The Most Important People on The Internet: Volume 7

December 18th, 2010 // 66 Comments

Welcome to the seventh installment of The Most Important People on The Internet which might as well be called, “Every Single Coco Pic From Friday Plus Some Other Shit.” In the meantime, this will be the last Saturday posting of these babies until the New Year. (Volumes 8 and 9 drop on Mondays.) Unless, of course, Santa wants to stick around and slap this thing together for me Christmas morning. But, no, “Wah, bringing toys to all the boys and girls is so hard.” Trying waking up at noon to copy and paste penis jokes next to Chelsea Handler‘s face, you fat bastard. God, nobody has any work ethic anymore.

And now I nap,

- The Superficial

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  1. MST

    Can’t stand this vapid be-atch Paltrow. For one thing, she always looks like shes’ going to cry and yes, I’m still annoyed that this mediocre (but very well-connected) actress won the Oscar in 1998 (Angela Bassett wuz ROBBED)! Most of her movies tank, and yet she’s starring in another one playing a country singer. Yeah, right, rich, privileged trust fund babies really know about the pain, loss, and longing in country music. Gwen, go home, we don’t want to hear you sing, or watch you act, or see you at ALL!

    • I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how pissed I was to see she did a country music movie… I guarantee every scene conveys only one emotion…. “I am Gwyneth and I am better than this movie”.

  2. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
    Commented on this photo:

    LOL Oh my. That’s so wrong!

  3. Ryan Reynolds
    Commented on this photo:

    Is he wearing makeup?

  4. Kardashian Christmas Card
    Commented on this photo:

    The Adams’ Family?

  5. herbiefrog

    you do realise that it won’t really be x,mas

    without a post n pics about our linds : ))

    cumon fish…be prepared… : ))

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