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April 15th, 2014 // 14 Comments

Before I get back to the business of celebrity boobs and the idiots who wish they didn’t have them, I want to draw your attention to something that’s actually important, and run by a colleague who’s been a mentor and a trusted friend that helped me procure Photo Boy, who without I would’ve shot myself by now if not gone crazy and spent the rest of my days accusing Seth MacFarlane of stealing Garfield jokes. So here’s The Mighty, an inspirational site that forgoes the banality (And easy money! *pets puma*) of celebrity gossip to focus on the unfathomable courage and dedication of everyday people overcoming challenges that would’ve left me crying in a corner. I don’t get to do much, if any, good here outside of pointing out that Jenny McCarthy is killing kids, so hopefully some of you enjoy The Mighty and find it encouraging. Sensitive side out.

The Mighty – Superheroes Among Us


  1. So this site is about the courage shown by everyday folks… yet, my work filter is blocking it.

    Meanwhile… I can go to the Superficial without any problem!

    Goes to show: when it comes to what some office internet networks allow their users to see, boobs are definitely mightier than even the Mighty.

  2. Frank Burns

    Reading stories about people better than me (kinder, braver, more generous, etc.) makes me feel worse about myself, so a big ‘boooo!’ to all those stories at The Mighty. I prefer stories about vapid celebrities, the only class of people whose mediocrity I can (barely) eclipse. – F. Burns, ‘Superficial’ reader.

    Really though, I liked the Adreian Payne story and the guy painting helmets story the best.

  3. Fish – Thank you for this.

    It’s easy to rip on celebs as they put themselves out there, and are lucky enough to have either the looks, or the cash or the connections to make their lives better. Your site lets people vent, connect and prove that (every once in a while) they are clever with their comments.

    There are so many people, however, that have been dealt a really bad hand, or lost the genetic lottery. And I personally will NEVER… I repeat NEVER make fun of them. In fact I endeavour to do the opposite. The sweet kid with Downs, the 80 year old woman with a fuzed spine that struggles to carry groceries for a block, the girl that was born disfigured that will never marry the Brad Pitt looking soap stars she fantasizes about… the ones no one gives a second look to at the mall, or the ones people intentionally avoid.

    If we’re reflecting here, I’d ask everyone to really take the time to make the time for anyone that needs the help, and also not be an asshole to those that don’t deserve it. Hold open a door, chat the guy in the wheelchair up in the elevator, ask a challenged kid how her day was. Make them feel _human_.

    Do celebrities “deserve” it? I dunno – I’m conflicted obviously – it’s likely cathartic venting here… but there’s a line that I draw, and it’s my line – which I choose to draw at a certain height.

    That’s it.
    Cheers all.

  4. Thank you for the link to this website, Fish. The story with the 11 year old girl and her Dad was beautiful. I will now visit this site regularly.

  5. So, it’s basically like the complete opposite of this site? Good, I could use some balance and the occasional reminder that the world isn’t a complete bag of shit. Honestly and sincerely, thanks for the link, Fish.

  6. Slash

    Fucking communist. Why do you not recognize the incredible bravery it takes to make more money in one day than most people earn in a year, have people kiss your ass for performing the job that pays you so handsomely and then gripe about how Americans hate the rich, who, after all, created America with no help from anybody, certainly no help from the poors?

    It is such a terrible burden, being wealthy.

  7. the Canadia

    thank you for this,
    turned my day right around!

  8. I’m way too much of a weepy bastard to read more than a few of these stories at a time.

  9. So, so good!
    This site gets me right in the feels.

    Thank you for this, sir.

  10. Fish's Mentor

    Fish, thank you for this. Quite unexpected. Kinda made my day. It’s good to know that when I get overwhelmed by The Mighty, there are always The Superficial here to come back and laugh at.

  11. Kak

    Thanks, we need MORE sites like these, a wonderful reality check.A reminder of our many blessings and how we are using them.

  12. Thank you for that link, Fish. Very inspiring.

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