Of Course ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Is A Liberal Plot To Make Mitt Romney Look Bad. Duh.

July 18th, 2012 // 128 Comments
Just Kidding!
Mitt Romney Batman Dark Knight Rises
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[Full Disclosure: Photo Boy and I did not make this pic, so if you're the creator, hit us up and we'll give you props because it's fucking awesome.]

[Update: Credit added. Huge thanks to Aramis at Barkers & Rubes.]

Over the past week or so, I’ve seen rumblings in the comments about it being a suspicious coincidence that the villain in the The Dark Knight Rises is called Bane at the same time Barack Obama is nailing Mitt Romney for his dealings with Bain Capital because everyone knows Hollywood is one big liberal conspiracy that wants to turn us all into Prius-driving, gay Jews. Of course, I didn’t actually expect anyone to be stupid enough to run with this theory considering Christopher Nolan and his brother started writing the film in 2008 when no one had any fucking clue who the 2012 Republican candidate for president would be, not to mention the character Bane was created in 1993. To even suggest a conspiracy this vast was even remotely possible would require either a. liberals to be psychic which we are, but you’re not supposed to know that (Don’t get on that bus.) and/or b. Barack Obama harnessing the power of time travel. You’d have to be an idiot to even entertain the possibility, so naturally Rush Limbaugh was all over it like Mexican Viagra shaped like a cigar. Via Deus Ex Malcontent:

“Have you heard, this new movie, the Batman movie — what is it, the Dark Knight Lights Up or something? Whatever the name of it is. That’s right, Dark Knight Rises, Lights Up, same thing. Do you know the name of the villain in this movie? Bane. The villain in the Dark Knight Rises is named Bane. B-A-N-E. What is the name of the venture capital firm that Romney ran, and around which there’s now this make-believe controversy? Bain. The movie has been in the works for a long time, the release date’s been known, summer 2012 for a long time. Do you think that it is accidental, that the name of the really vicious, fire-breathing, four-eyed, whatever-it-is villain in this movie is named Bane? … Anyway, so this evil villain in the new Batman movie is named Bane. And there’s now discussion out there as to whether or not this was purposeful, and whether or not it will influence voters. It’s going to have a lot of people. This movie, the audience is going to be huge, lot of people are going to see the movie. And it’s a lot of brain-dead people, entertainment, the pop culture crowd. And they’re going to hear ‘Bane’ in the movie, and they are going to associate Bain.

If for one brief second, you heard this epic shit of horses fall out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth and went, “Hmm. Maybe…” please take one of the 57 guns you bought because you thought Barack Obama was going to use his Kenya magic to erase the second amendment and watch what happens when you put it in the microwave. I heard it makes nearby minorities explode into gunpowder that you can later collect in a sack, but only a macho, strapping American like yourself has the balls to press your face up against the glass and find out. I’m just a pansy liberal, so I’d probably screw it all up trying to raise taxes or some shit. *crosses fingers*

That just happened.

Photos: Bane Romney – Barkers & Rubes, Splash News


  1. Bain Romney


  2. JC

    I’m thinking Romney might get more votes if he went with this look. People are more comfortable with cartoon villains than they are with Mormons.

  3. Batman Bane Fighting Courthouse Pittsburgh Christian Bale Tom Hardy Dark Knight Rises
    Commented on this photo:

    Batman looks so out of place in daylight.

  4. achilles wrath

    Politics everywhere! lol I’m just looking forward to the movie, it’s meant to epic!

  5. Batman Bane Fighting Courthouse Pittsburgh Christian Bale Tom Hardy Dark Knight Rises
    Commented on this photo:

    Stunt double? The chin looks weird for Bale.

    Anyway Batman looks really out of place in daylight and they must digitally retouch the suit to look awesome in the movie because as another poster mentioned, it looks like shit here.

