The Most Important People on The Internet:
Volume 2.31

Welcome to this week’s installment of The Most Important People on The Internet even though that title belongs to Antoine Dodson for helping me rationalizing eating at Chick-fil-A albeit via a defense that immediately falls apart under the slightest of scrutiny, so everybody knock that shit off. Anyway, short gallery this week which is usually what happens when the site’s bombarded with such polarizing topics as mass shootings, enabling child molesters, sparkling emo sluttery, and probably the most detrimental to society, letting Kate Gosselin back on TV. All horribleness aside though, hats off again to Christian Bale who I like to believe kicked in random doors at the hospital screaming “WHERE IS SHE?!” in Batman’s voice because his heart’s that big. (That old guy was gonna die anyway.)

- The Superficial

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