1. Let’s see that smile, when he’s got big Bubba’s dick in his ass.

    • TomFrank

      Yeah, like he’s really going into maximum-security for his crimes. If he does see the inside of a prison over this—and it’s doubtful; he’ll probably pay a fine at worst—it will probably be a “Club Fed” facility.

  2. Cock Dr

    Fucking asshole.

  3. LilSawk

    He’s got Twitter face.

  4. Emmy

    Lol is that an octopus tie?

  5. rough sexy

    Abandoning your cancer stricken wife is one thing, but smiling in a mug shot I will not stand for…

    If smile in mugshot you have a mental disorder. Coming from a nonexpert.

  6. RHawk

    I always assume this guy was part of some terrible experiment. “Today, we are going to find out what happens when you mix 3 parts TV evangelist and 5 parts used car salesman with 60 parts asshole. What could go wrong?”

  7. AleisterCrowley

    He’s got alot more kids than he’s fessing up to. That’s a dead ringer for JimBob Duggar!

  8. Abby Normal

    He needs a giant letter “L” on his forehead to make this photo complete.

  9. kimmykimkim

    Hahahahahahahahaha! Dick!

  10. Dude

    Im surprised at all the hate. I thought liberals loved opportunistic, lecherous pigs. As long as they fought for your ideals. Interesting.

    • Shorty80


    • Oh Dude, welcome to the real world. You’ve got a really important big boy decision to make now. You can stick around out here and learn how things really work or you can run back to Rush and Fox and have them tell you what they want you to think until you forget all about what you just observed.

      It’s probably easier just to let them tell you what to think. But it’s more rewarding, for you and all those around you, if you learn how things really are. Good luck!

    • Bob

      You know that isnt true. Libs will throw anyone under the buss to not reflect on them. Look at their boy above, weiner, even the pres and his grandma. No one is too good to trash when they dont need them.

      • kimmykimkim

        Actually people will throw people under the bus. All politicians are fucking slime.

      • Yep, Bob. Not like conservatives. Old Newt could stay their hero after he dumped his wife while she was in the hospital with cancer. They didn’t throw him under the bus until he told the truth about public policy (you know, the Paul Ryan plan to redistribute wealth to the insurance companies at the expense of the elderly and ill).

        The Reactionary Right: Our morality is as sound as our sentence construction.

    • Dude

      Equinox tells me that I need to join the real world to find out what is really going on, and then proceeds to repeat the liberal lie that Paul Ryan wants to kill seniors by “redistributing wealth to the insurance companies.” And he didn’t even know he did it and how hypocritical his point of view is. You keep letting harry reid and debbie wasserman shultz and barack “ATMs are causing unemployment” obama tell you what to think.

      • Dude, I understand that you’re saying I’m repeating a lie. But I also see that you don’t explain how it’s a lie. That’s okay, because I know you can’t. But I can explain why it’s not.

        The vouchers in the Ryan proposal would initially make seniors pay more than $6,000 per year more than they currently pay for healthcare, and that’s based on the rather optimistic notion that the same insurance companies that regularly drop those they insure from their rolls at the first indication of serious illness would offer anything but junksurance with insanely high deductibles to those who are nearing the ends of their lives. The six thousand dollar figure comes from both the CBO and a number of independent studies. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

        The Ryan budget caps the amount by which the vouchers can increase at a rate that would not keep up with the rate insurance premiums have increased per year over the last ten years. And that’s the increase for all insurance premiums, not those in high risk categories, which is where most of the elderly would fall. In addition, the Ryan budget pairs this destruction of America’s social compact with an additional 7% reduction in the tax rates for the richest quintile of the country and his budget, by even the kindest estimates, would actually result in higher deficits for the first eleven years it was in place.

        So anyway, I’ll wait for you to tell me exactly how I was repeating a lie. Until then I’m going spend my time here making fun of the celebrities.

