The Most Important People on The Internet: Volume 39

Welcome to the 39th installment of The Most Important People on The Internet, populated by your comments because, surprisingly, not all of them are a strange, disturbing outlet for gratuitous racism and homophobia to hide one’s inadequacies, just 99.9% of them. (I say that with love.) On that note, here’s one that I hope is real because it’s proof that reality is always way more hilarious than manufactured comedy. From LuLu on the Samuel L. Jackson golfing post:

I was actually at a charity golf tourney in Portland, OR years ago and he was playing. After every shot, we heard him say ’solid gold!’…its was fucking hilarious!!!

Somebody find out what deity I need to offer a sacrifice to to make that true. I’ll be out back hosing off the altar from when I made those Blake Lively nude pics happen which I probably should’ve got around to sooner, but my neighbors threatened to call the Homeowners Association and I’m a spiteful motherfucker.

Rectus dominus,

- The Superficial

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