  6. Ayn Rand (taking a break from sucking Satan's cock)

    Pretty certain if Rush ever spoke the truth he would explode like a dynamited rotting whale carcass. Unfortunately, he’s fundamentally incapable of honesty.

  7. Rush Limbaugh is an ignorant, sexist, racist, misogynistic drug addicted cunt. The fact that he’s allowed to spew his hate speech across the airwaves is one of the few downsides to freedom of speech.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      The other downside being thesuperficial.com

      • Jay

        For someone that’s seen you post here on this website for the last X amount of time, bagging on thesuperficial.com is kinda dumb………. Romney would not be a good president, Unless you are a C.E.O. of a major corporation……………………………

      • You might want to get that keyboard looked at. I think the “.” key is sticking.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        Apparently reading my posts on here for the last X amount of time hasn’t honed your sarcasm detector. I blame myself. I really do.

      • Nate

        someone needs to start running this place like the balance sheet matters

    • Buck

      Thats funny… all the racisit, sexist and drug addicts are actually liberals and you make it seem like Rush is one as well.

      • Are you professionally dumb or are you doing this on your own time?

        Admittedly, maybe all the racisits are liberal, since that is a word from your Gibbereeze dictionary. But Limbaugh’s drug abuse and history of racist statements are well documented matters of public record and his odd sexual proclivities and sex tourism in third world nations have made the gossip rounds several times. He was, after all, caught with Viagra he’d obtained illegally in Customs on one of his ass-finding missions.

        Right. Facts. Sorry. I know you’re allergic.

      • Christ, you said “public record” to a rabid conservative who’s determined not only to remain ignorant, but is supremely dedicated to trying to convince others – in spite of the fact that in 2003 Limbaugh admitted – on his own show – that he was a drug addict.

        Allergic, my ass – has Buck burst into flames yet, like a vampire exposed to sunlight?

        Take heart, Buck, you colossal fuckwit, it’s probably the only time Rush has ever been truthful. And that was only because he was named as a buyer during a black-market drug ring investigation.

        Now, about those racist remarks that got him fired from ESPN…If you don’t think his need to mention McNabb’s skin color is that bad, let’s not forget these gems:
        “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?” Yes, I certainly see a striking resemblance to Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. It’s uncanny.
        To a black female caller he had trouble understanding: “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back.” Words fail.
        Both are acknowledged by Rush in 1990 in Newsday (they were made under the radio alias of “Jeff Christie”). He still claims he’s the “least racist host you’ll ever find”.

      • Best part of that whole story is he chose “Jeff Christie” for his radio name.

      • Is your tongue worn out yet from compulsively licking his asshole?

      • You’re the big Rush Limbaugh expert around here. I just listen to Stern.

      • The only person who “made” Rush Limbaugh look like a drug addict was Rush Limbaugh, hoovering up every painkiller in sight.

    • Nate

      sexist racists are who made this country great. I bet you were momma’s boy, right?

      • If that made sense in your head before you typed it, get some kind of medication for your hand spasms. If it still made sense in your head AFTER you typed it, get some kind of medication for your brain.

  8. I am a Republican and I think this is hilarious. It also seems like way too much trouble to go to for a political message. Americans aren’t that smart, so no one would really get the point while watching the movie.

    • suck it

      I didn’t know about Romney’s Bain. I wouldn’t have made the connection and most people wouldn’t have either.

    • YagiSka

      You’re totally right. Inventing time travel or exposing oneself to massive amounts of radiation to develop physic powers is far too much trouble.

  9. That animated Batman trailer was fucking awesome.

  10. Cher X

    Someone tell that big fat fuck that the character of BANE existed years before Romney sought the presidency.


  11. Cock Dr

    Rush is still on the airwaves?
    More proof that few ever lose money underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

    • Crabby Old Guy

      Yeah, that’s how Obama got elected. This country is chock full of morons.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        Everyone that thinks voting is a chance for your voice to be heard is a moron, therefore everyone that’s ever been elected has done so on the backs of morons and idiots.

