The Midget Circus is in Town! And Other News

October 6th, 2010 // 32 Comments

(You thought about this was going to be about Snooki, didn’t you? FACE.)

- Justin Bieber is your new Ashton Kutcher. [Dlisted]

- Reese Witherspoon is somehow getting hotter. [Lainey Gossip]

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s brother who basically lived at Burning Man died of a drug overdose. — No comment. [Popeater]

- Marisa Miller next to a car. In underwear. The world is in balance. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Audrina Patridge on Dancing With The Star needs to be my guilty pleasure. Today. [The Chive]

- Keira Knightley got a haircut. How is that possible?! [Popoholic]

- Alexander Skarsgard makes threesomes happen. He can’t help it. [Amy Grindhouse]

- Bar Refaeli has Leonardo DiCaprio doing yoga. [PopSugar]

- Lauren Conrad has no business being in this post. None. [Hollywood Life]

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  1. Come_Honor_Face

    you lose

  2. Burke, Esq.

    No matter how you slice, dice or mince it…Tom Cruise is still batshit crazy!

  3. GravyLeg

    Tom demonstrates exactly what kind of rig it takes for him to bring himself to penetrate vagina… I can see the quote now…

    “So my ‘ass-istants’ Greg and Bruce pull on these ropes hurling me towards Katies girl parts… and then what happens??”

    Cuz TCLTC…

  4. John

    Regardless of how bat shit crazy he is, he looks pretty damn good for his age and he has been rich and famous since his 20s while other actors have faded away. You gotta give him some props for that, no matter how crazy scientology is. Honestly, if I could be that successful by just signing up for some cult, I would in a heartbeat.

    • Yeah hes in decent shape but id not trade my worst problems to be him. Tho id still fuck katie :-)

      Id fuck kiera knightly too. But fuck me that haircut makes her look ten years older. Thank god shes put a little weight on id be afraid of snapping her the way i like to do it..

      • juaquin ingles

        She’s arguably the prettiest chick in Hollywood but the anorexia ruins it. And WTF is up with soccer mom hair anyway? It always makes chicks look 10 years older.

    • Burke, Esq.

      John, you are right, batshit crazy still looks good for his age. Isn’t he like pushin’ 50? I think he looks 30-ish.

  5. Tom Cruise filming Mission: Impossible 4
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    It is pretty amazing how young the little fellow looks here.
    I’m thinking LOTS of Botox.

  6. NineInchNailed

    He looks amazing. Just look at that body – I always liked his face too so it all goes well.

    Too bad that doesn’t change the fact that he’s absolutely insane. And short, so very short.

  7. Lady Blah Blah

    Post something about Taylor Momsen before she’s over the hill.

  8. Am I the only one looking at this picture and praying for an atomic wedgie?

    • Hahaha i thot that too!

      But i heard he does a shitload of climbing, its probly related.

      Also follows a strict diet, which amazingly doesn’t include meat (can i make a gay joke afroballz?) Yeah he’s batshit but he takes good care of himself..

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  10. Ash Bones

    I’ve always admired his hair, no signs of balding.

  11. RasputinsLiver


    GodDAMN! I hate that fuckin’ closeted ScienceFictionologist pansy!

    Just loathe this fruit. He and Travolta can go off to some island somewhere and stuff themselves into each others’ stink holes qand never make another goodamn movie again or show up in public again for all I care.

    The root smoocher’s not even a good actor. Boring as hell.


  12. captain america

    where are the other six dwarfs and the BIG bad wolf?

  13. Tom Cruise filming Mission: Impossible 4
    Commented on this photo:

    Remember, this guy’s nearly 50.

  14. Tom Cruise filming Mission: Impossible 4
    Commented on this photo:


  15. Tom Cruise filming Mission: Impossible 4
    oh uh
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, strong body thetans.

  16. Damn, can’t diss the man. He’s nearly 50 and he is in great shape. He still has all his hair, AND he fucks Katie Holmes every night. K, Cruise is a prick … I hate him … yes this is jealousy speaking …

    He was married to Nicole Kidman before she became the Joker, he did Penelope Cruz (Meh, not that big a deal), and married a woman 20 years younger than him who has grown into an absolute hotty. He’s a multi-millionaire, still has a career, AND is crazy. Crazy like a fox I say.

    If he wasn’t crazy he’d be supreme onipotent ruler of Earth!!! I’m glad he’s insane!!!

  17. Tom Cruise filming Mission: Impossible 4
    Commented on this photo:

    I agree, he looks very young. He has an ageless face, but its not Botox its obviously Scientology related, maybe injections of blood from former Thetans?

  18. RasputinsLiver


    …how do you know he fucks Katie every night?

    You do realize that all his “wives” were and are beards, don’t you?

    And your man-crush for Tommy-boy’s kinda nauseating to see. Man up for cryin’ out loud!

  19. Urbanspaceman

    What side does Tom Cruise dress on? (It’s a tailor’s term.) Apparently, neither!

  20. gigi

    why’s everybody ragging on ‘short’? hotness doesn’t care about height + they’re fun to dance with! it’s the TC-ness that’s troublesome… crazy mo-fo…

  21. Tom Cruise filming Mission: Impossible 4
    Commented on this photo:

    eh, it’s just good lighting & he’s smiling… and possibly some make-up… if it was overcast & he wasn’t smiling, feh…

  22. Tom Cruise filming Mission: Impossible 4
    Commented on this photo:

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