The Cyrus Sisters Are Still Scaring Me

Miley Cyrus’ newest single isn’t about Liam Hemsworth taking her to the beach, seriously guys, it’s like, for LGBT rights and Hillary Clinton and stuff. This past weekend she dedicated her newest song, “Inspired“, to the LGBT community- even though she admitted to Billboard that it’s actually about Hillary Clinton playing in a creek as a child or something. Apparently Miley thinks Hillary’s father must have been a Mullet Prince because she feels they have a similar connection in that aspect.

“It was my Hillary Clinton song. I wrote it actually maybe a week before I went and campaigned for her,” Cyrus recalled. “And she sent me a letter about it. Cause I sent it to her the day after the election, I said, ‘I wrote this song for you, and the reason I thought you would like it is because I always imagined you with your dad, when I wrote about me and my dad playing in the creek.”

She may be claiming that her days of wearing diapers and shoving garden tools in her vagina are long gone, but just wait until Liam Hemsworth gets her pregnant and she starts claiming her baby is actually an alien that needs to be water-birthed in a tub of creamed corn.