1. Michael

    Where’s his checkered scarf?

  2. gotta admire a man who gets his eyewear advice from ZZ Top.

  3. It had to be said

    Somewhere a tween girl is mourning the loss of her sunglasses.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The World in 3D. You’ll believe you’re there.

  5. Does Swatch make sunglasses now? Do they make them for men too?

  6. Cock Dr

    Because the rest of his garb is so drab he can get away with this.
    Thumbs up for the dirty looking douchebag’s shades.

  7. Squishy

    Ahhhh, lookin cool Hartnett!

  8. zomgbie

    josh hartnett walking down the street banner pic = crap u missed and no one cared.

  9. MrsWrong

    Whistle while you work…are we sure this isn’t West Hollywood???

  10. Okay, who built the time machine and got Andrew McCarthy?

  11. Ponkur

    “I’m walkin’ on suuunshiiiiine, woooaahoooahh, and don’t it feel good!”

  12. dani

    Dude, what the hell happened to you? You used to be hot.

  13. hausdrache

    Haha, I thought this was Scott Baio.

    • JMS

      Seriously, last we saw him he was pretending to be Chatam Tanning, now Scott Baio. When will this guy learn to love himself just the way he is.

  14. bob

    nice glasses asshole

  15. Jovy

    Douche Hartnett??

  16. Life in 3-D is AWESOME!

  17. j/k

    I have decided that only a level of douchery beyond hipster wears Wayfarer’s now. RIP Sonny Crockett.

  18. .unknown.

    Haters gonna hate

  19. chupacabra

    dee, dah, dooh, first I’m going to the ATM machine, then I’m going to get some coffee, then I’m going to get my anus waxed, then off to Urban Outfitters for some new funky shorts… today’s gonna be great, Josh, just GREAT!

  20. Noel

    shit, when did josh hartnett come out of the closet?!?!?!

  21. Snack pack

    Josh is taking styling tips from Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo.

  22. cc

    New York looked 3D to me when I visited, even without the glasses.

  23. Out for a douche stroll.

  24. KC

    Young Simon Cowell in the prequel movie “American Idol: First Class.”

  25. HITLER

    He’s wearing his career findin’ specs.

    I LOVE KIDS!!!

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