The Gosselins Angered Cher

See? You see that anger? — Okay, maybe her face doesn’t move. But it’s palpable, my friend. Palpable.

In probably the most random news item I’ve read in the past five minutes, Cher was apparently a die-hard Jon and Kate Plus 8 fan who was outraged to see its stars became the vindictive sweatshop owners a brood of Asian children should’ve tipped probably tipped us off about. (Stereotypes: 3. Tolerance: 0) Us Magazine reports:

“A long time ago I used to watch this very sweet reality show called Jon and Kate Plus 8,” she admits coyly of the bygone TLC hit. “I thought it was sweet. I liked the babies.”
The Oscar winner’s fandom soured when Jon and Kate Gosselin’s crumbling marriage made headlines. “I leave the country for six months, I come back and the whole thing has just blown up in everyone’s face!” Cher complains.
“I just thought, this is not what I signed up for.”

Cher then goes own to criticize Snooki which is clearly a direct order to the Gay Mafia to make all of reality TV sleep with the fishy-fish. No, really, I’m serious. Do you dare defy the Godfather? For it is written, “She is immortal and will watch your children and your children’s children die. Shit, this whole post is *about* her watching children. DO HER BIDDING!

Photos: Splash News