  12. EricLr

    I bet George Bush Sr. started the first Gulf War against Saddam Hussein just to make Barak Hussein Obama look bad 20 years later.

    • JC

      It’s worse than that. Long before the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein changed his name just to make Barack look bad. His birth name was Saddam Leibowitz.

  13. alex

    Does anyone really care? I think everyone knows Rush is a sensationalist with way too much air time to fill. And if anything, he is now responsible for making the connection between Bain and Bane. I’d love to see Bane break Rush’s back the way he did Bats in the comics.

  14. Smapdi

    “liberals to be psychic which we are” – I thought it was the Scientologists made psychic claims . . . so, are all liberals Scientologists?

  15. Buck

    I think we can all agree that in just a few short months we can put this social experiment of an inexperienced community organizer to rest and get a real president in office before the current one does much more harm to the country. Unfortunately we will have to still explain to our kids and grandkids what we could possible of been thinking putting obama in as president of the United States.

    • YagiSka

      You think “we can all agree?” Are you taking bets on that?

    • Buck, you know, I never bother someone over typos or the understandable fast typing errors of too/to, their/there, or even through/throw. Everyone makes those sort of mistakes.

      But please…”What we could possible of been thinking”? That’s not an auto-correct. That’s not a typo. That is just a grotesque inability to use what I assume is your native language.

      By the way, that thing I asked you and your buddy in that other comments section? The one about what Tommy Jefferson thought about education?

      He said:
      “If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was & never will be.”

      “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. And to render them safe, their minds must be improved to a certain degree.”

      I think he also might have said something about Buck needing to learn how to write in his native language, but I couldn’t find the quote.

      Buck, you are what’s wrong with America.

      • Buck

        opps! thanks for the English lesson. Now let me correct you…..obama is actually whats wrong with this country. Jjust a few short months away, hope the country can hang on.

      • YagiSka

        Don’t roll around in the mud with pigs…

        Instead, fatten them up and turn them into delicious, delicious bacon.

        (also the Republican motto re: middle class America)

  16. Next, can Rush please uncover a liberal plot about why Green Lantern was so shitty?

  17. El Jefe

    So Rush, I guess the “liberal” makers of Batman used the same time machine that Obama and his people used to go back in time to print his birth announcement in the newspaper to somehow go back in time and create the Bane character in anticipation of Mitt Romney running for President in 2012?

    You have to love Republicans, just woefully stupid and ignorant. You know all his Nascar, WWE, mouth breathing fans are eating this crap up.

    • Birtherism is old news. Even Obama has stopped pretending to be from Kenya.

    • Buck

      Unfortunately the woefully stupid and ignorant are us Americans that put this guy obama in office 4 years ago. Its time to right out wrong and put anotherfailed social experiment to rest. Just a few short months away America, hang in there!

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Bane, as in “the bane of my existance”. Just a damn cool name for a bad guy. The fact that they didn’t even recognise the word reveals how thoroughly underexposed to book-larnin they are.
      We always knew republicans were not very smart, so it’s cool watching them prove it over and over.

  18. Sheppy

    But… but… I don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense. At all. On top of that, his dismissive ignorant tone make him sound full retard.

  19. rantatonne

    As absurdly hilarious as this is, when people actually exercise their right to vote, many decide whom to vote for and/or against due to similar ‘impractical’ reasons.

    • Nate

      This would be better then a lot of reasons the idiots in this country vote how they do

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Crack that English text book there, Corky.

      • Nate

        The grammar police are always called when their point is a total failure. Thanks for saying I’m correct dummy

      • CranAppleSnapple

        That didn’t actually happen. You are still wrong. Are you having an imaginary success in your happy place? Can you leave and do that offline instead?

  20. SFRowGuy

    A movie to make Romney look bad. Really? I don’t think they need to bother. He’s doing fine without them, all on his own. (Are you still not the CEO of your company, or has that finally been made official? Yes, your are still the CEO, or No, you are still not the CEO?)

