And Now For Something Completely Different

Before I get back to the business of celebrity boobs and the idiots who wish they didn’t have them, I want to draw your attention to something that’s actually important, and run by a colleague who’s been a mentor and a trusted friend that helped me procure Photo Boy, who without I would’ve shot myself by now if not gone crazy and spent the rest of my days accusing Seth MacFarlane of stealing Garfield jokes. So here’s The Mighty, an inspirational site that forgoes the banality (And easy money! *pets puma*) of celebrity gossip to focus on the unfathomable courage and dedication of everyday people overcoming challenges that would’ve left me crying in a corner. I don’t get to do much, if any, good here outside of pointing out that Jenny McCarthy is killing kids, so hopefully some of you enjoy The Mighty and find it encouraging. Sensitive side out.

The Mighty – Superheroes Among Us

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