    • Dude

      From the CBO Analysis you trust so much:

      “CBO’s estimates of the impact of the proposal on Medicare beneficiaries’ spending for their health care are subject to substantial uncertainty. The uncertainty arises in part because the initial difference in the cost of health care received through a private plan and through current-law Medicare is difficult to estimate. It also arises in part because the difference in growth rates of those costs will depend on the evolution of the health care and health insurance systems over time, which is hard to predict.”

      So, along with the CBOs admission that their numbers are COMPLETELY MADE UP, they also do not take into account any savings from competition (although I’m sure you don’t believe things can possibly change by 2022 in that area). You also forget that the entire restructuring will not affect anybody over 55.

      And the biggest lie of them all, is that the CBO assumes Medicare will still be making payments in 11 years. The same CBO that says Medicare cannot and will not last in its current form.

      So yes, you are swallowing and spreading the liberal lie about this. Which is funny because it has already been voted down and is no longer threatening to “push Grandma off a cliff.” So if you still want to blather on like a useful idiot, Equinox, please tell me what is your sides’ plan. Besides lying about Ryan’s plan.

      • Well Dude, let’s take this slow and easy. First, you still didn’t show that I lied about Ryan’s plan. You did absolutely nothing, in fact, but throw some very thin and watery mud on the CBO estimate. And if you’ve read any other CBO estimate you know that the sort of language you’ve quoted almost always appears. And it’s still the best way of measuring such things that we’ve got.

        Oh, and here’s a list of the years Medicare was said to be going bankrupt in the past, pretty much ever since the Reagan revolution started:

        In 1981 it was 1991, 1982 it was 1987, 1983 it was 1990, 1984 it was 1991, 1985 it was 1998, 1986 it was 1996, 1987 it was 2002, 1988 it was 2005…

        and that’s just the Reagan administration. Yeah, the redistribution to the private sector of billions of dollars of the Republic’s wealth has been the goal of conservatives for a very long time. We’ve seen it through the Savings and Loan disaster, the ridiculously tilted tax policies, the mostly privatized wars of the Bush and now Obama administrations and the bank bailouts that followed the last ponzi scheme collapse. And yes, ginning up an immediate big crisis has always been their favored method of doing injury to our nation.

        And by the way, there is about as likely to be “competitive savings” from the insurance industry as there is from the oil industry, where as we all know the smart players decided to lower their profits just enough to say…cut their record profits in half…to build market share and win customer loyalty. No, wait, that was a dream I had.

        Finally, I’ll be happy to tell you about the budget of the liberal caucus right after you manage to explain how I was repeating a liberal lie or just man up and admit you can’t.

  11. UnholyKrep

    The one upside if Edwards is convicted- his hair will be very glossy, if a bit sticky while he’s in prison. Call it an, uh, “alternative” conditioner.

  12. All that time he said he was fighting for “the little guy” we just never knew he meant the one who lives in his pants.

  13. whiskeyafternoon

    this preacher looks like he would molest something. I’m going to a different ministry.

  14. Mr Obvious

    I feel like he’s molesting me with his eyes. Where’s Chris Hansen with you need him?

  15. That dude looks gayer than a Ken doll.

  16. He looks greasy…real greasy.

    But at least he can tie a tie.

  17. “See, I had to mate with the woman in order to create a vessel for the Great Lord Cthulhu…”


    “Go ahead and lock me up. It’ll be safer inside. Soon.”


    “That is not jailed that can eternal lie, and with strong disgrace even wives may die.”

    He’s wearing a damned octopus tie to his mugshot.

  18. dmbishop

    Sure, I’ll pick up that soap for you…

  19. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    This is the smile of a man who got some damned good poon, and knows it. Was it all worth it, John? Was it all really worth it? I think the smile says it all.

  20. fartbucket

    The face of a REAL politician. Always smile for the camera, ANY camera.

  21. M

    Just remember, thousands of you dickheads voted for this moron.

  22. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    ‘None of you understand. I’m not locked up in here with you. You’re locked up in here with me.’

  23. Steelerchick

    Guilty face!!!

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