  21. WTF People

    It would be better if this site, the people that run it and of course many of the idiots that comment would stick to commenting on superficial Hollywood and NOT politics. You guys make the Hollywood “elite” look like geniuses. I am starting to wonder if Lindsey Lohan is either a genius or is posting here, along with the rest of the Hollywood turds. Facts available to read on liberal or conservative websites indicate that Limbaugh did not come up with this stupid idea. He is though, now commenting on it. That’s when the libs jumped on it and start acting like Limbaugh is the crazy one. You fools, read what he said. I don’t like him at all, but be factual idiots. The idiots that did come up with it are the Dems. If you guys can’t even get this shit straight it’s no wonder this country is fucked. I thought better of you all but now I see you are as superficial as the assholes we comment on. Here are a couple of links: You fuckin stupid sheep.



    • Arlene

      A. Why in the hell would you complain about this site discussing politics, then turn around and post a link that takes us to a page called “Entertainment on NBCNEWS.COM”

      B. I don’t know where in the fuck you live, but politics has been theatre in the United States since it’s inception, therefore making it entertainment. Rush Limbough is not a journalist. He is a political pundit, which pretty much makes him an entertainer.

      C. For Christ’s sake, calm down. It’s only a fucking movie.

      • WTF People

        Typical lib shithead response to facts. I posted the links to show how absurd it is for ignorant people like you to talk about adult matters such as politics, when you can’t even get the basic facts straight. You need to solely comment on asses and penises of stars. as for your calling politics entertainment, wrong again dumbass, most people do not find politics entrtaining at all. As for me “calming down because it’s only a movie”, that is my point. Look at the comments on this post. Since you disagree with mine, then you call me shit. But if you have the intelligence to see, you will see that my words are in response to others not being “calm”. Go ahead the rest of you turds and ‘down arrow’ me. It only shows that I am correct that the majority of people on this site are 1)liberal 2)ignorant of facts such as current events 3)runny pieces of dog shit.

      • I bet you’re a really pleasant guy to hang around with.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        The fact is, Limbaugh is a dumb fuck who screwed up and everyone saw. He ranted wrongly and made a fool of himself again. Undeniable, sorry doucheface.


        Nice first grade debate technique. What’s next, holding your breath until your face turns blue? Stamping your tiny little feet? Breaking all your toys?

  22. The Royal Penis

    Haha! Nice photoshop.

    El Rushbo is back on the vicodin again.

    If Dittoheads were thinking right they’d jump on the “legalize drugs” bandwagon if for no other reason than the entertainment Rush provides.

    • Get it right: Rush did Oxy, Obama did coke.

      • Arlene

        ..and you obviuosly huff paint.

      • Arlene

        If you are going to comment on my grammar, I’m drunk, which is perfectly legal. So there!

      • It sure is. Besides, you can quit any time you want, right?

      • The Royal Penis

        Well Rush did Vicodin too! Or Goggle says so anyway.

        Plus you missed that Obama also indulged in cock with his coke; which really should earn him the gay vote even though he’s against gay marriage.

      • The Royal Penis

        Or is he for it now? I can’t keep track. The only candidate more confusing on the issues is Capt. Flip Flopping Etch a Sketch.

      • Mitt Romney

        Now just cut that out – I’m not a flip flopper!

        ‘I respect and will protect a woman’s right to choose.’
        ‘I never really called myself pro-choice.’

        ‘Roe v. Wade has gone too far.’
        ‘I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years we should sustain and support it.’

        ‘This is a completely airtight kennel mounted on the top of our car.’
        ‘They’re not happy that my dog loves fresh air.’

        ‘I think the minimum wage ought to keep pace with inflation.’
        ‘There’s no question raising the minimum wage excessively causes a loss of jobs.’

        ‘I saw my father march with Martin Luther King.’
        ‘I did not see it with my own eyes.’

