The Feel Good Story of The Year

To everyone’s surprise, Lindsay Lohan managed to show up to court early today and as a reward for crawling out of the gutter on time, she got ambushed by a process server who slapped her with a $17,000 lawsuit. TMZ reports:

The process server says Lindsay “freaked out,” told people around her to get the guy out of the elevator and away from her. The process server says he attempted to hand Lindsay the papers but she would not take them so he dropped them on the elevator floor, by her feet.
Under California law, generally a process server has done his job when he comes face to face with the person served.

Hopefully this’ll make everyone feel better when it’s revealed Lindsay skipped her alcohol classes to drown puppies but she still doesn’t go to jail. That being said, did the process server really need to surprise her in the elevator? All he had to do was pour a little booze on the sidewalk and she would’ve came right out.

LINDSAY: Huh, wha? *sniff sniff* Bourbon! *dives out window*
TOM SAWYER: Aw, shucks, not again.

Photos: Getty