1. it had to be said

    Aw. Now I feel like the super parent! Thanks, Superficial!

  2. mark r


  3. Cock Dr

    Famewhore parents make me sick.

  4. “The Skaarsgard is pleased with the offering. Approach The Skaarsgard….”

    • dontkillthemessenger


      I thought the picture was creepy when all I could see was the head. It got exponentially worse as I scrolled down. Shouldn’t the cops just be stationed outside of these “pageants”?

  5. Fester

    That photo description contained more information about a Julia Roberts movie than I’ve ever cared to know.

  6. SteveG

    my clown suit is shrinking rapidly…..

  7. celebutard

    Isn’t this the broad that just married that old guy from Lost?

  8. Is this the littlest Lohan?

  9. TomFrank

    I remember these. I had one of these on top of my pencil 25 years ago.

  10. MarkM

    Oh, c’mon! It is pretty freakin’ cute!

  11. Me

    Bride of chucky?

  12. Those troll dolls from the 60′s got weird looking

  13. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    after slaughtering the many Al-Qada opperatives this tough bitch is still savoring for more blood. watch it.

  14. j/k

    I hope the parents are on their way to jail.

  15. adolf hitler

    role-playing can really spice up a relationship

  16. dani

    Geez, just cancel that damn show already.

  17. Snack pack

    I was disgusted by the post, but then it generated so many great comments, so . . . Thanks?

  18. eatme

    …this is so wrong….yet i can’t stop staring

  19. It'sanAbomination!

    And you just know there’s some sad, sick pedophile out there, flipping through the channels and suddenly “Oh my God. Is…is it legal now? Oh! And they’re even offering a selection. God Bless America.”

    These parents need a reality check.

  20. Ismoss

    So wrong on so many levels

  21. hot mess

    I’m going to guess that isn’t her real hair color…

  22. Blonde

    Oh for fuck sakes. This is just awful.

  23. dontlooknow

    Is her Mom on Teen Mothers who are pregnanty sluts?

  24. Racer X

    That show is made for pedophiles.


  25. Venom

    This is just fucking wrong.
    The Feds are worried about goddamn steroids in baseball, but shit like this is OK?

  26. I take it Chris Hansen arrived for the ‘talent’ part of the show.

  27. farting old man's wife

    That is a doll right?? No parent would really do that to their daughter? Would they?? This poor girl, god gave them a gift of a beautiful daughter and they abuse that gift like this!! Shame on her parents! She is going to grow up with such a distorted view of her sexuality and how people see her!!

  28. cheese mitts

    So Tila Tequila is “leaking” her baby pictures now? I guess you can only cover yourself in unnecessary band-aids and dead lesbian blood so many times…

  29. slappy magoo

    Why did her mother dress her up like a hooker up top and a fly fisher down low? I’m getting mixed signals, is she trying to get her daughter to attract the worldly cosmopolitan child rapist or the simpler rural country living child rapist? Maybe both, best of both child raping worlds! Smart strategy child-raping-endorsing Mom!

  30. suck it

    I’m guessing the drapes don’t match the carpet? Oh wait..

  31. In today’s top story, actor Vern Shroyer admitted to the world that he is homosexual. In addition to finally coming out of the cabinet he also confirmed that he is a transvestite.

  32. tlmck

    Looks like a sex doll from Pedophiles-R-US.

  33. ChickenHawk

    “Mommy says I should never kiss tricks on the mouth.”

  34. slappy magoo

    Like mother, like daughter…think about it, won’t you?
    From the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

  35. egg solo

    I see Kate Gosselin has found the solution to her money problems.

  36. “By da powa of Gdaythkoooo!”

  37. Lynx

    poll dancing next

  38. Raymundo McHorseradish

    This is what i don’t get, social services will investigate anyone who is even remotely thought to be abusive to their child, even to the extreme where someone thinks that it maybe, kinda might have happened, yet they turn a blind eye to a fucking TV series!!! I saw a girl on that show, crying her eyes out, getting a spray tan at a fucking car paint place. She looked so distressed while her “mother” held her up by the hands while this guy sprayed her down. I loved the funny comments, don’t get me wrong, but this stuff HAS to stop!!!

    • j

      all it takes is a phone call. child services is kind of like the eeoc office, if you call, they hafta show up….the only exception is a lazy ass case worker. google jorge barahona. my friend had to work traffic detail on that one.

  39. The Brown Streak

    It’s just not fair for Hayden Panettiere to compete against the other toddlers.

  40. KC

    Anyone have Al-Qaeda’s number? I suddenly want to join.

  41. Let’s have another go at this, shall we?

    In today’s top story, actor Verne Troyer admitted to the world that he is homosexual. In addition to finally coming out of the cabinet he has also confirmed that he is a transvestite.

    This getting old shit just ain’t for sissies!

  42. Dave ain't here, man

    This is horrifying. Her “parents” need to be shot and pissed on. And not in that order.

  43. StaceFace

    Wow, I’m sure glad to see even the prostitutes are getting in on ‘Take Your Daughter To Work Day’ this year.

  44. Dr.J Fever

    I honest to FSM thought this was one of those creepy American Girl dolls.

  45. chocoj

    only in america

  46. Nanook

    I’m confused. I thought this was a slutty Smurfette costume.

  47. madison@

    I thought this was a doll at first and couldn’t figure out why people were getting as upset as they were. Then after about 30 sections of confusion I realized that the doll is actually a child. Pageants are so wrong and twisted for a million more reasons then this. This just adds an extra level of perversion.

  48. Carlos

    I honestly thought this was a plastic doll first too. Could we please have a law against these moronic pageants and the asshole parents who ruin their kids with them.

  49. cc

    The people who make Troll Dolls are targeting a new market segment. What, it’s not a troll doll?

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