1. for some reason this painting is creepy.

  2. Hey airbrush artist, can you paint that on the side of my Econoline conversion van? Just give Diana bigger tits and a giant broadsword.

  3. he has wayyy too much hair in that pic

  4. BSting

    What is Di doing with her other hand? Nothing out of the “ordinary”?

  5. kimmykimkim

    Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any more disturbing…

  6. Richard McBeef

    Fake. Everyone knows Diana burns in HELL.

  7. Prince William married Sandra Bullock? No wonder Diana is happy…her spirit can finally leave that tunnel she died in.

  8. Colin

    Just a couple of ordinary royal millionaires.

  9. princeofdarkness

    you know a man did this painting…he has no bald spot and both women are sporting well-proportioned racks

  10. Michael

    in this week’s episode of the X-Files, Mulder teams up with Kate Middleton to investigate strange apparitions of her dead mother-in-law

  11. cc

    Well, at least Pippa’s not in the damn thing.

    BTW, I saw this exact same image on my toast this morning.

  12. Esoteric

    I think someone is using the term *artist* a little too loosely here.

  13. Ismoss

    So this is what all those lousy Elvis painters are doing now.

    • Steelerchick

      My grandma will put this one next to her velvet picture of Elvis that’s by the dogs playing pool.

  14. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I know it’s mad to single out anything here but what’s she going to do with that turkey behind her back ?

  15. SSHGuru

    The British version of Twilight

  16. Snack pack

    This is almost as interesting as that art by Steve Seeley that Fish introduced us to some time ago. It would be better if the prince was on a bear, and Kate was on a deer or polar bear or something.

  17. Lindsay

    nice of him to give william so much hair

  18. Dani

    Wills hasn’t looked like that in a minute.

  19. M

    This wrong in so many ways.

  20. Is this the UK version of the Velvet Elvis and Dogs Playing Poker?

  21. Jill

    So if Diana could bless her child from beyond the grave it wold be with one thing she did have (beautiful hair) and one thing she didn’t (successful marriage)?

  22. Put this on black velvet and I will purchase 3.

  23. JoJojojo

    Tonight, on a very special episode of The Ghost Whisperer…

  24. dreadpiratejenn

    Good – we’ve gotten him to commit. Proceed with the soul sucking, fellow she-demon!

  25. wildfungus

    I knew I should have converted to Anglican sooner.

  26. Haji

    Is this the British equivalent of the ‘unicorn running on reflective surface’ posters you can get at carnivals?

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