The Most Important People On The Internet: Volume 5.13

Welcome to this week’s installment of The Most Important People on The Internet, our now randomly scheduled collection of all the hilariously fucked up shit you people say in the comments. So true story: A lot of the times I don’t get to every single picture in The Crap We Missed until very late in the day if not the next morning. And every once in a while even I’m taken back at the shit Photo Boy finds which happened twice this week. First, with Vince Vaughn clearly dying of AIDS, and second, with Eddie Murphy holding a bottle of 138 Water. Which is a company I’ve been posting free bikini pictures of for over two years now, and I still couldn’t tell you what the hell their business plan despite being thoroughly impressed by their recent decision to go full money shot. That said, I could’ve easily used literally every single of your comments for the Eddie pic, and it’s a goddamn miracle I narrowed it down to three. Jesus couldn’t even do that, and I know because I asked Him. “Whosoever laughs at the water of titties is righteous in the eyes of the Lord,” I’m pretty sure were His exact words. Dude talks a lot. I zone in and out.