The Greatest Quote About Justin Bieber You Will Ever Read in Your Life

March 3rd, 2011 // 92 Comments

“I heard Justin Bieber has a 10 inch dick, but it’s in his ass and belongs to Usher.”

- (Fake. Goddammit, It’s Fake.) Mos Def via Twitter.

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  1. johng

    is the author of this website a virgin?

  2. Oh Snap

    hahaha that’s hilarious

  3. jimminy

    no. he has a 3 inch dick inside his ass..and it belongs to Usher.

  4. bob

    can’t believe you’re quoting a fake twitter account. MOS DEF IS NOT ON TWITTER THIS IS FAKE

  5. Fletch

    Stupid people, that’s a 10 inch dildo that Selena forgot to take out before he went on stage.

  6. What is he about to do with that fist?!

  7. I believe Mos Def has just won himelf a spot on the “Most Important People on the Internet”…

  8. How does Mos Def know the size of Usher’s dick?!

  9. Justin Bieber Usher Mos Def
    Commented on this photo:

    Justin Bieber looks like the love child of Clay Aiken and Kanye West.

  10. Justin Bieber Usher Mos Def
    Commented on this photo:

    Charlie Sheen’s not winning! Justin Bieber’s fangs are spraying fire works.

  11. Shart

    I Mos Def enjoyed that quote.

  12. Ill Rough you just the way you are

    Totally inappropriate.

  13. Freaky

    Does this mean that Bieber isn’t a lesbian, after all?

  14. Deacon Jones


    What happened to musical taste in this country?

    Hendrix and Jim Morrison are rolling in their fucking graves.

    • jonesy

      North American musical taste began to decline when performers started wearing driving gloves. In fact, the mortgage crisis, child obesity, teen pregnancy and conversations surrounding celebrity dick, all began with the introduction of the driving glove. True story.

    • BT

      Sit tight. The Foo Fighters new album is coming out next month. Finally, some music that isn’t created on a computer.

      • friendlystoner

        1) Foo Fighters arent all that
        2) a high proportion if not most mainstream albums use computers in post-production/mastering
        3)whether music is made via an instrument or via computer software, it still requires a lot of talent to make good music

      • Not really, stoner. It takes less talent to make music on a computer, although does take time and dedication. That being said, it’s harder to be a competent musician than a competent computer composer.

      • friendlystoner


        your talking total rubbish. if you ever even used music production software, you`d know the immense depth there is to it. i`m not sayin computers are harder or require more talent to make music., just that they need to be recognised as a vaild source of music. the original point i was implying is that the medium doesnt matter, its what the individual can do with it.

        and dont confuse being a musician wih a composer

  15. God

    Mos Def = Legendary.

    It’s all mathematics..

  16. Martin Fields

    That is a fake twitter account. Mos Def doesn’t even use Twitter.

  17. J

    Holy shit.

  18. george

    who the fuck is usher?

  19. Justin Bieber Usher Mos Def
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I look at these photos & I wonder if I somehow beamed down to the wrong planet.
    “Earth” right? Outer arm of Milky Way galaxy?

  20. Justin Bieber Usher Mos Def
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    Mos Def is probally right. This is what it usually looks like, right before Usher makes the biebes his bitch.

  21. eatflambefuck

    my only regret is that I was born a girl.

  22. bitingontinfoil


  23. slappy magoo

    Laugh it up, but when the rest of the “Justin Bieber” escape from the Osmond Cloning Facility in Salt Lake City, any chance of hearing good music on the radio will be lost forever, like Charlie Sheen’s sanity or a disease-free Kardashian hoo-hah.

  24. Sara

    That’s not Mos Def’s ACTUAL account on Twitter.

  25. Mos Def, Justin Bieber, and Usher should be “Human Centipeded” (in that order) for their crimes against good entertainment. Mos Def for the lame movies and music, Usher for his abuse of AutoTune and the creation of Bieber, and Bieber for existing.

  26. Well, I can’t beat that.

  27. Justin Bieber Usher Mos Def
    Commented on this photo:

    Awww how cute, Usher even gave him a blinged out jizz rag

  28. Eric

    In 10 years, this kid will have banged more hot women than anyone posting messages on this site.

  29. I don’t know about you, but the whole idea of Usher have 10″? NOT POSSIBLE. Besides, if he did have 10″ he’d be trying to stuff it up his own ass he loves himself so much.

