1. J

    FIRST and OMG

  2. Needs more photoshop. I can still tell they are supposed to be human.

  3. They say you can take years off your age with photoshop, but damn! That one almost looks like a baby!

  4. Tyler Perry

    Who’s the one next Kim? She’s got some wicked hips..I like, but.don’t like the Addams family make up.

  5. Stephanie

    It’s Addams Family the next generation. Like that Beverly Hillbillies remake with Miley Cyrus, and the Lassie remake with Ke$ha. They’ve auto-tuned her barks.

  6. Common Sense

    You can polish a turd, but at the end of the day…. It is still a turd.

  7. ew

    the two younger girls are realy ulgy, and are trying to act way to old for their age.
    and this photo looks reaaalllllyyyy photoshopped.

  8. Salty

    I love how they photoshop the banister in front of King Kong Chloe to make her look shorter. I saw the untouched photo and she is actually standing next to the baby.

  9. uhhhhhhh...

    Are Kim’s eyes open?

  10. Bill

    They look like a scary version of The Addam’s Family.

  11. sweetlips

    I had no idea that Bruce Jenner was part of the family.

  12. jojo

    Isn’t it child abuse to force douchebaggery on such a young toddler?

  13. Marco


  14. sugar

    it’s like a really creepy version of the supremes.

  15. Dode

    They remind me of the KKK, especially with the ridiculous overuse of Ks but the KKK have nothing on the horror inspired by the whole lot of that massing together.

  16. devilsrain

    what a bunch of idiots

  17. Zipit Bizzle

    ^^^ ALL you people are stupid. This IS A PAINTING…not an actual photo.

  18. cg

    is it just me or does this photo look like a bunch of people who are acting like they are taking solo shots. i mean can you at least pretend to look like a family?

  19. Banquo

    There’s at least 2 dumptruck loads of foundation in that picture not to mention all the insane Photoshopping done to skin tone/color/texture.

    This might as well be latex masks, or CGI.

    It’s like looking at the cast of Heartbeeps.

  20. ReelWorld

    What a creepy Xmas Card! They all look totally fake. The idiot on the far left seems to think he’s a GQ model, the guy in the front middle looks like a douchebag and could pass for the household busboy, and like everyone pointed out – why is nobody smiling? The sooner these idiots drop off the face of the earth the better.

  21. UY

    Those with Kardashian blood cast no shadows?

  22. Joe

    Internet is full of photoshop tutorials. I assume it’s not enough.

  23. Barry

    Why isn’t anyone smiling? Aren’t the un-derservingly wealthy? Is this supposed to make people think they are Cool or something, they look like vampires for Christmas.

  24. Alexgm

    So much hate. Come on people. Its the holidays.

  25. guest2

    Where’s Alexis Carrington? She must be in the bathroom?

  26. Felix W

    Why did they photoshop Chewbacca into the family christmas card?

  27. this guy761

    Dear fat people,
    Putting your hand on you hip does not make you look less fat. Please stop posing like this.
    This Guy

  28. Seriously

    love you all, god bless, and please lets be happy and spread positivity.
    Hatin on this pic is same as hatin on yourself. We are all connected, biologically, chemically, and anatomically. ….hopefully you understand..?


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