot, there’s unnatural and inexplicable water splooshing up all around him to remind you.

I’m honestly pretty proud of my attempt at a better Justice League poster; I used the shapes function in Microsoft Word. It’s kind of got this Life of Pablo vibe to it that makes it mysterious and volatile. I also left out Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Cyborg, but I added a smiley face and a tiny picture of Barack Obama… I’d see that movie.

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