  23. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    “Ditto? Ditto? You provincial putz!” – Harvey Korman in “blazing Saddles.”

  24. welldoneson

    Many street-level morons will hear about Bane being the villain and think it’s Romney’s Bain… that’s about the level of intellect of a good third of Dem voters.

    • Of course, if they’re committed Democratic voters they would already be voting for Obama and so whatever they thought of Willard’s possibly illegal and certainly vulture capitalist cockfoolery at Bain, and whether it corresponded to a comicbook character named Bane would be irrelevant.

      I would say the only possible harm would come from the possible impact on the reactionary conservative anti-information, anti-intellectual voters who…wait, that’s right…comprise more than two thirds of the Republican party.

      Oh well, when they learn that Bain was trafficking in aborted human fetuses while Willard was drawing a salary (and had not yet ‘retroactively’ retired) they’ll probably be too upset to care how Bane spells his name.

  25. Oscar

    Rush Limbaugh has no clue about Nolan’s political views. He doesn’t know The Dark Knight is an eulogy to George Fucking Bush!!

  26. blah

    Not to mention that Hollywood has spent decades casting African Americans as violent ignorant thugs, as if justifying a system wherein white people in America look down on and or fear them. But then there was a black President on 24… It’s a complex conspiracy, that’s for sure.

    • Nate

      Have you ever been to the ghetto? It’s not movies that make people both look down and fear black people.

  27. Rush Limbaugh has his facts mixed up AND is spreading ridiculous propaganda about two things being connected when they’re not at all? Never…

  28. Batman Bane Fighting Courthouse Pittsburgh Christian Bale Tom Hardy Dark Knight Rises
    Commented on this photo:

    Jesus, look at his neck. 30lbs of “muscle” my ass.

  29. Nate

    More boobs less stupid liberal political talking points geeky superficial webmaster kid. Don’t make me ask twice

    • Because then what? You’ll have to ask a third time?

      • Check out the big pants on Nate!

        Unfortunately, they just make his little dick look even smaller than it already is.

      • Oooh. Nate’s all scary and shit. We got a bad motherfucker here.

      • Nate

        LoL. The swarm of dorks flying to the rescue is funny. Fucking nerds never cease to entertain me.

      • No, Nate, nerds fucking are what’s supposed to be entertaining. You, on the other hand, are merely pathetic. If you seriously think the Fish needs “rescuing” from your big bad fit of childish pique, you’re far more delusional than your doctors even suspected.

      • Which is saying a lot, because I’m guessing Nate’s doctors don’t even refer to him by name any more. They just make a “cuckoo” whistle.

      • Nate

        Ah justifiable. It saddens me, I’m gonna guess you’re somewhere between 22-26 maybe? 28 tops. You believe you have the world by the balls and all figured out. A decade from now you’re going to laugh at yourself and who you are now. You’ll also probably vote for the republican nominee for president then. I wish I could be there…..to watch you grow.

      • Spectacularly wrong on all counts, Natey Boy.

        That’s gotta be a phrase you get a lot. That, and: “Put on your pants and come with us, asshole, you know you’re not allowed that close to a school.”

  30. InternetRocketScientist

    Great article. I love coming here for dick jokes and political commentary.

    Sincerely, Fucking No One.

  31. Batman Bane Fighting Courthouse Pittsburgh Christian Bale Tom Hardy Dark Knight Rises
    Commented on this photo:

    this fucking costume is the worst

  32. Batman Bane Fighting Courthouse Pittsburgh Christian Bale Tom Hardy Dark Knight Rises
    Commented on this photo:

    Right? So Catwoman has me on my knees, whip swirling around, two claws up my difficult brown, and who walks in but Ivy!
    So then Schwarzenegger, who’d been sitting in the corner the whole time dressed in his Mr Freeze costume says, “Hey why don’t you make like a tree and root!”

  33. Kiwi

    I saw TDKR last night in New Zealand, and I can confirm it did not make me dislike Romney more than I already do. Also, Bane is awesome.

