The Dude Banging Miley Cyrus Almost Killed Thor With A Throwing Knife

Liam Hemsworth, more commonly known as “that dude whose dick cake Miley Cyrus wouldn’t stop eating,” and his brother Chris, more commonly known as MOTHERFUCKING THOR, apparently used to get into crazy fights when they were kids. And by crazy I mean they almost killed each other with goddamn knives. Via Starpulse:

The Aussie hunk explains, “I don’t know why my grandpa thought it was a good idea to give little kids a proper throwing knife, but he gave it to us… You could throw it into a tree and it would stick in the tree.
“I threw it at his head when I was about eight and the handle hit him in the head.”
The Hemsworth brothers are now on much better terms – but younger Liam really is amazed both of them made it to adulthood.
He adds, “We had a fist fight one time… and my mom tried to break it up and she got her finger broken. That was kinda like the low point of our fighting.

Here’s the thing though: Dick Cake Jones is six years younger than Thor, so if you think Thor is a super-dreamy hunk, apparently he get his jollies by punching eight year old kids in the face. Of course, you already knew that thanks to my T-shirt that reads, “Thor Beats Up Little Kids. Please Touch My Penis Instead, Which By The Way, Won’t Shoot Lightning Into Your Vagina. (Although If You’re Into That, I’ve Got Some Jumper Cables.)”

Photos: Splash News