1. Holy shit nuggets did you ever nail that one.

  2. Holy shit nuggets, nail on head

  3. Holy shit! It’s the ghost of Brittany Murphy

  4. Jill_Ess

    oh, goodness!

  5. frankw

    THAT is some spooky shit…

  6. No better comment than the one in the post. Dead on sir.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Oh, you sick fuck, you

  8. Jesus Christ. I hope they didn’t bury the fat fuck who killed her in the same pet cemetery.

  9. Always knew (hoped) the Zombie Apocalypse would start in Hollywood…

  10. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    Am I missing something here, this is just an old photo of Brittany Murphy right. She’s dead I think.

  11. Not crazy about her whiter shade of pale but ‘em puppies are sweet.

  12. kimmykimkim

    They’re supposed to put a little blush on the dead BEFORE the wake.

  13. It’s like Brittney Murphys face and Heidi Montags jawline had a baby

  14. wrynoceros

    c’mon. That’s Franco doing his drag thing again.

  15. Brittany 2: Electric Boogaloo

  16. Uncle Rodney

    I like how reincarnation has given Brittany the courage to let the ‘stache grow back in. Kudos!

  17. Sin

    Is she a Veteran? She has the thousand yard stare down.

  18. Brittney’s True Hollywood Story death dramatization is going to be all too real.

  19. SuperT

    Call me old fashioned, but it is just poor form to bring a drag version of a dead “actress” as your plus one.

  20. I see the Brittany, but also Madonna if she were a man. Oh, wait…

  21. fooey

    i thought my monitor was dirty but it was just moles

  22. wow, now i know what would happen if Britney Murphy rose from the dead and became a guy.

  23. cc

    I now cloning had come a long way, but shit…

  24. sick

    Now I know why Fish calls this the Crap we Missed. B/c I didn’t know who a third of those people were!

  25. on a positive note, she’s not rolling in her grave

  26. The Joker – now with more cleavage!

  27. molly

    what the fuck

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