  34. cc

    I will rise to the defense of Rush here…someone had to out stupid Michelle ‘Muslims Be Taken Over’ Bachmann.

  35. PeopleSuck

    Hilariously, I would NEVER have put this together had Rush not spilled it for all to hear. Thanks, Rush!!! Now I really WILL forever think of the villan behind the B-a-i-n company.

  36. Aramis

    The photoshop above is originally mine. You can check it out at my blog. Barkers and Rubes Thanks for sharing it. Credit and a link would be awesome.

  37. Aramis

    Link didn’t work, so here’s the address: http://barkersandrubes.wordpress.com/

  38. Batman Bane Fighting Courthouse Pittsburgh Christian Bale Tom Hardy Dark Knight Rises
    Commented on this photo:

    Actually, the stunt guy in this pic is Tom Lowell, standing just behind Batman’s right shoulder.

  39. JJ

    Rush is the biggest moron in the world. My cousin is an Orange County Republican who will be voting for Obama. After he heard this shit, he called me up last night. He basically went, I give up, the whole Republican party has gone batshit crazy. Made me laugh my ass off. If Rush is doing anything, he’s convincing more Republicans who were on the fence that there party has officially lost their shit. I’m one of the few Democrats in my family, and it’s amusing me how so many of my relatives have been talking to me about how they are now planning to vote for Obama. I mean, Romney has a fucking Swiss, Cayman Island, and more bank accounts. He lied about resigning from Bain Capital and more. What kind of guy who wants to be President keeps a Swiss bank account?

  40. Aramis

    Hey Superficial…

    It’s Aramis from Barkers and Rubes, not Artemis, but thanks for the link.

  41. Ajay Jain

    “Given the precedent set by past seven Presidents and Presidential candidates of releasing multi-year tax returns why is Romney making an exception?” Because he has a lot to hide, apparently.

    He’s the only one that knows what’s in there, and apparently he’s made the judgement that he’s better off having us suspect the worst, rather than us knowing whats in there, which apparently in his mind is worse than anything we’re likely to imagine.

    Possibilities include:

    (1) He ended up with 120 million in his 401K by the trick of agreeing with Bain to grossly undervalue the market value of his stock, then a few years later have the stock get unvalued to the stratosphere.

    (2) He participated in the tax avoidance amnesty program of a few years back, avoiding major tax penalties or prosecution.

    (3) Any one or more of the other borderline legal but very bad smelling tax dodges– “in-kind” trades, “no-risk” trades, no-risk write-offs, the list is almost endless.

    And BTW he HASNT even released all of his 2010 return, he very conveniently left off the foreign investments and deposits form. Very convenient.

    And his argument that it would be “bothersome” to collect the tax data is a crock too– he supposedly collected 23 years of the stuff to show to McCain in 2008.
    Ajay Jain===================================================================================

    Republicans betrayed their own conscience when they went against established Republican principles like the MANDATE over healthcare which was a Heritage foundation issue popularized by Gingrich.

    Obama did more than his share to UNITE but the Republicans were out to oppose for opposing sake and not following any policy or principles. In the famous words of Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell the Republicans were out to defeat the Obama agenda even if it went against established Republican policies set by past precedent.

    Mitch McConnell was out to make sure that President Obama remains a one term President and see where it has brought the Congress and its public esteem.

    Gingrich out of his own admission was out to defeat Obama from the day he was sworn in as President.

    You can not justify the Republicans as the “loyal” opposition as is the case in most mature democracies. They have been out to get President Obama by hook or by crook. A leader can meet the opposition half way but can not fold completely to their whims and fantasies like that of the current Tea Party affiliates.

    Republicans will loose in 2012 just like they did in 2008 but with a smaller margin because of the dark money of Billionaires due to Citizens United verdict of the right wing Supreme Court.


