1. Ive never seen a chunky Romulan red head before

  2. dotmatrix

    That’s appropriate, considering the audience is ready to barf once she starts her idea of singing.

  3. Buddy the Elf

    he’s one righteous dude.

  4. lily

    she has such a beautiful voice!

  5. lori

    I can’t stand this over-rated reedy-voiced poseur.

  6. Blech

    HOLY… This comment is right on. Icks!

  7. Blech

    I rolled a lotta doooough balls,
    And soaked ‘em in some deeeeep oil,
    Then sprinkled ‘em with poooowder,
    And I ate ‘em… to the beeeeat.

  8. she is such a great singer! and to those who are dissing her based on her weight go FUC$ yourself and look at a mirror before you judge anyone.

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