1. Looks like he’s training to beat Bono’s turd…

  2. Designer jeans, PF Changs leftovers, ipad, ball cap covering baldness…Vinnie Barbarino wouldn’t even RECOGNIZE you man!

    • cc

      Especially not with the bright pink paper. That would have been more of an Epstein thing…he had that artistic flair.

  3. Cock Dr

    Looking vaguely chimp-ish.

  4. Squishy

    Looking in great shape!!

  5. Jeebus

    “-and then I reach back and tickle his balls like this…”

  6. MrsWrong

    “Andre, I said OVER and OVER, you can’t come out here like this…you HAVE to wait for me in the AIRPLANE HANGAR!!!”

  7. Lemmiwinks

    “You must be this long to ride the Barbarino…”

  8. tlmck

    Jersey Shore, the prequel.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Oy! Thetans, out!

  10. “So, I’m at the bath house the other day and these three Middle Eastern guys walk in, so I open my mouth like this, and I’m like… hey guys there’s plenty of room for all three of you in here. Best day of my life, I can’t wait to rub Tom’s nose in it.!

  11. Yo Quentin,
    My career needs resurrectin’ again.

  12. tinklepants

    Are you sure this isn’t how you do the shocker? Tom told me this was the shocker! What, both holes? That can’t be right!

  13. It makes me happy to imagine I’m hearing a Bruce Lee howl when looking at this picture.

  14. Brennan Haley

    That’s the new hand sign “Forget the pink, three in the stink.” Kooky.

  15. Scientology means I don’t feel pain when I chew off my finger.

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