    ” … Mitt Romney senior adviser Ed Gillespie said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” the GOP candidate “retroactively” retired from Bain Capital after the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics began. … ”

    No body who has been drawing at LEAST $100,000.00 per year from 1999 to 2002 from Bain Capital “retroactively” retires from Bain Capital AFTER the 2002!!! Then why draw the salary of at LEAST $100,000.00 per year from 1999 to 2002 from Bain Capital if Romney retired from Bain “retroactively” !!!

    ” … Gillespie continued, “He took a leave of absence and, in fact, Candy, he ended up not going back at all and retired retroactively to February of 1999 as a result.” … ”

    However SEC documents show Mitt Romney as sole owner of all shares of Bain Capital. Romney is also shown as CEO, President and Chairman of Board of Bain Capital in 2001 and 2002 then LEGALLY speaking Mitt Romney has been responsible to all that goes on under the banner of Bain Capital. Then to run for Governor of MA Romney sought residency of MA by lieu of his Bain positions. Now either Romney was at the Olympics OR he was at BAIN.

    Only one can be true not BOTH at the same time simultaneously!!! Will the true Willard Mitt Romney stand up and accept ONE thing? Does Romney want to accept untrue SEC filings and be called a Felon or agree that he represented Bain from 1999 to 2002?


    On Friday the 13th (7/13/2012) the very illusive Mitt Romney gave very defensive interviews to all FIVE networks on a single day at once!! Just a few days ago Mitt Romney said to FOX News that explaining means that you are WEAK. So his five interviews “explaining” his time at Bain were signs of his weakness!!

    Presidential Candidate Mr. Mitt Romney maybe feeling the heat on his role in BAIN Capital, his business experience which was supposed to be his sole criteria for creating jobs and his greatest qualification for running for the American Presidency in the current economy in 2012!

    However SEC documents show Mitt Romney as sole owner of all shares of Bain Capital. Romney is shown as CEO, President and Chairman of Board of Bain Capital in 2001 and 2002 then LEGALLY speaking Mitt Romney has been responsible to all that goes on under the banner of Bain Capital.

    Mitt Romney can not just share the good like job creation from 1999 to 2002 and leave the ugly like Bankruptcies and layoffs behind as if he had nothing to do about them from 1999 to 2002.

    If he really wanted to disassociate himself from Bain Capital he could have resigned and sold all his shares in Bain Capital in February 1999 then it would have been a different matter but to share in the glory of Bain’s job creation accept a salary of $100,000 or MORE (where are the Tax Returns?) for three years and only to refuse to take the responsibility of Bankruptcies and layoffs on his WATCH (1999-2002) is trying to have it both ways and then complaining of playing politics having been caught with his hand in the proverbial Cookie Jar that is the very essence of an ACTIVE LEGAL ROLE in Bain Capital till 2002!! Was Romney getting $100,000.00 or more to do NOTHING for BAIN Capital???

    Mitt Romney will have to face the consequences of this leaving Bain “lie” that Mitt Romney has brought on upon himself. If we keep reminding the Romney campaign of the Bain exit lie and Romney’s ill effects on workers robbing them of their hard earned salaries and life long benefits all the way to November then 7/13/2012 (FRIDAY the 13th) will go down as the turning point of the 2012 Presidential election!


    Two-Faced Willard

    “I was not responsible for what happened at Bain Capital” – Mitt Romney
    “I was the Sole shareholder, Sole director, Chief executive officer and President of Bain” – Mitt Romney

    “The Arizona immigration policy is a good model” – Mitt Romney
    “I didn’t really support the Arizona immigration policy” – Mitt Romney

    “The Massachusetts healthcare plan should be a model for the nation” – Mitt Romney
    “Healthcare reform should be left to the states” – Mitt Romney

    “Let Detroit go bankrupt” -Mitt Romney
    “I’ll take a lot of credit for saving the auto industry” -Mitt Romney

    “I believe Roe v Wade has gone too far.” – Mitt Romney
    “Roe v Wade has been the law for 20 years we should sustain and support it.” – Mitt Romney

