The Fappening Is Now The Dickening And Stars Nick Hogan. Wait, What?

If my vague recollection of the illegally hacked Kate Upton leaked photos that I definitely didn’t make glossies of is correct, I’m pretty sure Justin Verlander was the first penis to take part in The Fappening. Except apparently that title is going to Nick Hogan – Yes, the son of Hulk Hogan, Nick Hogan. – who is the first male victim thanks to The Fappening 4 because, yes, that shit is still going on. And, no, nobody gives a fuck anymore unless you count the brief second when I went, “Wait, did that say Nina Dobrev?” What? I’m a journalist! TMZ reports:

The photos that were hacked are voluminous and graphic. There are pics going back to his high school escapades, various girlfriends in various states of undress and sexual positions, penis pics and stuff like that.
The weirdest hack … there are 2 photos of Nick’s mom Linda in a thong, bent over and showing off her butt. Nick says those pics were NOT in his iCloud!
And here’s the dark side. Nick kept pics of several girlfriends during his teenage years, and the girls were underage at the time. He believes the hackers are playing with fire because they constitute child porn.

“Haha! Stupid idiots stole the child porn I just admitted is on my computer. Dummies.” – Nick Hogan, ladies and gentlemen.

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Photo: Splash News