    • K Soze

      Leave it up to Dante to talk out both sides of his fat ass again… and why, exactly, is it not possible? Just curious, I mean, its not like it’s out of the realm of possibility, people have been known to have bigger- then again, you’re much, much more of an authority on fallace facts than I, so hey, you may be right.. but why, exactly do you care so much?

      • Cock Dr

        So freaking funny……

      • Leave it up to K Soze, whoever you are, to take a flippant comment that was intended to be sarcastic and a bit caustic and turn it into a debate as to whether or not Usher’s penis could or could not be 10″. Are you his publicist? Manicurist? Dance Instructor?

        Obviously you are very aware that people have been known to have bigger units. Your personal self knowledge on the topic leads me to believe you carry with you a mobile glory hole port-a-poty to test your theories of male largess close-up.

        Thus my question to you is, why do YOU care so much about an irrelevant post on the internet?

  30. boli

    oh shi…twitter beef

  31. Dankin

    Mother fucker some people are stupid. Who gives a flying fuck if its a fake account, its funny as hell and if you dont think so then you must be a Bieber fan so GTFO.

  32. Nada

    Wait, so is making fun of gay people cool now or is it still “homophobic”?

  33. Fin-Dangle

    I would go with something along the lines of “Justin Beiber is one cock in the mouth shy of two cocks in the mouth” …………Just sayin!

  34. Jface

    I guess it’s better than Lou Pearlman, right, Aaron Carter?

  35. Sumo

    That quote was just a rewording of a Sarah Silverman dig at Carson Daly at his Roast.

  36. Billy

    Not really Mos Def, but still hilarious…

  37. Justin Bieber Usher Mos Def
    Commented on this photo:

    I think Mos Def meant to say that he heard Bieber has a 10″ dick and he named it Usher.

  38. wtf bruh

    Yup fake twitter account. Black Dante is too brilliant to be tweetin 99% of the crap seen on that page. Its not even a Twitter verified page. People are so gullible.

  39. Aussie Mama

    Terrible thing to say about a minor, a talented young boy. Not even remotely funny.

    • Jon

      You know how there is old bitter ladies who worry about men and sex offenses and underage and rape blah blah blah, what about cougars and Justin Bieber? There are many cougars out there who’d love to fuck the shit out of underage Bieber. You are probably one of them.

      • Aussie Mama

        your such a sick shit. that’s just gross. the only rehab for pedophelia is a death sentence. now go wash your filthy mouth out with soap, you dirty shit! on JB he’s such a lovely kid. i just hope he stays that way, and keeps all the agenda reptiles away. keep that soul all yours JB, you have talent n you don’t need to sell yourself for anything.

  40. the captain

    BeeWeeBieber wanted to “TASTE” a black p*nis this time.

  41. Jon


  42. Brooke

    Yeah, that wins.

  43. LEB

    Hey, I’d be jealous if some white pretty boy kid 20 years younger than me was way more successful than me, too.

  44. krutboo

    mos def is funny – he wont get in trouble for this comment though as he is black and blacks can do or say whatever they want because blacks who they never knew were owned by white people we never knew over a hundred and fifty years ago.

  45. friday jones

    This should be the top post until you die. Or until Bieber ascends to his throne in heaven. Whatever happens first.

  46. Dolly

    He doesn’t look like he’s bothered by having usher’s dick up his ass. But neither would a lot of 16 year old girls, apparently.

  47. phoebes

    FAKE quote-you’ve lost maaad credibility, here! Mos Def isn’t even on Twittter!

  48. Justin Bieber Usher Mos Def
    Commented on this photo:

    The handkerchief code, according to appears to be correct: wearing a silver lame handkerchief in one’s left pocket signals that he is a male celebrity/rock star. Wearing it in the right pocket would signal that the male wearer is looking to have sex with a male rock star. The code doesn’t explicitly say that he’s looking for sex, but acknowledges that, yes, he’s a gay target.
    I really doubt the kid knew what kind of joke the stylists were playing when he wore it.

  49. Justin Bieber Usher Mos Def
    Commented on this photo:

    … that’s about where the little bitch belongs – but Usher’s no catch – I think Biebiatch outta be blowin’ Mike Tyson

  50. lol

    there is a debate on that but still lol

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