1. amanda

    with Hef gone she cant even afford decent Barbie hair

  2. I thought she was supposed to wear a costume.

  3. uj

    Holly Madison becomes the first ‘lady’ to wear a sluttly slut costume for Halloween.

    • TomFrank

      Pretty sure that was *Dolley* Madison who was the First Lady who wore a sluttly slut costume for Halloween.

  4. I can’t help but wonder if when halloween comes around, and chicks like this realize they end up dressing like every other day of their life…do they feel at all ashamed of where life has taken them?

    • Amy

      I’d be pretty ashamed. I mean, selling your body whether you’re a female prostitute or a male fighter doesn’t seem very fulfilling.

  5. Rough of Gibraltar

    . Where is lady gaga’s costume? is she going simple or extreme? lol such an elle-doofa (us-masculin) doing that crap all year round. Probably get bent out of shape if she can’t come up with something any random day.

  6. How clever; she went as Holly Madison, 2008.

  7. Cause this is filler, filler night
    And she carries a frog who’ll hypnotize you with his eyes, girl

  8. LRW

    I didn’t know Rapunzel was a whore…

  9. bbiowa

    Is this an audition for Toddlers and Tiaras?

  10. Gerome

    The frog and the dead chicken represent Hef. If she only kissed right, she must not know what she’s doing, then he might have turned into her prince charming.

  11. Sin

    This diddler of old cocks usually dresses like this. She is so desperate to have another Sugar Daddy it’s not funny. Wait, yes it is funny.

  12. Ladies and Gentlemen, a round of applause for this years winner of the best costume at The 3rd Annual “Hollyween” at Studio 54 at MGM Grand Resort and Casino in Vegas, Dick Butkis dressed as Holly Madison!

  13. Radadoon

    Madame Toussant’s is looking for a missing wax figurine…. hmmmm

  14. Schmidtler

    I wonder if the place that rented her this costume charged her an extra fee to boil the chlamydia out if it when she returned it? Maybe they just spray the crotch with that stuff the bowling alley sprays in the rental shoes.

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