The Most Important People On The Internet:
Volume 3.34

Welcome to the return of The Most Important People on The Internet, our shit-tastic grab-bag of tomshittery you little shitters shit in the comments. You had to make do last week with Chrissy Teigen and Brooklyn Decker’s Vagina Raspberry on account of a comment deficit – Thanks, Obama. – but this time I won’t make you watch two beautiful models make drunken queefing (queeving?) sounds because we’ve got a splendid bounty of ridiculous. On that note, special thanks to all the usual suspects: McFeely, Georgio, Crouton, etc., and to a surprising amount of newcomers who bravely stepped forward to make jokes about Justin Bieber living under LL Cool J’s penis. You’re doing God’s work.

- The Superficial

Photo: FameFlynet