    “I respect and will protect a woman’s right to choose.” – Mitt Romney
    “I never really called myself pro-choice.” – Mitt Romney

    “It was not my desire to go off and serve in Vietnam.” – Mitt Romney
    “I longed in many respects to actually be in Vietnam and represent our country there.” – Mitt Romney

    “I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush.” – Mitt Romney
    “Ronald Reagan is… my hero.” – Mitt Romney

    “I think the minimum wage ought to keep pace with inflation.” – Mitt Romney
    “There’s no question raising the minimum wage excessively causes a loss of jobs.” – Mitt Romney

    “I saw my father march with Martin Luther King.” – Mitt Romney
    “I did not see it with my own eyes.” – Mitt Romney

    “I would like to have campaign spending limits.” – Mitt Romney
    “The American people should be free to advocate for their candidates without burdensome limitations.” – Mitt Romney

    “I supported the assault weapon ban.” – Mitt Romney
    “I don’t support any gun control legislation.” – Mitt Romney

  42. Wow, the level of ignorance on this forum, and website in general, is so depressing. Most of these kids, growing up in a secular, porn-obsessed, illiterate, entitlement-filled, instant gratification culture will get what they deserve when they vote in Obama- a marxist who is growing government to the point where there will eventually be more takers than makers until they wish they could rewind the clock to back when their parents could actually afford to keep them in their basements. You all should read Economics in One Lesson, and maybe the constitution. Seems you were never taught that.

  43. It must be the brainwashing by all those liberal professors who run the universities- and count on big government for their fat salaries. Ignoramuses: 16 TRILLION dollars in debt, 150 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities by public sector workers who were never supposed to unionize, a president who gives the government power to incarcerate any AMerican citizen, who ignores the constitution, who spends money we don’t have that YOU will have to carry the burden of, who covers up through executive privilege the biggest scandal in American history where 300 people were murdered, who starts wars in Libya and funds the Muslim Brotherhood, who extends the power of government way beyond what is constitutionally allowed, taking over 1/7 of the economy through socialized medicine which sucks, (go to Canada you idiots), a stimulus bill that funded all of his cronies and friends and not the poor and was basically a giant transfer of wealth from the middle class to union thugs, and got in the green energy business and they all failed while stealing all our tax dollars. (oh, i forgot, most of you don’t pay taxes! I am the 51%.) Obama is generally a malignant narcissist that believes big government creates wealth which it can’t because it takes money OUT of hte economy to put it back in. He is a STATIST who won’t release his college records or an actual REAL birth certificate, and who was schooled by Marxists and came from a broken family. There you have it- probably most of the kids on this forum came from broken families as well.

  44. And to all you idiots who believe this film was about Bush- it was a HUGE rebuke of the lawless, rioting, violent, raping, marxist OWS movement. Maybe if you listened more carefully instead of spouting your liberal hate speech, you would get some of the dialogue.

  45. What no one is talking about is that a) Bane is, for at least one class of Gothamites, the HERO of the movie, b) Bruce Wayne and his Richie Racist robber-baron cronies are (for that same class of Gothamites) the VILLAINS of the movie (as Selena Kyle points out during the ball/shindig/soiree), and during the time this movie was being either written, tweaked in mid-production, or completed, America was (and still is) going through an incredible upheaval (Tea Party, OWS, Anonyous/4chan/wikileaks etc). One could make the argument that this movie’s purpose, if not to “Churn the Ethers” of dis-ease and revolution and class war, was at the very least to make a few bucks off anxiety/excitement regarding it. Now, throw in the doofus who shot up the premiere of it in Aurora (some pre-election gun grubbing vs gun grabbing rhetoric, anyone?) and you’ve got the makings of a pretty interesting chain of events that, yes, DO kind of look like an Agenda (i.e., conspiracy) on someone’s part. Just not the kind that Rush came up with…

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